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The question I posed about the Civil War? It gave our historians quite a bit to talk about and I learned so much from reading the comments.

I stumbled upon this just now and after watching, I thought of the historians here at Nebraska Energy and wondered what their take would be.

Without further ado, please enjoy this video. Oh … it starts out lame but go with it.

Some Additional Thoughts

I sent a copy of the article I Don’t Need Proof to my younger sister. I don’t think she’d ever heard of the Shroud of Turin. But she likes to read my writing and is happy that I’m writing again, so, I sent it to her. After reading it, she sent it to her priest and to our older sister. Evidently at last night’s Bible study at her church (New Hampshire has different ‘shelter’ regulations than say, here in Florida) and her priest had some information that he shared about the Shroud and a couple of the people in the group asked if they could get a copy of the article and so I sent her the link.

I was discussing this rather interesting (at least to me) occurrence with a very dear friend who mentioned, quite sagely (of course!), that we never know ‘who we touch’. That gave me a great deal to think upon. It’s very true; we never know who we touch with a kind act or an insight or a new thought. It led me to think of what we are told in church, about planting seeds; you tell someone about the Gospel of Jesus and you never know if they do anything about what you’ve shared with them – I don’t think we’re supposed to know, quite frankly – but you’ve ‘planted’ a seed of an idea, a direction to investigate, a single frame of a larger picture.

There are many possible scenarios. I considered this one: suppose you met an atheist and asked them to watch some of the Shroud videos – or even just to look at the Shroud. When an atheist is confronted with something state of the art, top of line science can’t dispel, would it make them reconsider their stance on Jesus, firstly, and the resurrection, secondly? What if the videos were shared with someone who had lost their faith? Would the viewing of the videos put bellows to dying spark and breathe it to life again? Would someone from a non-Christian background be effected? If they were confronted with Isa not being a ‘good teacher’ but truly God, and not Allah?

If someone had no faith background whatsoever, which would be hard to fathom but for the number of polls taken that show an abundance of people with no religious knowledge, would a person of ‘no faith’ be moved to search for Jesus? If they were so moved to search for Jesus and become a believer based on the Shroud, would they be less of a believer? I make mention again of “blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe” – would seeing the Shroud, the purported burial cloth of Christ, negate their having ‘found Jesus’? That’s a deep theological question to which I have no answer.

I’m reminded of there being only one way to God – St. John, 14:6 ” … No one comes to the Father except through me.” But there are many roads and ways to Jesus. Can one be less good than another? I don’t know.

National Lineman’s Day

The energization of the first house on Kankakee Valley REMC in 1939; courtesy KVREMC

Most of you know that I am (or maybe was) a power lineman, as well as an industrial electrician. Frankly, I love both, but was prouder of being a lineman, and as we used to say, qualified to work hot. It’s a pretty good job, except at 2 am when you’ve been out since 8 the previous morning in 80 below wind chill during a blizzard. But that too engenders a certain pride.

It’s also a job that often runs in families, my dad was one too. When he started a man (and they were all men in those days) had about a 50% chance of dying on the job. By the time I came along, it was quite rare, Why? Better tools and much better work rules, and management that valued their people. And for that matter, Grampa ran the town light plant, as did one of my uncles, another was a district manager for Northern States Power, and dad was eventually general manager of a rural electric coop.

I was taught from childhood on both by dad and by others in the company: There is no such thing as a no-fault accident, somebody always had a way to prevent it. Fault is a legal term and means something else, but all accidents are avoidable by taking (or not taking) some action, or list of actions. Let’s start here:

I’ve worked 2200 in plants, and it’s safe if you follow the rules. But electricity is an unforgiving b*tch. It’ll kill you, sometimes quickly, but often fairly slowly and painfully if you screw up.

I’m sorry but such a list of blown safety rules, to me, makes this little less than suicide, and him a poor employee, and you know what, once he thought about it, I’ll bet his supervisor wasn’t surprised, although saddened. But that’s fine, he failed as well.


I have a strong preference for overhead lines because you can see enough to make sense of it, that’s not always true of underground, but I’ve worked both. Not really very different than how we did it in the 60s, but a world apart from how dad did it in the 30s. And he was one of the people who saw how much better it could be, and sold it to his board and wrote the book.

It shouldn’t happen, but it does, and frankly, it is why you never see electrical utility crews leaning on our trucks, which we specifically do ground. The advice given here on what to do if this happens to you is the same that I have been taught all my life.

One thing that causes us out here to lose a farmer every once in a while, is when they get something to close to a power line, note that you don’t have to touch it. Think about a farmer holding a 20-foot section of 8-inch aluminum pipe getting close to a line. Most years out here it happens once or twice, or a grain elevator, or even a combine sometimes. As our Public Power Districts keep saying, Look up; For safety’s sake. It’s good to go home at the end of the day.

And finally, most American power companies have demonstration rigs like this that are available, and the skilled presenters that go with them. if you haven’t seen one (or even if you have) pay attention, this is the straight scoop from our side of the meter.

And yes, I have killed more than a few generators (and sometimes the tractors they were attached to, when I safed a line. DO IT RIGHT, or be prepared to kill a lineman, or to replace your generator, cause after a storm, we simply don’t have time to drive the line first, and often have people from other companies or contractors helping who don’t know the system.

Curious where I learned this? Here.

