Sunday Funnies; The Nomination and More

And so, now we know

Keep this in mind, it is not Ginsburg’s seat nor is it a liberal seat. It belongs to the American people, and we long ago gave the President the power to nominate and the Senate to advise and consent on whom we allow to sit in it. They are doing what we said.


The Redhead of the week will never be as beautiful as this one. Right, Jess? Although I can think of one candidate.

Heh! My kind of Governor

But be careful fishing!

And of course

Sunday Funnies: Despacito



Peanuts, if Christopher Nolan re-wrote it:

And of course


Sunday Funnies; Turn 4

Coming out of turn 4 on the flag lap.

If you gotta tell us: You ain’t

And, of course Lauren Boebert for Congress!

Sunday Funnies; Nancy’s Bad Hair Day

Nancy’s bad hair day comes under the first rule of holes.

Come to Freedom

It won’t be that easy but…


And of course

Sunday Funnies; Land of Hope and Glory

Yes, a bit of cultural appropriation from the cousins, but I think if they read through to the end, they will happily forgive me.

By the way, from Second City Cop, this is an actual photo of the block where the mayor of Chicago, pictured above (I’m sorry) lives.

Not a photoshop

These might be, but I wouldn’t bet much.

Notice that, unlike California, RMS Titanic had electric lights

Doesn’t everyone do it this way

Do not set the flux capacitor to 2020

This sucks

Now for our cousins who, like us, lament that XiNN East has decided to remove the lyrics from the best part of “Last Night of the Proms”. Enjoy with us

By the way, this gentleman is 90 this week.

Our friend Alys sent this to us the other day, so I think she likes this version. I certainly do.

I’m going to toss an extra in here since it was originally written to tweak the noses of the powers that be

What a glorious version of “My Country is of Thee!”  🙂


And, of course

Sunday Funnies; Convention Snoozefest

Mail Voting, Demonrat Convention, and more

Full disclosure: I have to report that I didn’t watch the Democratic convention. I had something much more exciting to do. You see, I painted a piece of plywood and it took all week for the paint to dry.

And of course

Thought for the week

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