Full tilt Bozo

Or, that’s what I thought anyway. I suspected that the Democrats would load up, rifles and hip waders, to question Judge Barrett. Instead, what we’re seeing now was once modeled by Jesus. Tis a strange year, 2020.

The Democrats can not come against Judge Barrett because she’s 1. a woman 2. a mother and 3. has two adopted black children. If they say anything against her, they are going to offend even their own constituents. How can they hate her (oh, sorry, Pelosi said she doesn’t hate anyone) for being a practicing Roman Catholic? Pelosi herself is “Roman Catholic”, as is Joe Biden (he tells us). I suspect the difference is Barrett is devout and the others are Chrinos, or RoCainos (either Christian in name only or Roman Catholic in name only). If they come out against her, they will be lifted by their own petard.

So – the Jewish religious leaders and followers were questioning Jesus. As usual. They asked some question and Jesus said, “Before I answer, let me ask you a question: the baptism by John – was it of man or was it of God. The leaders talked among themselves and decided they were in a no-win situation. If they said ‘of man’, the crowd would riot and if they said of God, they would be supporting Jesus. No win scenario. (Jessica has an excellent post on All Along the Watchtower in regard to this conversation between Jesus and the religious leaders – wander over and give it a read!)

And that’s where the Democrats find themselves now. If they say she’s no good, they will prove they do not support women (of course we know they only support ‘certain women’), if they say she’s ok, then they will be seen as supporting President Trump’s decision (shock and horror!!!) No win scenario. They know it. The stance they are taking is that they will not ‘legitimize’ the process. When did they ever? Be that as it may, it’s a long time between now and confirmation for Judge Barrett. I feel badly for her family and I have to admire her – takes a lot of guts to stand up before the Democrats. I understand kevlar helps.

Pretty clever, that Jesus guy. He was in no way full tilt Bozo.



Well, let’s see; right off the top of my head there was some woman who complained about sexual misconduct from the President; there have been scream after scream for the tax records of the President; there were bellows of ‘Russian Collusion’; there was a sham impeachment … So. What’s next?

If your Christian, an idea surfaces. I can see it coming. So far, nothing on earth has gotten President Trump out of office. But there’s still time! “We can do this”, I hear them coaching some poor pastor somewhere. If you want to scare a Christian, quote from the Bible.

1Thessalonians 5:3 “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” The Book of Revelation tells of the antichrist who will bring peace but it’s not peace at all. So; yeah – look for headlines (soon to come, no doubt) that President Trump is actually the Antichrist. You think that’s crazy? Do you remember this is the year 2020? You’ll believe ‘murder hornets’ but you think shouting ‘The Antichrist’ is far-fetched? Au contraire, mon amis. Do a little something for me; go online and type in the word ‘peace’. Several deeply religious (I’m sure they’re sincere) have already written that false peace is part of the End Times. And take a wild guess who’s supposed to bring it? None other than the Antichrist. It’s like a mathematical equation: President Trump + Peace Deals = THE END OF THE WORLD!

Remember, the devil quoted Scripture to Jesus in His temptations. Not all who call themselves Christians really are. There are many in that camp in ‘the other’ Party – ‘Chrinoes’, I guess you’d call ’em; Christian in name only but rest assured, one of them – at least – has read Revelation. If all else fails, bring out the Big Guns – the antichrist.

You may think I’m crazy but if I had told you in 2019 that America would go on lockdown in 2020, you’d have thought me crazy THEN! Ah … but! Mark my words.


ooOOoo – BOO!

Like every child in America, we’re told there are no such things as ghosts. No werewolves, no vampires, no zombies. It’s greatly reassuring and helps us to be rational as we grow older and see and experience new things. We seem to go through a phase in our teens where we become overly interested in horror movies and wild science fiction movies and even scary literature like a lot of Edgar Allan Poe’s stories. A rite of passage, one might say. Part of the maturing process.

When we become Christian, there’s an adjustment to be made to the original dictates. If one accepts Christ, one also must accept the idea of the spiritual side of things; those things incorporeal. When we pray alone, we’re not really alone as all the host of heaven (the spirits in heaven) pray with us. We come to know the Holy Spirit (once called the Holy Ghost) and we learn that, among other things, there’s a ‘spirit of fear’. Depending upon your understanding, spirit of fear can mean we ourselves having a fearing nature, or, that there is a spirit that can bring fear into your life and cause great discord.

