Random Observations

If we are lucky – and realistic – we come to the conclusion that the way we are right now is not such a bad thing. We come to a kind of comfortable place with that person in the mirror.

I no longer worry if my butt “looks big in these jeans”; it has become completely irrelevant to me whether I have big boobs or members of the ‘itty bitty titty committee’; that a ‘bad hair day’ is going to ruin someone’s opinion of me; my very short fingernails are just fine without rainbows and glitter and junk embellishments pasted on; that I needn’t worry about how I look because nobody looks at a woman my age anyway (although I do have to admit, I try to look presentable whenever I go out – I strive to not be a Walmart shopper video). It’s a process. When we were babies, we had to learn to sit up (and stay up!), learn to eat, learn to talk, learn to walk. At the other end of that, we have to learn to edit what we eat, sitting up can sometimes be exercise, we need to stand for a moment to make sure everything is lined up properly before we take a step, we sometimes need to search for a word. It’s a process.

By and large, it ain’t all that bad. And neither am I. And neither are you. We’re still shakin’ it the best we can. What I used to do on a dance floor, I now do in a desk chair to certain music videos. I think a little more before I do anything so I don’t wind up looking ridiculous or hurting myself and thinking more is always a good thing. I have found more forgiveness – for myself and others. I have reached the conclusion that ‘they’ were right all along – material things don’t make you happy; they may make you more comfortable but not necessarily happier. ‘Happy’ is within you when you come to that point of realization that it wasn’t all about you after all. Who needs that kind of pressure? My work, it turns out, didn’t define me, it was simply what I did. What defines me is my kids and how they turned out; my siblings and the fact that we still all love and enjoy each other. That I have been able to share my faith journey and help others on theirs. That the best Thanksgiving dinner wasn’t the one that turned out perfectly but the one where I ruined the gravy – they still talk about that. I created the only gravy known to man that could be spread on bread. The simple joys are the best ones and it’s exactly because they are simple.

I find that I am content. That’s quite a statement to make. There’s a lot to be said of contentment; it’s kind, warm, comfortable, and reassuring. I think it’s a reward for having made it this far. If it is, I’m all for it.


Random Observations

Philosophy. I have a real problem with philosophy. What did it ever achieve? Granted – it’s an excellent example of working through a problem logically but then – it never gives an answer to the problem. The early Greek philosophers were able to figure out everything that a ‘God’ would and should do; they were able to figure out what a ‘God’ would not and should not do. But they were never able to figure out if there is a God. Simplistic of me? Perhaps. But you’re going to have to convince that I’m wrong. Go ahead. I’ll wait …

I suspect that the powers that be that provide news feeds on AOL is someone around 14 years old. And female. Lately, I just bypass them; they are all about ‘Sparkle’, as our English cousins refer to Markle – she who ruined Harry; about the latest hook-up and break-up in the entertainment world; whose preggers bump has shrunken the most after childbirth; the best trending outfits of sneakers with dresses; where to get the hottest tattoos; why the moon really is made of cheese …

A little known bill in California was passed (why am I not surprised) that gives the judge discretion on the listing in pedophile registry men who, if not more than 10 years older than the victim, have sex with boys who are 14 or older. If that doesn’t scare the bejesus out of you, you might want to check your priorities. It passed, people! They passed that bill.

Why am I constantly drawn to French bulldog videos? Evidently, they have the kind of gas that will clear rooms of people and they drool. I can’t stand either one of those things. And yet.

Why is the weather cooling off everywhere but here in Florida? 60 degrees in London the other day. Cooling trends up north of here. I think the government should pay our air conditioning bills until they create a dome in which Florida’s climate can be regulated to a balmy 78 degrees.

Random Observations

Over the last couple of weeks, as I give a quick scan of the offerings on YouTube, I’ve noticed several new channels by young (and not so young) people of color about President Trump not being racist. Refreshing news; and heartening.

I was watching a live taping of the last Hurricane Laura update given by the powers that be in Louisiana the night of expected landfall. There was an open live chat that ran along the right side of what would become a video. There were more pro-Trump comments than about anything having to do with the hurricane! As a matter of fact, several people in the chat complained that it was a chat for sharing info on the hurricane and not a political site. It really was amazing.

But, oh – the faces. Just a short thought on the non-famous speakers especially but also applies to the political speakers as well. Did you notice their faces? There seemed, to me, at least, that there was a happy conviction in their faces, a look of shining hope that was difficult for me to miss. I hope you noticed it, too, because I believe it’s that look, and that conviction, that will get us Four More Years.

Rand Paul, his wife, and guests had an unpleasant surprise waiting for them when they left the last night of the Republican Convention. Antifa, BLM, and paid thugs simply won’t be happy until the Guard goes in and settles them down at the point of a fast-repeating weapon of some kind

The holier than thou press did not miss a beat in reporting that four people at the Convention tested positive for the you-know-what. I find myself yawning because it has become so hopelessly obvious what mainstream media is trying to accomplish. I’m not the brightest bulb in the shop, if I see it, everyone sees it. It has ceased to serve its purpose. We jumped when they shouted ‘boo!’ the first time. The scare doesn’t work anymore.

