Sunday Funnies, Coup

Getting prophecy right

False Flag or FBI sting?

Welcome to Masada

And of course, Ginger herself.

Sunday Funnies, A Fresh Hell

And so.

And of course, Tanya Roberts, RIP, uh maybe

Sunday Funnies, 2021 Finally

And of course, RIP Dawn Wells, far superior to Ginger – after all who looks like a Trump voter

Sunday Funnies: Stimulus

So are you stimulated by $600? Yeah, me too.


And of course



Merry Christmas from Doctor Who!

And so we join most of the country in asking Dr. Who?

And that is what happens when you have an Ed.D. and insist on being called Doctor. Especially if you bought the degree with favors from your husband and wrote a dissertation that would have been laughed out of my eighth grade English class. There are many more out there on the internet. These are amongst the kindest.

CNN Weather Report


Needs a strip club.

And of course

Merry or Happy Christmas from NEO!!!

Sunday Funnies: Deo Vindice

So, Texas (and 17 more states don’t have standing to challenge Pennsylvania and 4 other states effectively disenfranchising 74 million + Americans. In short, SCOTUS is joining Joe Biden in the basement and will have to be lucky not to get a half dozen additional so-called justices next year. The title you should check Wikipedia for its history.

This is likely true

And of course

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