Levin, and Logan

Last night Lara Logan was on Mark Levin’s show on Fox. It was a rather extraordinary interview. If you wish to understand the American press these days, here is your primer. I think it even more applicable to our British cousins and their media, judging by what I hear. I was hoping the whole thing would be up this morning if it is I can’t find it. but here is a chunk.

I find it pretty compelling stuff because I recognize how biased the media is. One point, and it’s important, that Logan makes over and over, is that we all have biases. She’s right, we do, and we have opinions. I have no problem with that if you’re either left or right, as long as you are honest about it. OK, granted if you’re obviously left wing, I’m fairly likely to not bother reading or watching you, but that is my choice.

Logan has followed a much harder road. Like Sean Hannity, I have no clue what her politics are. She says she more or less moderate, and insists she is owned by no one. Fair enough. Too often moderate means wishy-washy, agreeing with everyone and standing for nothing. It doesn’t with her. She spent years with her ass in the grass in the middle east, in Afghanistan.  She was gang-raped nearly to death in Egypt during the so-called Arab Spring. By the way, CBS called (and still calls) it a sexual assault. That’s bullshit, It was simply an attempt to silence her, if not kill her, using gang-rape as a tool of intimidation. It is hugely to her credit that it did not work.

She simply put what she believes away and reports the news. That’s much harder, I’m not sure I could, but then I’ve been told I’m opinionated. 🙂

After Ted Koppel made his remarks, she also talked with Hannity, that too is pretty interesting.

Good stuff, and good on her.

Monday Videos, Freemen Rising

A plaintively true video, for so many of us.

Ain’t that the truth, but here’s the kicker. I don’t do a lot of country music, never have, this one was suggested to me by an English friend, who loves it, another one commented that it took her breath away. Don’t ever think we aren’t the city on the hill, the example to the world, in everything thing we do.

But so are the British themselves, the original freemen, who won’t give up their country. This is now the number one selling single on Amazon. co. uk. I doubt Bezos is thrilled, but I am. It’s still got a lot of F-bombs though, 17.5 million to be exact. And a bit of Nigel in Brussels at the end.

This may be the funniest song since Short People, and it accurately reflects how my friends feel about it.

This is quite good, and to the point.

This is a couple of weeks old, but Isabel Oakeshott and WTO Brexit cheered on the BBC. What’s not to like?

Jordan Peterson and Camille Paglia, put your thinking caps on. It’s very good, though.

Yay! It’s Monday, again. 🙂

Green New Dream and Brexit: the Musical

Well, I think we’ll do a few more videos today.

The Clear Energy Alliance has a series of videos up explaining just how incredibly stupid Occasional Cortex’s (or AOC, if you insist) Green New Deal is.

I’ll post a couple of the series, but more at the link.


They are completely right, of course. This whole plan is substandard for college freshmen over a football weekend. But that is fairly standard for Congress.

Or Parliament for that matter, Brexit the Musical is available. It’s not quite up to the standard of Hamilton, but if the F bomb in a posh British accent doesn’t overly bother you, it’s pretty good. But perhaps a bit NSFW

Hat tip to PowerLine for both.

CPAC 2019

So, the annual post of the CPAC videos, the ones I liked best anyway, for various reasons. We showed you the President’s the other day, you can find it here, well worth watching again. Enjoy

So let’s get started with Nigel Farage

Perhaps Candace Owens has something to teach us.

Common sense from the young ones, what’s not to like love.

Mark Levin put it together faster than any of us. He tells us about it.

So does Senator Cruz

Dr. Sebastian Gorka is pretty good, as well

And here is Charlie Kirk. Yes, I love these kids from Turning Point USA, and the fact that more than half of CPAC attendees that are of their generation. They mean that whatever we’ve screwed up, and it’s a lot, the message of freedom still rings across the land.

Michelle Malkin, who is one of my heroes, brings it and brings it hot and unvarnished. And she is spot on correct.

Here is one of the ways that they will try to impose totalitarianism on us. From Wayne LaPierre of the NRA.

Then there is, of course, my fellow Hoosier, the Vice President, Mike Pence.

There’s quite a few more, and you can find them on the internet. None are bad, these are just my favorites.

And you know, this has become one of those festivals of freedom that celebrate America and all we have done for the world, not to mention keeping us on track. And showing the world how, as well.

Video Monday

Well, I’m both late and lazy, so it’s Video Monday. Enjoy.


Tommy Robinson on the BBC

This 3.5 hour monster podcast is both somewhat NSFW and fascinating.

Lara Logan on the Media

Mark Steyn on Occasional Cortex and Amazon

Once Upon a Time in America

So, I hear Boston won a football game. I missed it since I don’t watch TV hardly at all. Nor does it help that the NFL has seriously angered me with its lack of discipline and kowtowing to the left. So, I like many of you voted with my feet. Probably easier since I used to be a Bears fan, and it hasn’t been too exciting since 85, and this nonsense.

Yep, that was a fun year, only year I really became a fan of pro football. Got over it quick the next year though, when they couldn’t keep it together, and everybody started getting greedy. Happens, I guess. But I was disappointed, I thought they were better than that, and some of them, especially Peyton, was. Most were not.

So when the NFL and ESPN started theirdisrepectful nonsense a couple years ago, it wasn’t a hard decision to give them up, I really don’t need an excuse to eat too much junk and drink too much, and I dislike being preached at (other than by a real preacher). Some half assed quarterback, well, no, just no.

Especially when he disrespects every man and woman with the eagle on his button. I got over it real quick, and it’s nice to have all that free time – which filled up quickly.

So, I wasn’t going to be in the audience yesterday anyway, just don’t care, but CBS decided to get in on the fun of the “Get Woke, Go Broke” bunch. They decided to ban this ad.

Good for Nine Line Apparel. I doubt I buy much from them, but I might if I were younger, and that’s more than Nike can say.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m tired as all get out at the way everything has become politicized. These clowns can vote as they like, as will I, and you back in the day, we could gather down at the bar, straight and gay, liberal and conservative, redneck and hipster, even girls, and act stupid, and watch the game, and eat and drink too much.

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