Sunday Funnies; Debates and Bad Puns

There are many, many bad, and off-color puns in the noods this week.

The left finds still more ways to get laughed at whiled destroying what little credibility they had. It’s become rather a habit.

This is truly beautiful work.

Any resemblance to the author is completely accidental

And of course



Sunday Funnies; Awesome Notepad

The awesomeness of an empty notepad

Meanwhile Outside Alys’s Restaurant

And of course

Meanwhile, I’ve noticed a strange feel in the air, like a ginger is trying to steal my soul


Random Observations

Just when you think it couldn’t get any better – check out this video.

Those are Hasidic Jews or Orthodox Jews; if you don’t think it’s a bold thing they’re doing, you have no idea how wrong you are. They are already targets – long before the Trump flags went up. This puts them right in the cross hairs of Antifa and BLM. I am humbled by their bravery.

If this doesn’t scare you – and hurt your heart – I don’t know what to say.

The Rabbi refers to procedures in New York as ‘soft pogroms’. Makes me shudder. Who would know better?

Another one. I’m stressing this because it is so important; we know ‘other things’ are at work during this virus. I don’t think these folks are wrong. 

Moving right along – I have collected (so you didn’t have to) the latest eye rollers on YouTube. I hesitate to say too much because sometimes, you just gotta see it to ‘believe’ it. But you’ll be happy to know (?) that the folks you assumed were gone, ummm, aren’t really. Check out these videos. and You know I have a love for museums and thought you’d appreciate this one. Hey folks; I just do ’em, I don’t explain ’em.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear; I am only ‘off grid’ as far as bigfoot are concerned – they, at least, have a chance of being something of actual, earthly, species. The rest of the ‘stuff’? I leave it to your own understanding. Or lack thereof. Or care thereof. Or … ya know, whatevah…


#WalkAway from Corruption

I want to talk a bit about the revelations about the Biden family this week, and will under the fold.

But first I’d very much like you to watch this video. This a young woman’s walk away story and she is very impressive. Yes, the video is a bit long, but that also means it’s pretty thorough.

I’ve said many times that my dad, while actually pretty conservative, was a New Dealer, and I cannot fault why he was and was probably right to be. But I was also right to walk away from the Democrats clean back in High School because they just did not make sense in my world. Only in the reign of Obama, however, have I come to believe the Republican Party may well be America’s deliverance once again, but only if we conservatives force them to be.

Here’s the video

See what I mean, this is powerful stuff, I think, for any Democrat who still has a residual ability to think for themself.

OK, on to Biden et. al. The NY Post (one of the very few newspapers who retain any credibility whatsoever) broke a story on Wednesday about the corruption emanating from Joe Biden’s family. It is based on a copy of a computer hard drive found by a Maryland computer repairman and turned over to the FBI last year. One of the very interesting questions raised is just what the FBI has been doing with it for almost a year, or was it just used as a seat cushion. I suspect many of us know the answer to that.

It is seemingly pretty damning about Hunter’s activities in Ukraine and China. To me, it looks like corroboration more than anything we haven’t already suspected. But it is interesting that supposedly Joe required his family to kick back 50% of their ill-gotten gains which makes the Mafia look like pikers. Like I said, very interesting but nothing much all that new. And in fact, Biden’s campaign hasn’t denied it so much as attempted to spin it.

But the real story here is that Twitter suspended the Post and removed the Tweets associated with the story, suspended the Editor of the Post, suspended the official Trump campaign site,  locked White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s account, and blocked links to the official US Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans on the matter.

Facebook while somewhat more measured has also restricted access to the material.

Senator Ted Cruz’s questions are appropriate,

1. Who made the decision to prevent users from sharing this story? On what basis did they make that decision?

2. When was the New York Post made aware of Twitter’s decision and what process was afforded to it to contest the censorship?

3. Has Twitter prevented the New York TimesWashington Post, or any other major news outlet from posting its own reporting? If so, when?

4. If Twitter did not prevent Buzzfeed from sharing its reporting on the Steele dossier or the New York Times reporting on President Trump’s tax returns, please explain a politically neutral principle for why the reporting is treated differently?

5. Has Twitter ever restricted a story published by a major news outlet about Donald J. Trump during his four years as President of the United States?

6. Have Twitter or any of its employees involved in the decision to censor this reporting been in contact in any capacity with the Biden-Harris campaign or any of its representatives regarding this reporting or the allegations contained therein?

Meanwhile, Senator Josh Hawley  Tweeted this:

Once again, the coverup is poised to do more damage to the perpetrators than the alleged crime(s).

