Tyranny, Australia Style

Zoe Buhler arrested for a FaceBook post

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

That is what we, as Americans believed in 1790, and it is what we believe in 2020. In fact, we’ll even put up with a limited amount of violence to make sure that that freedom is respected. It was actually old news in 1790, Edmund Burke wrote this in 1775…

In this character of the Americans, a love of freedom is the predominating feature which marks and distinguishes the whole: and as an ardent is always a jealous affection, your colonies become suspicious, restive, and untractable, whenever they see the least attempt to wrest from them by force, or shuffle from them by chicane, what they think the only advantage worth living for. This fierce spirit of liberty is stronger in the English colonies probably than in any other people of the earth; and this from a great variety of powerful causes; which, to understand the true temper of their minds, and the direction which this spirit takes, it will not be amiss to lay open somewhat more largely.

He basically considered American and Britons brothers in their love of freedom. Although he found the Americans more touchy about it. He continued with this…

First, the people of the colonies are descendants of Englishmen. England, Sir, is a nation, which still I hope respects, and formerly adored, her freedom. The colonists emigrated from you when this part of your character was most predominant; and they took this bias and direction the moment they parted from your hands. They are therefore not only devoted to liberty, but to liberty according to English ideas, and on English principles. Abstract liberty, like other mere abstractions, is not to be found. Liberty inheres in some sensible object; and every nation has formed to itself some favourite point, which by way of eminence becomes the criterion of their happiness.

Burke was, for all his sympathy for America, and it was great, above all an English patriot. He must be rolling over in his grave now at what is happening in the English speaking world, so far has it departed from his tolerant views.

England is bad enough, but have you been paying attention to the news from Victoria, Australia?

A pregnant young lady, in her pajamas, was arrested last week, handcuffed and carted off to jail in front of her children for making a FaceBook post about a coming peaceful protest at the recurring lockdown in that commonwealth. Here’s the video.


I can’t speak for you, but she doesn’t look very dangerous to me, for such a thing to happen, especially in such a grotesque manner.

Zoe-Lee Buhler is her name. She has lost her job thanks to Australia’s coronavirus lockdowns. She’s tired of the economic uncertainty, stressed by the suicides it’s causing, and wanted to make a difference. Altogether sounds like the sort of citizen any free country would want to have, sadly she’s in Victoria. From the Spectator Australia:

It follows that, as sovereign, ‘the Australian people must also be free to communicate about government and political matters fully and freely’.

How does the democratic nature of our Constitution can be reconciled with police going into homes without a warrant and arresting a pregnant woman in front of her children because of a Facebook message? This does not look like a democratic government but the actions of a deeply authoritarian regime. It certainly shouldn’t happen in a true edemocracy.

However, Victoria’s police commissioner Luke Cornelius has justified that arrest and handcuffing of Buhler, saying he was completely “satisfied” that officers had acted “properly” and “reasonably”. He also warned that hundreds of police would be deployed to make other similar arrests, and attacked citizens protesting against the government as “selfish” and deserving full punishment: ‘We are very concerned, and in fact, outraged is probably a fair word, to say there are still people in our community who think it’s a good idea … to leave home and protest on our streets … Take the selfish option and leave home to protest, we’ll be there for you’.

The arrest of people for speaking out against their government is a mark of every dictatorial regime. However, Premier Daniel Andrews has described the appalling arrest of a pregnant woman merely as an ‘operational matter for Victoria Police’. When asked whether the left-wing organisers of the Black Lives Matter protest in Melbourne’s CBD, on 6 June 2000, should have been charged with incitement as the Ballarat woman, he refused to give a proper answer and said he would have to defer this matter to Victoria Police.

In my opinion, backed up by hundreds of years since Burke spoke those words, the two tyrants and the police officers who executed this monstrosity of an outrage need to be removed instantly, in any feasible manner and prosecuted themselves. What a hideous display of tyranny this is. Neither Henry VIII nor Cromwell would have dared.

But remember this, that is exactly what Biden and Harris want to bring to the United States as well. And remember this too, if the United  States falls, liberty has nowhere to run.

Sunday Funnies; Steaming as Before

well, we seem to have made through another pretty crazy week. Let’s start with one that Audre found for us, sums up a lot of things, I think.



No Fiber for you

And, of course

Why They Fear Their Lying Eyes

From Niall Kilmartin at Samizdata.

cult conversions … occur by using doctrine to resolve some core emotional vulnerability. … A… clear sign that one is dealing with a cult indoctrination … is making the mark live up to contradictory demands. You must understand racism and admit that you cannot understand racism. You must admit to your complicity in racism and pledge to do better knowing that it is impossible to do better. You must be an ally but accept that you will always do your allyship wrong. … these impossible and paradoxical demands dramatically deepen commitment to the cult … The concept of “white fragility” in the antiracist Woke cult is exactly this sort of emotional shakedown. … Lead the mark to take a step further in, coach them into rationalizing why that step was good, and then repeat with a further step. … when the mark rationalizes these objectively bad decisions and the cognitive dissonance that doing them causes, they nearly always rationalize themselves much further into the cult.

