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The worst part of ‘sheltering at home’ is that forest trekkers can’t get out and trek. We depend on them! They are essential Bigfoot researchers and I know my likelihood of getting ‘you-know-what’ is diminished due to their devotion to duty and science. Where would we be today were it not for shaky, blurry, dark and/or misdirected cell phone videos of the elusive Mr. B??? I shudder to think of the repercussions. We may never be able to move forward without their dramatically abysmal video attempts. Science will be frozen in time and space and we will suffer greatly – which is, of course, on top of the suffering greatly we are already doing and practicing for greater suffering greatly in the very near future.

In the north country (ours – not Canada), all sorts of wild animals are walking undisturbed down urban and suburban streets, free of being accosted by tons of metal, or shotguns, or perturbed humans being forced to run for cover from them. I am waiting – oh, how I’m waiting! – for that one frustrated trekker to look out his living room window and film – not shaky, not blurry, not dark, not misdirected – Mr. and Mrs. Bigfoot taking a stroll, enjoying the neighborhood. I want that valuable footage of the Bs rubber necking how this half-lives – pointing to architectural details on homes, the latest fashions on the laundry lines, marveling at the mini-cars humans travel in. I want to see them with their great big faces pressed against the window of the local Dunkin Donuts. I want to see them on the monkey bars at the kids’ park. I want to see Mr. B. snatch an old skateboard and give it a go; I’ve seen them climb steep mountainsides and embankments, surely he would be a natural on a skateboard.

It is my American right to these invaluable photos and videos of the greatest question of our time! We are being denied our right to scientific accumulation of knowledge in regard to the bigfoot question. How will it possibly be answered if trekkers are not allowed to trek? You-know-what be damned! Trekkers must get ‘essential worker’ passports to the common regions where the bigfoots live and the uncommon places they are apt to turn up now like, say Boston or Orlando or “The Shoppes on Central” here in St. Pete.

I’m suggesting that we all write our senators and congresspeople and demand essential worker passes for all Bigfoot researchers across the United States of America! Act now! Do it now! Do it often! Start a roar in your neighborhood – We Want Bigfoot! We Want Bigfoot! We Want Bigfoot. Remind the powers that be in whatever state you find yourself in that it’s our right to be provided this information.

Thank you for your time.

Puritans to the left of me

I’m not especially comfortable talking about social issues, so mostly I don’t. Although I do read about them, and sometimes comment elsewhere on them. A lot of leftists and mixed up folk have found out that I’m an orthodox Christian that way. Nor am I ashamed of it, its just that other people do a better job of talking about it. But sometimes it gets so egregious and silly, that I decide to talk about it as well. Like now. From William Murchison in The American Spectator.

[A]s Cole Porter slyly reminds us: “In olden days a glimpse of stocking/Was looked on as something shocking/Now heaven knows/Anything goes…”

Well, you know: depending on the state of Puritan politics at a given moment. The Puritan habit of scolding, and gazing sourly, on others for Improper Behavior is a human constant. And not just among long-faced conservatives, I beg to point out.

Let us contemplate — if we have to, and I guess we do — the current attempt to deplore a non-Porter song written before most living Americans were born, having fun with a guy’s attempt to coax a girlfriend into staying put amid the warmth of his apartment. The song, of course, is Frank Loesser’s rollicking duet, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” written in 1944 as a Hollywood party act for Loesser and his wife; subsequently made famous, and Academy Awarded, in the movie Neptune’s Daughter. The song is a hoot: “I really can’t stay (But baby it’s cold outside)… My mother will start to worry (Beautiful, what’s your hurry)/My father will be pacing the floor (Listen to the fireplace roar)… But maybe just a half drink more…” And so on. No wonder we’ve been listening to it ever since Truman was president.

But wipe that smile from your face. Various “woke” folk launched an initially successful movement to ban “Baby” from the airwaves: their idea being, the song covers up bad male behavior, including date rape.

Which aside from being ridiculously judgemental, is very demeaning to the woman played by Esther Williams who does just fine standing up to Ricardo Montalban, not to mention the delightful reprise, where the roles are switched and Red Skelton becomes the pursued. When this first brewed up, I ran the video, you can find it here. It’s been covered by almost everyone and is a very fun number.