If we hold the Senate, and/or take the House, which is our part in curbing this corrupt nonsense, then the Article 230 status of big digital media is in play, and they are likely to lose, being held to the standards of publishers, and likely convicted of election interference on a scale that Russia and China have never even dreamed of.

It’s an ill wind …

Oh, God!

The confirmation hearing is scheduled for Amy Conant Barrett for October 12th I promise it will be a worse confirmation hearing than Kavanaugh’s.

You’ve thought the same thing, too. That the nominee will be a woman is not a ‘get out of jail free’ card for the nominee. Because Democrats don’t really care about women – or black lives, or the virus, or immigration, or any of those things they are always screaming about. They’re only concern is attaining power. Any power that will work to destroy America and the very fabric of her being. The Democrat Party seeks to tear down America and remake it their image.

Their image. The thought is frightening. I don’t have to add links to this article – you know the words and the faces as well as I do. The constant lies, the twisting of facts, the threat of physical intimidation. That’s not America, nor is it American. That’s chapter and verse from that other playbook – Marxism.

I don’t understand how people support the Democrat platform. I have friends and former co-workers of whom I am very fond; they are smart, caring people and I respect them. With this huge exception; how, on God’s green earth, can anyone support, let alone push, the Democrat agenda? I can’t tell you the number of times I have been asked how someone like me can support President Trump and it shocks me so much I just get this stupid, dumbfounded look on my face. How can they NOT support him? Because they are caring people but are completely misguided when they equate the Democrat Party with caring for people and the travails of life of the ‘little guy’. The only caring about the ‘little guy’ that the Democrats pretend is solely to gain power over all the ‘little guys’, make us ALL ‘little guys’, and straightjacket the freedoms we hold so dear. When the freedoms are gone, we all know what will take the place of those freedoms. When you have a tooth pulled, the other teeth shift to help fill in the space. The Democrats are those other teeth – seeking to fill in the space left by the removal of freedom and cover up the space with laws and regulations and policies that will deform America and reshape it into some unrecognizable thing. The flag will be meaningless. The Constitution will be meaningless. The Bill of Rights will be meaningless. Freedom will become a word far ‘dirtier’ than the ‘f’ word.

The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit speaks our prayers for us when we don’t know how to pray. That’s a huge relief because right now, all I can say is, “Oh, God!”

A Matter of Leadership

So as we watched last week, the President got himself a case of Wuhan Flu. Well, so what, by all accounts its a mild case, yeah he’s over at Walter Reed Army Hospital, which is pretty standard if you’re POTUS, can you imagine the uproar if something went wrong, and he was seriously ill at the White House. That’s one reason he gets the best care America can provide, and that means the absolute best in the world.

Of course, the despicable left immediately started wishing/hoping he’d die. Well did anybody expect them to do differently? Why? One of the things that are driving support to the Republicans, especially President Trump is the sheer ugliness bordering on mental illness of the left and the press (BIRM).

In any case, it tells you all you need to know when the Democrats and the media could usefully take lessons in class from North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, who, according to Reuters says he “sincerely hopes” Trump recovers soon.

The execrable Juan Williams on Fox said that Trump must be in at least as bad a shape as Boris Johnson was. Greg Gutfield cleared a few things up here.

And I read somewhere yesterday that he will today or tomorrow likely be released to recover at the White House. That pretty well covers that.

But Gutfield touched on another matter. This blog has devoted quite a few posts over the years to leadership, primarily when Obama was ‘leading from behind’. I’m sure that in one of them I referred to the old aphorism that an army is like cooked spaghetti. You can lead it anywhere but you cannot push it anywhere at all.

And that’s what we’ve seen this year. We’ve seen the Democratic candidates hiding from the people partly because they haven’t a clue about any policy that might be a winner, but mostly because they’re too afraid of a virus to go campaign.

In contrast, Trump has been out there, showing that there is little danger from the virus and that it is time for the country to go back to work, showing the Dem governors as the tyrannic charlatans that they are and encouraging us all to move ahead, as because of his leadership, the ‘V’ shaped recovery is happening. The economy is nearly back to above where it was when he was inaugurated, even with about five states stalled (big ones too, NY, CA, IL, MI, and MN). Think about where we’d be if they were doing even average instead of being amongst the worst performers, because of their governors.

And so we have here an example of what leadership can do, and conversely what hiding in the basement (or governor’s mansion for that matter) always does.

Fathers that, like so many Alexanders,
Have in these parts from morn till even fought
And sheathed their swords for lack of argument:
Dishonour not your mothers; now attest
That those whom you call’d fathers did beget you.
Be copy now to men of grosser blood,
And teach them how to war. 

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