Sunday Funnies; Narwhal Tusks and Impeachment

Another week nearly beyond description, but we’ll try

There are still, I guess, Democrats who want to be president, but they have it wrong, we usually don’t elect the most stupid candidate. 2d most maybe, but not the most.

I can’t really blame Nancy Pelosi for running away from reality last week though.

Die Hard Advent Calendar

And, of course:

Or maybe this suits this audience better

How about an advent special?

Weekly Funnies, Thanksgiving

Well. we made it through Thanksgiving it seems, on to Christmas.

And, of course


Sunday Funnies, Hot Air, Methane, and Miscellany

Another week of hot air and methane.

Not sure of their point here!

Phrasing is important

And finally

Sunday Funnies, All Hearsay, All the Time

Memes are ephemeral, they come and then they are gone. We chuckle at them and sometimes nod as sagely as we can manage, although often the thyme has passed. But they make points and that is why we present them each week. The funny part is this post often takes longer to put together than almost any other. But we all know, in a week or two they’ll be gone.

Except a few, which hang on and become part of the language.

Jeffrey Epstein didn’t hang himself seems to becoming one of those. So here we go.

Funny, I dislike this meme and always have but it’s so damned appropriate so often we keep running it.

And, of course

Sunday Funnies (Delayed); Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself

Was there ever a meme that blew up like “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself”? It’s a sign of a healthy society, of course, we don’t believe obvious bullshit no matter who tells us, or how often they try. When even corporations get in on it, it marks a whole new level. In truth, I feel better about America this week than I have in a while. Let’s look!

This one is probably a fake!

And a few thousand more. Typical smart, funny, non-credulous Americans, doing what we do best, laughing at people who think they’re better than us. meanwhile…

Here he is in all his soy flavored glory. He whose very name will get you blocked on Facebook (even though Schiff himself published it) with some of his friends. Seems like a bit of a pattern there to me. Nah!

Which is a bit silly because the left doesn’t believe anymore in climate change than you and I do. But what they really believe in is taxing us into the poorhouse while erecting an authoritarian government over us. Don’t fall for this bullshit, either.

Extra Special Babylon  Bee section

And, of course

Sunday Funnies, Zero Bark Thirty

Well, another week, and we should all be an hour’s worth better rested. We’ve had worse weeks, but we’ve had better too. Life is like that.




From the Babylon Bee, of course




Worth Remembering

And, of course

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