And that is the problem, increasingly the left is reminding me of H.L. Mencken’s comment, “Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.” And that is increasingly the definition of the left.

Well, you know in some ways, I kind of like it. Used to be that us religious traddies had a reputation as blue-nosed, censorious, killjoys and to an extent it was true. But we were always more concerned about conduct and beliefs, we weren’t against fun (in modern times) we just had higher standards. We might tut-tut Montalban in the song for what he has in mind, but we can be very proud of Ester Williams for not succumbing. Yeah, that might be true, but it’s still bullshit, it’s very simply a very fun song with two (really four) appealing characters.

The moral understanding in “Baby” is that a morally educated girl has to watch out, and will. But life in the Truman era wasn’t a Stalinist indoctrination class. You could laugh and smile and yearn — man or woman — within the rule system, enjoying the richness of life. That privilege, seemingly, gets rarer and rarer as the Puritans and control freaks of the left shake scandalized forefingers.

Dumb? Put-upon? The women of pre-Weinstein times? They were smart in that most of them, most of the time, knew what was what and what to do about it — to the wonder of whoopee-wide-open modern folk.

Few, I trust, depreciate the awfulness of date-rape. But “Baby It’s Cold Outside” doesn’t celebrate violence and brutality. It celebrates the rituals of moral understanding that keep brutality at bay. It celebrates normal, everyday human relationships, carried on with devotion, decency, and, not least, a sense of humor.

Boy, they don’t write ’em that way anymore, do they?

A Miscellany of Bad News

Why is the UK killing me?

You may remember my post Slaughtering the Innocent, where we discussed how the NHS in the form of the Alder-Hey hospital seeks to kill a two-year-old, rather than try to reverse years of neglect by them for him. This is the face of his parents, who love him and wish to help him live.

Well, the courts have spoken. The parents do not matter, the state has taken control, and has the right to kill him. We used to make jokes about doctors burying their mistakes because it bothered them even more than it did us. Those days are gone, and so the jokes are no longer funny, they are simply true.

This video comes recommended by Laura Perrins and by me.

It is worse in Britain, which as he says, has truly become a non-Christian, and in point of fact, often anti-Christian country, but it happens here as well.

Paul Mirengoff tells us that many countries are not following the Paris accords (including some of those that preach the loudest. No real surprise, countries, like people, always act in their perceived self-interest. The difference is that the United States is honest enough to not pay lip service (usually) to things that act to our detriment. Few in the world are, Virtue signaling overcomes honesty most places.

Just for giggles, the US which withdrew from the accord is running ahead of the goals stated in it, just as happened with the unconfirmed Kyoto protocols as well. Free (sort of!) Enterprise, what can’t it do!?

Jonathon Turley tells us that a British woman left a note described as vile on an ambulance on a call that was parked in a reserved space. Well, it wasn’t exactly caring, read:

“If this van is for anyone but Number 14 then you have no right to be parked here. I couldn’t give a s— if the whole street collapsed now move your van from outside my house.”

Well, it wasn’t exactly the milk of human kindness, but I’d say vile was overstating it a bit. In any case, the police charged her with a public order offense, and yesterday she was convicted and fined. We don’t need no free speech in Britain, no siree bob, do what you’re told, serf.

Not that we are much better. Nicolle Russel reports that

In a blow to advocates of parental authority, last week a visiting judge in a juvenile court in Hamilton County, Ohio stripped parents of custody of their teenage girl, who wants to identify as male, because they would not allow the 17-year-old to begin hormone replacement therapy.

The judge awarded custody to the teen’s grandparents who were, in the court’s eyes, more accepting of the teen’s wishes and who will now be allowed to make medical decisions for the teen. This case, which might be the first of its kind in juvenile court, should be disturbing to any advocate of parental rights and freedom of religious expression.

Mutilate Your Child, Or We Will Do It For You

On rolls Leviathon, we still need to get the monster under control before he destroys freedom on earth.

