Sunday Funnies, Wall, Life, and Gillette

So, another week, how nice with the government shut down

Who might this be? *

And, of course

Genevieve Bujold


Sunday Funnies: American Gothic

Was there ever a more instant meme? Or a more obvious one, than Schumer and Pelosi at that one lectern. Everyone had exactly the same reaction, pretty much. I think I’ve seen 150 variations. Don’t worry, I’m not going to give you all of them, or nothing else, but it is remarkable. Not a good look for them, either, I think,

That’s maybe a third of the ones I’ve seen, but I’m getting bored, so let’s move on.

Doing Public Service

And, of course


Sunday Funnies: A New Year, Finally

Well, we made it to 2019, for whatever that’s worth. Something I think, but hard to be sure how much, until we’ve been through it. So Enjoy.

I know the feeling well!

Talking to the Cntrl-Lft

And, of course

Starting the year right

The Sunday Funnies on Wednesday

Christmas being on Tuesday, gave me a problem, so I hope these are still relevant. 🙂

From 2012, and more true now.

And of course

And a Christmas bonus.




Sunday Funnies; Populism Rising

For the first time ever, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer wanted to turn the TV cameras off, this week. 🤣

Can you say Happy Dance? I knew you could!

And, of course

And so starts another week.

Sunday Funnies, Another Week

And of course


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