The Cult Dynamics of Wokeness analyses how it spots and indoctrinates its marks, but says little about the mark’s original issue that the woke exploit:

Sometimes, the underlying emotional vulnerability is there for personal reasons, or as a result of life events.

Sometimes, indeed it is – their prime targets are students, who often arrive at university with plenty of youthful insecurity and teenage angst. But wokeness itself can provide the distress as well the abusive ‘resolution’. Students arriving at a politically-correct university are immediately plunged into an an artificial racial reality that they are forbidden to notice: affirmative-action admissions ensure that the academic ability of their fellow students correlates strongly with skin colour. Next, the disparate impact theory they are taught offers them only two explanations, one explicit, the other implicit, for the disparities it highlights:

– blacks are statistically unequal to whites because of white racism

– blacks are statistically unequal to whites because they are inferior

No third option is allowed into any target’s mind – not if the woke can help it (if they even know one themselves!). So the mark has a simple choice: believe in the explicit explanation, or become the moral equivalent of Hitler by believing the implicit one. No-one wants to be morally equivalent to Hitler, so, since they know no third option (since the very idea there could be any other alternative to the evil implicit one has never risen into their awareness), every doubt that subtle white racism explains the discrepancy, every argument that denies that white racism, however hidden, is at the root of the differences they’re taught to hate and the even more obvious differences they’re forbidden to notice, threatens them with becoming that object of loathing to their (and society’s) principles, a racist! When these two alternatives are the only ones that a student knows deep down (and up top, in the surface of the mind, they hardly dare think of the implicit one) then the claim that one is either a racist or else admits to being a racist seems to make sense.

(It was the same under Stalin and Mao. In both Russia and China, the mass famines were followed a few years later by the mass purges. Either you accepted that saboteurs, wreckers and enemies were fouling up the scientifically-proven socialist dream, or you were a vile capitalist-roader, an exploiter. One communist who had served the Party in the Ukraine famine and been shaken by what he saw, later wrote:

For that very reason, however, my conscious mind reached out desperately for alibis, for compromises with conscience. … It was imperative to squelch these emotions, to drive them into the underground of my mind. I laboured to repair my loyalties. With the purge in the offing, this urgency was even greater.

“With the purge in the offing …” – the far lesser but real dangers of cancel culture have a similar effect of ‘encouragez les autres’. This encouraging of indoctrinated minds to discipline themselves is as important to wokeness as the conscious fear that cancel culture inflicts on outsiders.)

So, does a better understanding of the problem point us towards any solutions?

The only ways I know of to effect a deprogramming of this are these three: (1) striking right to the heart of the point of vulnerability in a completely different and more healthy way …

The first of the three is what I will talk about. However,

None of this is easy. In fact, it’s all usually very difficult … … People who have been reprogrammed into a cult mentality will perceive all attempts to free them from the cult as malicious attempts to drag them … back to the Bad Emotional Place that they have come to strongly associate with that awful feeling of vulnerability that was used to initiate them into the cult in the first place. The doctrine is the opium that dulls their emotional pain … anyone trying to talk sense to a fully reprogrammed cult member … will be, in a very real sense, interpreted as trying to do harm to them … because the cult doctrine is the proffered resolution to the … emotional vulnerability that led them to be indoctrinated and reprogrammed in the first place. And you must appreciate just how much that vulnerability has been inflamed by the cult initiation, indoctrination, and reprogramming process.

At this point it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room; that third explanation (for why blacks in the US today can be statistically unequal to whites) which, of all others, wokeness most trains its victims never to see. Political correctness is a parasite on the backs of those it pretends to help.

“Although the big word on the left is ‘compassion’, the big agenda on the left is dependency.”

I owe that quote to Thomas Sowell, who has described how lucky he was to be born at a moment when the old prejudices about blacks were dying, and the new ones with which the PC would replace them had not yet grown strong (read his books). Sowell’s long life also lets him witness against what another coloured academic calls the woke’s “ever-present soft bigotry of low expectations”. A third black analyst concludes that

“woke whites would do more good by doing nothing”

Keep reading, there’s more. OK, here’s the thing, this is well out of my wheelhouse, I’m an engineering type, and a supervisor, not a specialist in how to screw up (and unscrew up) people, but it accords with what we are all seeing these days.

Education is good.

Random Observations.

Walking among the flowers and thorns of YouTube, I discovered some things I thought I would share with you.

You can tell it’s summer. Shawn Hannity and Tucker Carlson have sunburns. Tucker’s looks really painful; Shawn’s is not so bad. We can tell there are no makeup employees because they wouldn’t be radiating that ‘glow’ if there were.

Lon and I are tall therefore, ergo, we don’t have a noose on our garage door.

“Where are the police when you need them?” Right where you put them – out of the picture and leaving in droves. Didn’t take much thought to figure that out.

