Sunday Funnies, LeBron Removes All Doubt

We all know the old saying, “It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Or maybe one should replace ‘fool’ with ‘traitor’ or ‘coward’. but the sense remains.



End of an era

This is the part that I always think of as some of my favorite things. This definitely qualifies 🙂

Brought to you by the American people, oh my!

And, of course

Sunday Funnies, Calizuela

Steven Hayward over at PowerLine now calls it Calizuela which seems appropriate. Let’s get going.

We spoke of this the other day, here.

Trolling done right.

One keeps hoping.

The headline of the week, from the Babylon Bee

And, of course.

Sunday Funnies, Another Week

The title pretty much covers it.


And, of course

Bonus, She’s Back


Sunday Funnies, Around the Madhouse

So, another week, democracy is comatose in Britain, Greta makes noise, and whistles blow, while Slow Joe gets more confused. Another week in the madhouse.



And of course

Sunday Funnies: Buffoonapooza

What a stupid week. No one could make this up. I stole the term Buffoonapooza from PowerLine because it’s perfect for the week. I thought it was going to be almost all Beto, even Biden and Corn Pop couldn’t top him, and then along comes the New York slimes and their Kavanaugh fake news, and then to top it all, here comes Justin Trudeau. I haven’t a clue what more could be in store for next week. Well, might as well get started.

The whole thing leaves you wanting to know what store sells this:

And, of course


Sunday Funnies: Crazytown Edition

So the Democrats had another debate this week, I somehow couldn’t find the time to watch, but I hear they have gone well into downtown Crazyville. Not terribly surprising, I suppose, but kind of disheartening even so, just as it is watching both British Labour and Conservative parties telling the electorate that they are irrelevant. I suspect they’ll all find out that the electorate is not amused. Be a shame if they had to get real jobs. Anyway!


And they subbed out the printing job to a Polish company.

OSHA approved beam hoist

And, of course

What? Not what you had in mind? This better then?

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