Speaking of collusion, when will Agent Cob be indicted?

Because yes, they are all affiliated with the British Labour Party, does the illegality of the scheme surprise me? Not in the least. By their works, ye shall know them, somebody, a wise somebody, once said.

Don’t do this at home (or at work)!

Time to lighten up a bit, thanks to Oyia Brown.







This safety meeting is adjourned.

What’s in an Armorer’s Toolkit?

sartk_label_unskewed-624x426This is pretty interesting , well, at least to those of us who claim to be able to fix things. From Weaponsman, who knows a helluva lot more about fixing weapons than I do.

Well, currently, the Army has a thing they call the SARTK, Small Arms Repairman’s Tool Kit. Since we didn’t find a link to it on the public intertubes, we made you one. After all, your tax dollars bought these things, NSN 5180-01-559-5181, for approximately six to ten thousand dollars each.  They are assembled by Armstrong Tool Group, a division of Apex Tools, and most of the tools are Armstrong brand. All the tools are made in the USA (required under protectionist legislation)

I’m guessing it looks pretty much like this, which is a civilian Armstrong set in a Pelican case, pretty nice set. $3,289.34 on Amazon


That seems fair enough to me, I grew up in a company that was required to buy everything US made as well. Far as I’m concerned if you value your time, you do that anyway, although I’d guess the Europeans make some good ones too. And my experience says that Armstrong tools aren’t bad, roughly what Craftsmen was fifty years ago, good enough for most uses, but not really top line like Snap-on or Wright Tools either. In any case, here’s what’s in the plastic box.


The kit itself is contained in a molded plastic (probably something like nylon 6/6) case with seven drawers, and custom inserts to hold the required tools. Inside, there’s a list of what goes in each drawer, although the custom cutouts for the tools make it readily apparent where a tool you have out goes. This derives from normal military and aviation tool control practice. (Leaving the tool out not only risks losing the tool, but risks screwing up the machine it’s left in or on. Few machines digest tool steel well).

Yep, almost all of us organize our tools in some similar way, foam inserts, racks, or pegboard. It saves tons of time and reduces losses more than you can imagine.

He goes on to speak of how the box is organized and such, in some detail, which you should read. And then he says this

Most of the stuff in the kit, it turns out, is not very exotic, and is not firearms specific. Indeed, most of the stuff we use to build an AR is not included, and one wonders what use a lot of half-inch sockets are whilst working on small arms.

Boy howdy, did I wonder that! In fact, this would be a great kit for a homeowner who wants to maintain his own car. And yes, even I know that there are a lot of specific tools, which make working on guns much easier. Heck, there are special tools for all fields, and often the are what makes a pro so much more productive, safer too.

These are quality tools, but you could put together a matching tool kit for far less money, even buying US-made-only (or EU only, if that’s how you roll) tools.

via What’s in an Armorer’s Toolkit? | WeaponsMan

Far less, well, I would hope so. Mucking about at Wright tools, I looked at their largest set. 1136 pieces including roll cabinet, although likely without as much organizational stuff, since in the civilian world, we tend to do that our way.




Quit drooling on your screen, guys!

Now, mind you this set isn’t designed for maintaining and repairing small arms, It’s likely designed to work on cars and heavy trucks, not to mention industrial maintenance. Thing is, Wright tools are arguably the very best of American tools, not only made in America but made of American steel. (Yes, if you want to give me that set for Christmas, I’ll be glad to give you my address!) 🙂 So how much does this set cost? About $20,000, depending on where you buy it. And that is one of the major problems with military procurement, they end up, because of their systems, spending far too much for many things they buy, especially if there is a civilian equivalent. I don’t really know the answer to that problem, but we should be able to do better.

Mind you, this looks a lot like a boondoggle, but I strongly doubt there’s corruption involved here, it’s simply that the military is willing to pay too much for what they buy, and experience says when one is buying a tool set, the manufacturer loads you up with what makes him the most money (that may explain those ½” sockets). And often, having that NSN (NATO Stock Number) turns into a license to print money.


Don’t be this woman!

via Dealing With Women

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