The Biden Polls are wrong. Well, as we used to say, “No sh–, Sherlock!” Listen, folks here’s the thing about polls. They only count the number of people who respond to them. So what is being measured is a finite group of folks who were so ‘moved’, I guess, to take the poll. The reason no one saw Trump coming is because people like me – millions of them – don’t do ‘polls’. The only poll that matters happens on election day.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa are Marxist groups. Ya think???

Dave Rubin used to be a minor voice on YT. He studied at the feet of Jordan Peterson for a year, traveling with him, appearing with him, worshiping him. Now ‘he’ is the voice of reason. Umm … ok.

Democrats Block GOP Policing Policy. Ok – and you’re surprised why, exactly?

There’s a young father in Oklahoma who videos his home farm (not like real farmers, but he’s into chickens, pigs, that sort of thing). I watch his videos because he kinda-sorta looks like my son who lives in Texas and whom I miss dearly. When he goes into the porch or into the kitchen for whatever reason, the place (a pretty big house, actually) is stuffed, crammed full of STUFF. Would drive me crazy but I’m kind of a neat freak and I try to remember they have three children but it’s not toys that fill that house. Yesterday, he posted a video that they have purchased 40 acres and going to go off-grid. I started laughing – how are ya gonna power up that camera, sport? But he plans on solar panels and windmills. (Still laughing) Ok, then! I will continue and watch this debacle as it unfolds.

There’s a 30-something gentleman on YT who does ‘reaction’ videos to music he’s never heard before. I enjoy him because he’s funny, winds up loving the music of MY generation (can you imagine being almost 40 and hearing Meatloaf for the first time???) and because he’s got a good heart and a gentle soul. George Floyd came up in a ‘special’ video. I was so afraid to listen – he gives me so much joy and laughter, I didn’t want to have to write him off. But I forced myself to listen. He was spot on. What he said was folks who watch his videos are black, white, American, international, young and old. And that on his channel, all we’re going to see and hear is peace and love. He’s right; that’s all we get and we’re grateful for it. Love you, Jamel.

Since ‘quarantine’ or lockdown, or ‘shelter in place’ – depending on what it’s called where you are, there have been no new bigfoot sightings. All I can imagine is the ‘foots are tickled to death to be able to scratch their behinds, take the kids out for a walk, and get a little romantic in the privacy of their woods. But I miss you, buddy! Recordings of your vocalizations are simply not enough.

So that’s my take on this morning’s romp around YouTube. I wonder what kind of observations you’re making. Maybe list them in the comments below?


Sunday Funnies, Quarantine Week 7

And so, seven weeks in, yep that\s all just seven weeks, it only seems like 5 years, so far.

But hey, this happened this week, ostensibly to salute our first responders but mostly, I suspect because they knew we needed something great.

Leading, of course, to this

Which led to comments on naval aviators ability to land safely crash controllably.

She seems nice!

Life without social distancing

An invitation to Darwin’s Law

Meanwhile at XiNN

And, of course

It’s a crash course!

I was perfectly happy with typewriters, seven television channels, and a rotary phone. Then – from out of nowhere or from outer space – came touch-tone phones. And then there were rumors we’d have computers in our own homes; computers 1/100th of the size of the mighty Univac.

I didn’t get my first home computer until 1999 – that’s me, late as ever. It was a gift from my son who built it from bits and pieces he had laying around from old computers he had once used. It was my ‘training wheels’, to see if I liked it. Holy smokes! Crack cocaine doesn’t hit as fast or as hard as the home computer! I was instantly addicted! Email! Wikipedia! Puppy videos! Mario Lanza, years and years after his death, singing the Ave’ and the Lord’s Prayer! I was like Oliver – “Please, sir; can I have more?”

I think I’ve only had Skype for about six years or so. I had to have a friend install it for me because I think some kind of ‘protection’ thing was giving me trouble. Skype! I see you! Do you see me? How freakin’ cool is this???

Fast forward to the new now. You know what I mean – I’m not mentioning it. Everybody mentions it – I’m not mentioning it. The blind leading the blind, I helped our priest figure out how to live stream his Sunday sermon on the church’s FaceBook page. But you know those crazy priests – give them a platform and they want the stage (wink). He will be streaming Morning Prayer this morning at 11 a.m.

But no – that’s not enough; I got an email from him last night around a quarter to 11 (!). He wants to do Bible study – how can we do this? You askin’ me? (You talkin’ to me? [Taxi Driver reference]). I’m older than HE is and he’s asking me? I’ve only been here a little longer than dirt and trees. I was NOT born with the technology gene. So, today’s assignment is to find a platform that will face to face in real time like Skype, but able to accommodate more than four people (as my priest hopes and prays!). I’m researching Whereby and Zoom. Whereby says it can accommodate up to 12 people at once. I don’t know about Zoom – their live chat tells me I’m #227 in queue!

The ‘thing’ has caused me to take a crash course in technology. The ‘thing’ has been a size 15 boot in my nether regions into the 21st. Century. Scares the living hell out of me but I’m game!

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