Random Observations

So. Kamala Harris has been chosen, and signed the required documents, to run for Vice President of the United States. Alice (in Wonderland) said, “Curiouser and curiouser”. My sentiments also. Just when I think 2020 can’t get any worse – this happens. We all know why this is a big deal – Biden won’t be able to finish the first year of his first term and she will become President. That’s what the Democrats had planned all along when they came behind Biden. “If we can’t get in by the front door, we’ll sneak in by the back door”. Democrats see the American people as all having less than a ninth-grade education and that we’ll buy anything being sold to us. Look – there are life-long Democrats who hate seeing what’s become of their Party; they are simply wise enough to keep their mouths shut. When you’ve got a little time on your hands, watch the attempted murder – sorry – I mean the ‘confirmation hearing’ of Justice Kavanaugh; that’ll give you a very good idea of who and what she is.

There is a unique quality to life in Florida. You hear and read about things here you never encounter anywhere else. I just read an article a few days ago about the deaths of peacocks attributed to Covid-19. Go ahead, read that sentence again; I’ll wait. Are peacocks catching Covid-19? Peacocks are big birds. They roost in trees. When they poop, it’s not like you can hit the water button and the windshield wipers clears away the muck. No – it’s more along the lines of, well, (ahem) a bucket of highly undesirable stuff being dumped on your car. Or your sidewalk. Or your patio furniture. They don’t sing any pretty songs, either. They screech. Loudly. Often. So where does Covid-19 come into the story? Well – more people are home, where their cars are now more stationary and a target for poop. There are more people at home now that are forced to listen to the horrendous screech. Imagine a bunch of peacocks in your back yard screeching to each other. While it is unlawful to discharge firearms within most city limits, it seems folks in Pasco County are freely discharging theirs – at the peacocks. Thus, peacock deaths are attributed to Covid-19.

Random Observations

When I get depressed and anxious because the news is 24/7/365 bad, and I can’t look at the world anymore and I can’t concentrate on a book or a movie, I have found a ‘pill’ to relieve all of that tension and chaos. We don’t need a prescription for the pill and you cannot possibly overdose on it no matter how many.

The ‘pill’ is trail cam videos. For those who aren’t familiar, hunters, farmers, landowners, all sorts of folks, strap photo/video cameras on the trunks or limbs of trees. These cameras have night sight capability, some have sound, most are motion-activated – really quite a dandy little piece of technology and to the best of my knowledge, they aren’t expensive to buy. What they do is record what happens in front of that tree for whatever length of time they’ve been set for. We watch what happens when it’s dark and we’re asleep in our houses. Out in the wild, night is as busy as day. I love the cameras that have sound – the sound of the breeze through the trees, the different step-sounds the various animals have, the sound of buzzing things and hooting things, and snorting things. We can see how the animal world goes about its business when no one is watching; hunting, searching for water, walking by quite leisurely or hopping or galloping, or sauntering. Scratching at the ground, sniffing at the air, going in one direction, and then coming back to where it started. Bears (in bear country States), deer, elk, rabbits, animals I don’t know the proper names for.

The ‘pill’ effect is this – we unwind, slowly the muscles relax, the shoulders go back to the normal position, our breathing becomes more regular. The brows lose the creases, the teeth unclench, the temperature regulates and we relax. Really relax. We are transported to a world where things make sense, where the natural order of things is maintained, where we see the natural glory of God’s creation in all its wonderful assortment. And the sound of the breeze. The only thing missing is the smell of the air and trees but you’ll notice it doesn’t distract you. Well, maybe you’ll notice; I suspect, like me, you will become so relaxed your eyes slowly close and your head slowly meets your chest. (whispering …) and you have found peace.


Random Observations

I was a little alarmed, when I woke this morning, to find two ambulances parked at the curb beside the house. I had just woken a moment before and was just walking across the room when the lights caught my eye. I think it’s wonderful, by the way, that they use the lights and not the sirens so early in the morning. But the lights are still alarming; for just a fraction of an instant, I did a mental check that the hubster was in bed, and I knew I was ok, so there a sense of ‘phew! not for here’. Then I remembered that our tenant has health issues and unfortunately, they were probably there for her. Our neighbor, Kip, who lives across the street, is a widower who lost his wife to cancer just two years ago and I became concerned that the second ambulance was for him. But after a few minutes, the second ambulance drove off so it was probably just a case of an error in the dispatch office. I’m not going to be upset with myself because I thought of here first; I think that’s human nature. I did, however, say a quick prayer that Goldie will be ok and that God will send her peace, strength, and healing. Which is, of course, what we’re supposed to do. No brownie points for me; I was just doing what I’m called to do.

I’m having a love affair. I can’t hide it any longer. It’s bound to come out so better late than never, as the saying goes. The affair that I am having is with French bulldogs. Oh, my stars and garters! They are so cute! Those little smushed in faces and their stocky little bodies just tickle me. I can’t even talk about the bat ears – perfect! I don’t have a pet as Florida is very bad for fleas (meaning they thrive here!) and I’m allergic to them. To convince myself I’m not missing anything special, I’ll watch the occasional video highlighting why one might reconsider owning a Frenchie. Number one on the list? Gas. Evidently, these cutesy little clowns on four legs are lethal in the gas department. ALL of the videos discuss this ability of Frenchies to clear a room in under three seconds. I think, “Maybe they’re fed too many carbs?” Anyone who has done the Atkins diet knows that one of the beneficial side effects is the disappearance of gas. I loved it! (and lost 105 pounds on it … but I digress …). The second big drawback is that they snore. It has to do with their shortened snouts and short necks. I do have to tell you; after watching any number of these videos, I’m reassured I’m not missing anything – I have a husband with those same traits.

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