Sunday Funnies: Varsity Blues

While we’re still keeping our sense of humor (mostly) the Brits are feeling rather overwhelmed. It’s not easy finding memes applying to them, but we keep looking.



Think I’ll go fishing!

Not to mention that the only reason Mexico exists is that we chose, in 1848, not to make the whole place part of the US, while we were discussing peace terms, in Mexico City, occupied by the US Army.

Troll level: Grand Master of the Universe

If you laughed at that, this may be you!

And of course

Mostly from The Usual Suspects.

Sunday Funnies: Late but Hating Hate

Well, I refused to give up an hours sleep last night, so I’m rather late this morning, since they changed the clocks anyway. But a busy week.

In other news: Turkeys vote for Christmas

Or not replacing it!


And, of course, and still more double trouble


The Day Late and Dollar Short Sunday Funnies

And so, a bit late, but another strange week.


Always break for Gingers

Bring your own toaster

And, of course

PowerLine, of course, and Bookworm and PA Pundits as well, and maybe a few others.

Sunday Funnies, The Craziness Continues

And so this was the week that we watched as a presumed actor destroyed his own career, in a fake hate crime, a Bernie Sander decided governance can’t be left to the sane, competent, and young enough to walk. Well given my age, I’m sorta sympathetic, but the time comes to retire, and 80 is somewhere behind that particular wall, which still needs building. Oh, and we\re still laughing at the Green Nude Eel, which designator we seem to owe to PowerLine. Genius guys.

They say that this is, in fact, true 🙄

Intermission, Spring is coming

A reasonably current picture of a 65-year-old woman. Hmmm!

And, of course

Mostly but not completely from PowerLine and Bookworm.

Sunday Funnies: Green Nude Eel Edition

Well, another week where Occasional Cortex proves the point. There really is no intelligent life in there. And so on we go, like a runaway bumper car.

From Italy comes The God Emperor Trump, including the Twitter sword

Might just be the best thing the Italians have given us since this

click to embiggen

Jungle Love

And, of course

Mostly, but not all, from PowerLine, as usual

Sunday Funnies: State of the Union

Well, this has been quite the week, upside down inside out every which way. Let’s have a look.

Grantham, Lincolnshire, England has agreed to have a statue of their favorite daughter, Baroness Margaret Thatcher. Good for them, although given that they are from the Labour party, they may be a bit halfhearted. But many, many people from Russia to America know better than they do.

As opposed to

I hear this time and again in talking with Britons.


And, of course

Mostly, but not all, from PowerLine (including comments) this week.

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