The Bible tells a story in Luke 16: 26 ” King James Bible And beside all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence.” I suspect this verse is why parents tell their children – or rather, the information is passed on from generation to generation – that there are no ghosts. The peace in heaven which ‘passeth understanding’ is, in part, because there is no going back and forth between heaven and earth.

How, then, do we explain ghosts? Over-active imagination? Hysterical nature? Hoax? If you want a good time, do a random sample of ghost ‘reaction’ videos. Honestly – the reactors get me laughing and it’s a great good time. But you can often come away, scratching your head and wondering. What IS going on in the barely-there world? The Bible has already assured us there’s no roundtrip ticket – once you’re there, you’re there. So we know it’s not Aunt Tilly or great Uncle Gus.

The other thing being a Christian does, is make us aware of demons. Ok, lots of psychological, as well as physical, illnesses were blamed on demons; we’ve learned a lot in two millennium. So then what is it people are experiencing? The short answer is – I don’t know. I’ve got some stories of my own that I can’t explain. I’m sure you do, as well. How do we account for the unaccountable?

What do you think the answer is?

The Convention

Well, the conventions are over. By all reports, the Democratic one was dark and foreboding. I don’t know, I couldn’t convince myself to watch any part of it. The Democrats at this point sicken me thoroughly. I don’t like that they do, historically my family is Democratic, dad was, in fact, a New Dealer, but he was also a conservative, which was very common although seems inconceivable now. Well, the past is prologue, they say.

The Republicans, I did watch, and I was impressed. It was completely different from anything in my lifetime, and yet, I think it may have been by far the best convention of my lifetime. What made it so different?

First, it dispensed with many of the politicians, sure we saw some important ones, and some of the administration’s leadership and the President’s staff, often, in this case, his family. But other than that, we mostly had four days of pretty average Americans, pretty much all of whom we could easily relate to. probably the closest I can come, it felt like a family reunion, where we catch up on each other, and of course, in a sense, it was, because Ameria has always been kind of an overgrown family.

Other things, Opening prayers, from Timothy Cardinal Dolan to the Rev Franklin Graham, heartfelt, on point, and meaningful.

I was surprised how hard the convention pushed our pro-life message. Yes, it’s there as it has been for years, but President Trump has emphasized it far more than anyone before, and it resonates with many of us. Abby Johnson did a wonderful job of making us see how planned Parenthood operates, “Did you know abortion has a smell?” will long linger in my thoughts. So did Colonel Sister Deidre Byrne, MD of the little Workers of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

And to watch disabled;ed veterans come to attention along with the President and Vice-President, at Fort McHenry, where the gallantry of American Arms stood off the most powerful empire in the word, while Trace Adkins sang the National Anthem,  based on that action, so long ago, moved me

You could call this the best reality TV ever, and in a sense, it was. But it was so much more. You could feel so much of America, yesterday Audre told us we can go home again, and that was indeed what it felt like. When I was young, God and Country were givens, for many of us they still are, and the genius of the convention was to give us back a national and perhaps international voice.

And there are many of us out here, the Normies, the Deplorables, whatever sobriquet the Elect choose to try to denigrate us with this week, we shrug them off and go on clinging to our guns that made us free on earth, our Bibles that will make us free in Heaven, and our determination that America shall not perish, but continue to keep the beacon fire roaring in the City on the Hill.

And you know, I think we will, at least for another four years.


The UK Report

In the Salisbury Review, Peter Mullen has some comments about the UK education establishment, they’re worth our time on either side of the pond.

