Sunday Funnies, a Busy Week

A busy, and yet a pretty satisfying week.

And the high point of the week – The March for Life

Phrasing? One hopes so.

And of course… Audre will note that she is a brunette.



Sunday Funnies; Bat Guano Crazy

Killing Terrorists, supporting freedom, signing trade deals, and what do you get? Impeached. That’s the situation this week. It could be worse, there could be a Demonrat who looks like a credible candidate.


Pappy says

And, of course


Sunday Funnies; Real Comedy, a Dead Terrorist, and Other Enemies of America (and a Useless Prince, too)

America had a good week, I think. And we got to laugh some too!


And, of course

Wait there is more, a video bonus

Sunday Funnies; A Quick Start

Well, 2020 certainly started with a bang.



And, of course


Sunday Funnies: Christmas and Year End Clearance Sale

And so  I’m back and the last Sunday funnies of the year ensues.

Always worth remembering

Define “naughty and nice”.

Gotta love Mollie’s sense of humor

Who’s a fun dog?

And finally, something a bit different

Sunday Funnies; Shampeachment and Christmas

And so, we have something new. A President impeached but the House so embarrassed at the way it did it that it won’t send it to the Senate. If this is a proper government, I’ll take anarchy – it’s better organized.

The Democrats plan for 2020

And, of Course

And the last, and perhaps the best Advent Hymn, O Holy Night, from Celtic Woman

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