Weekly Funnies, Fredo Reappears

And so, Chris Cuomo thinks being called Fredo is a racial slur, personally, I think anybody stupid enough to think so is typecast as a Fredo, but then when I look in my mirror, I don’t see a useless propagandist for the CPUSA. His mileage no doubt varies.

Not to mention starting conspiracy theories

Funny, just the other day on our Hong Kong update, Scoop and I were discussing this in comments.



White privilege, right here

I. am. Booot.

Another move towards world dominance. Yay!

Who’s a good boy?

And, of course

And so another week of silliness, mostly unintentional, somebody will be just as stupid next week, depend on it.

Sunday Funnies: Arkanicide Edition

Things like Epstein’s suicide should not happen on Friday, it doesn’t leave much time to produce the requisite memes.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and a couple of years is not conducive to belief in the fairness of the investigation

So we’ll see, but the government has an awful lot riding on this, like whatever small shred of credibility it has left.


And, of course


Sunday Funnies: Horsemen and Debates


Did you watch the Democrat Debate?  Nope, I didn’t, were what 16 months out, and I already know every single one of them wants to hurt the country. There are better ways to waste time. But the highlights are funny, I’ll admit.

This should cover most of it…

You know when I was growing up around Chicago, there was lots of corruption, but minor things usually got fixed, garbage picked up, rats sort of under control (except in the projects, of course). Something has changed.

And, of course

Sunday Funnies: As Mueller Time Ends

Finally, we seem to have run the clock out on Mueller, and I see signs that Trump is a bit angry. I don’t think the Dems are going to like angry Trump, but we’ll see. Meanwhile.


My Favorite Headline of the week.

Not sure of the point – but I approve

And the Brits take some more joy out of life – The new James Bond

Here’s someone no one ever ruined/

Sunday Funnies, The Awkward Squad

Another week. Here we haven’t written overmuch of the shenanigans, but they continue. The President has managed to make the so-called squad (best called the awkward squad in my mind, YMMV) the face of the Democrat party. which it should be, it is simply the most honest part of that so-called party.

Trump’s Week

And, of course

Sunday Funnies: Wobbly Wheels

Amazing how this story disappeared when they realized they couldn’t get Trump with it!

Don’t mess with her…

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