For far too long our wonderful young people have been the victims of scandalous prejudice on the part of the educational establishment which inexplicably favours students who are intelligent, knowledgeable and industrious. This reactionary policy constantly discriminates against those of our wonderful young people who are ignorant, idle and thick. I have been gathering first-hand testimonies from some of these casualties: those vulnerable oiks and morons who, through no fault of their own, are being denied the opportunity to spend three years hanging around getting innocently pissed and stoned as a prelude to their achieving a pretty piece of parchment and years of debt. […]

But the rot starts even before our wonderful young people even leave school where they are obliged to do maths. Orion was hopping mad because he had been awarded a D. “So I mean like absolutely I said 7+ 5 = 41. An’ d’you know what they sed? They sed it’s 12. Well, it’s like it might be 12 for some people but uvvers cum from a community wot ‘as a different culture like and they ‘as their own like ideas dunt they?”

Orion’s teacher shared his disappointment: “The rigid system is class-based, sexist and racist. Underprivileged and vulnerable wonderful young people are being denied self-expression and their human right to say that 7 + 5 = whatever they say it is in their community and ethnic group. Cultural relativism. Know what I mean?” […]

Clotho was sitting next to her friend Vyella straight out of the RE [Religous Education, admin] exam: “It was horrible and my sister Ammonia was like well I’m gone, Clotho. I mean Ammonia’s a neo-vegan Zoroastrian with only slight cannibalistic tendencies. Then we got all this about God saying there’s stuff we shouldn’t do, commandments and that. Why is God so judgemental? And so up Himself with this like no other gods but me. Has He never like heard of diversity? He’s probably a She anyway. So Sexist. Incredible

STOP PRESS The Education Secretary has been put in detention.

Do read it all. If he hasn’t he certainly should have been. I was chatting recently with a friend who is the CEO of an English Educational Trust. She tells me that Boris’s girlfriend needs to get a grip on him. She says the phrase she and her colleagues are using “Omnishambles”. Not a very good look for a first world country. Meanwhile, the Universities are trying to make some sense of it all, and not have to lay people off. Omnishambles, indeed!

But then thanks to our teacher’s unions, we are not doing all that much better.

This is more of a coming attraction than an actual report, but Spiked Online UK has done an interview with Joseph Bottum the author of An Anxious Age: The Post-Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of America. It too speaks of both our countries and is fascinating. But it will take an article of its own, perhaps more than one to clarify what he seems to be saying to me. A hint is in his use of the word ‘Elect’ instead of ‘Elite’. I think he makes a fair amount of sense.

Random Observations

I was a little alarmed, when I woke this morning, to find two ambulances parked at the curb beside the house. I had just woken a moment before and was just walking across the room when the lights caught my eye. I think it’s wonderful, by the way, that they use the lights and not the sirens so early in the morning. But the lights are still alarming; for just a fraction of an instant, I did a mental check that the hubster was in bed, and I knew I was ok, so there a sense of ‘phew! not for here’. Then I remembered that our tenant has health issues and unfortunately, they were probably there for her. Our neighbor, Kip, who lives across the street, is a widower who lost his wife to cancer just two years ago and I became concerned that the second ambulance was for him. But after a few minutes, the second ambulance drove off so it was probably just a case of an error in the dispatch office. I’m not going to be upset with myself because I thought of here first; I think that’s human nature. I did, however, say a quick prayer that Goldie will be ok and that God will send her peace, strength, and healing. Which is, of course, what we’re supposed to do. No brownie points for me; I was just doing what I’m called to do.

I’m having a love affair. I can’t hide it any longer. It’s bound to come out so better late than never, as the saying goes. The affair that I am having is with French bulldogs. Oh, my stars and garters! They are so cute! Those little smushed in faces and their stocky little bodies just tickle me. I can’t even talk about the bat ears – perfect! I don’t have a pet as Florida is very bad for fleas (meaning they thrive here!) and I’m allergic to them. To convince myself I’m not missing anything special, I’ll watch the occasional video highlighting why one might reconsider owning a Frenchie. Number one on the list? Gas. Evidently, these cutesy little clowns on four legs are lethal in the gas department. ALL of the videos discuss this ability of Frenchies to clear a room in under three seconds. I think, “Maybe they’re fed too many carbs?” Anyone who has done the Atkins diet knows that one of the beneficial side effects is the disappearance of gas. I loved it! (and lost 105 pounds on it … but I digress …). The second big drawback is that they snore. It has to do with their shortened snouts and short necks. I do have to tell you; after watching any number of these videos, I’m reassured I’m not missing anything – I have a husband with those same traits.

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