On his last day before retirement, I asked my dad what he was most proud of. The answer could have been many things, when he had started with them, the coop was a shoebox of paper, when he retired it was a multi million dollar company and one of the biggest employers in town, of which every employee was a local, and so many other things. He looked at me and said, “Come with me.” He took me out into the lobby of the office and pointed to a plaque on the wall, and said, “This.” It was a plaque from the insurance company proclaiming that the company had worked one million man hours without a lost time accident.

And you know, at the other end of my career, I don’t have a plaque about it, but I’ve never had a man seriously hurt either. My people always went home safe at night. And for me as well, it is one of my proudest achievements. And you know something else, Dad and I were both considered hard asses to work for. It’s connected. And that is about a century’s worth of electrical work done right, without casualties.


CPAC 2020; Part 2

Lots of good stuff at CPAC this year.

Marsha Blackburn (Tenn), Joni Ernst (Iowa, with Katie Pavlich

Sen. Josh Hawley (MO) Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) DonaldTrump, Jr

Bongino with Rep. Nunez

How about Kim Gilfoyle, because why not.


One thing I noticed while putting this together, almost every speaker is being translated for Asia. I don’t speak the languages, let alone read them, but I am aware that the protestors from Hong Kong have a booth this year.


First I watched this video  (50 unsolved disappearances) and sort of became intrigued. I went from there to the Parks Services site which stated nothing about this information.

Next, I listened to this podcast. The host is annoying but the guest was rational, intelligent, insightful and engaging. It’s two hours long so you

may want to wait til you have time to listen.

This material   is substantiation of Paulide’s claims of the Parks Services not doing enough and not reporting missing people as they should.

I don’t want to overload you with links but I would recommend watching Missing 411 – Vanished and Missing 411 – The Hunted. If you’re a Prime member on Amazon, you can watch these documentaries for $3.99 each. They have high production values and let’s face it, the subject is fascinating.

There are several ‘schools of thought’ in regard to the missing. One school suggests that the missing are taken by aliens. I have a bit of trouble with the idea that God created Adam and Eve – and then created Ed and Amy in ‘a galaxy far, far away’ so I have scratched ufos off my list of possibilities. Another school advances the idea of ‘portals’ – a doorway, gate, or other entrance – of an inter-dimensional nature. It is posited that folks may just enter one accidentally and not figure out how to return. Shrug; beats me. Finally, there is a school that supports the idea of bigfoot taking the people. Depending on your concept of bigfoot and what it does and how it lives, this might seem at least plausible – if the idea of bigfoot is plausible to you – this may be something that you can live with.

If you eliminate the suggestions above, what you’re left with is – what happened to those people? They’re never heard from again, bodies are never found, belongings never turn up. The people are, truly, missing. It’s hard to reconcile a complete disappearance to everything we’ve ever heard, read, or known experientially.

I have no idea what to make of it. If you have ideas, share them here and let’s see what folks come up with.

Teddy Roosevelt and Bigfoot

Many of you know my friend Audre from comments here. I have known her for a couple years since we both comment on TCW, she has also written several articles there, and now she joins us. I call us lucky! We were just telling each other yesterday that we’re bit tired of politics for the moment. She said she had a cure, She’s right, she does. Here’s Audre:

Now that I have your undivided attention … I thought we’d take a little hike across the country and around the world and find out about this elusive creature – if it exists, that is. But first, to follow through on the heading’s promise, here is a link to a very good breakdown of the Teddy/Bigfoot story

New species are being discovered almost every year. This Smithsonian article relates the new species discoveries of 2019 But bigfoot isn’t new; stories about him have been around for centuries in the tales and lore of primitive peoples around the world, including our own ancient Native Americans – and several Native American tribes of our time.

I had seen Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot and laughed at how ridiculous those researchers were. They made so much noise any beast with ears would run the other way. They never find anything but they do have some interesting conversations with folks who claim to have seen bigfoot. Some of those stories are compelling and I’m simply not ready to believe that all of them are looking for their 15 minutes of fame or are drunks or crazy. And then, I was watching a documentary about something entirely different that showed an aerial view of our north western states of Oregon and Washington. It occurred to me – anything could be living in those forests and no one would know.

When I retired, I had time to wander around YouTube and stumbled on a video of bigfoot. Something about that video opened a window in my thought process. Look at all the bizarre creatures God has created – giraffes and deep-sea fish that light up and foot-long centipedes; the list is endless. Could He also have created a very large bipedal creature that resembles humans? He certainly could if He wanted to. I was hooked. Fascinated. I’ve spent the last two years viewing every bigfoot video on YouTube.

Some videos are clearly and deliberately fake. But having viewed the hundreds of videos of bigfoot, I got to where I can spot a fake a mile away and know that something I was watching was not ‘of’ us but was like us -when what you are watching strikes a chord somewhere in your mind.

I’m going to submit a few videos that have struck me as compelling and that are obviously not monkey suits. This first one is broken down by a computer analyst and is fascinating The next one is a picture and if you look carefully, it has a downward nose like we do And then there’s this

Do I believe in bigfoot? After two years of research, I think I am 98% convinced that such a creature lives and walks in the world right now. The only way we’ll know for sure is if one is killed or captured, neither of which I want to see happen. I’ll just keep watching new videos as they are posted and try to enjoy not knowing for sure.


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