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Just when you think it couldn’t get any better – check out this video.

Those are Hasidic Jews or Orthodox Jews; if you don’t think it’s a bold thing they’re doing, you have no idea how wrong you are. They are already targets – long before the Trump flags went up. This puts them right in the cross hairs of Antifa and BLM. I am humbled by their bravery.

If this doesn’t scare you – and hurt your heart – I don’t know what to say.

The Rabbi refers to procedures in New York as ‘soft pogroms’. Makes me shudder. Who would know better?

Another one. I’m stressing this because it is so important; we know ‘other things’ are at work during this virus. I don’t think these folks are wrong. 

Moving right along – I have collected (so you didn’t have to) the latest eye rollers on YouTube. I hesitate to say too much because sometimes, you just gotta see it to ‘believe’ it. But you’ll be happy to know (?) that the folks you assumed were gone, ummm, aren’t really. Check out these videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOuJItEozJc and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxAvZXINSqc. You know I have a love for museums and thought you’d appreciate this one. Hey folks; I just do ’em, I don’t explain ’em. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThDYazipjSI.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear; I am only ‘off grid’ as far as bigfoot are concerned – they, at least, have a chance of being something of actual, earthly, species. The rest of the ‘stuff’? I leave it to your own understanding. Or lack thereof. Or care thereof. Or … ya know, whatevah…


Video Monday

So, are tired of listening to me? I’m tired of flapping my jaw, so today we are going to let some other people talk. Let’s start with why America is so rich.

This, in fact, pretty much sums it up


So, what makes us different?

Here’s why

But this election has the possibility of ending all this, and putting out that beacon. I’ve said many times this year, “You can vote for America, or you can vote for the Democrats.” I mean it.

Here is Victor Davis Hanson on “Plague, Panic, and Protests …” Our weird election year

And then, of course …

There’s this:

I have no doubt this is satire; this is a very understated comedy used, I suspect, to highlight the absurdities of issues discussed in those ‘hallowed’ halls. I even suspect there has been a certain amount of ‘choreography’ or design in the ‘interruption’ and subsequent plea for freedom to finish his statement.

But all that being said, how long do suppose it will be before these types of things become ‘mandatory’? Every word, every phrase, every concept having to undergo vigorous scrutiny by some ‘board’ somewhere. We already monitor our speech and writing. Beautiful old favorites in music and movies are now vilified because they no longer fit in with the ‘correct’ thought process. Every factor and function in life will be examined for ‘correctness’. I couldn’t pass that kind of test. Could you?

As funny as that video is, it’s also a little prophetic – if we aren’t very wary and mindful of what is happening in American society. Always remember – it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease and today, ‘right here in River City’ as the song says, we see the Left inching in on every aspect of our lives – and this before an election in November; long before – years before. It could possibly come to the point of having to speak in code to share thoughts that aren’t ‘correct’. And there’s no end to the squeak of that wheel. Here’s a little something with which you may not be familiar:

“The Whisperers” is based on two groups of Russian society – the first being the silent conformists who feared punishment for speaking out against the Soviet regime. This included Russia’s entire population. The other group of whisperers was the informers.

The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin’s Russia by Orlando …

There are other books about the need to whisper – even in your own home. The older I get, the less patience I seem to have; don’t be surprised if my next address is a gulag somewhere in the middle of Florida where there will be attempts to ‘correct’ my thinking. Heck – I haven’t been able to do that all these years. I wish them luck.

Afterword from Neo: This is my state capital city and in fact, the video came from my home town radio station. I have no doubt whatsoever it is real. Nice find, Audre.

  1. KRVN is a very straight playing agricultural station, in fact, I’m not sure they’re smart enough to pull this off, even they ever thought of trying. 
  2. This is about normal for Lincoln.
  3. I’m taking bets that the speaker is a tenured professor from the Univerity of Nebraska.

And since we’ve a bit of room here, also from Audre, a video that we’ve both enjoyed over and over, from a BLM protest in Beverly Hills turning a riot into a dance-off

Four Things and they’re All Important

Several things today starting with Governor Kristi Noem on reopening schools.

Doing governance as it should be done.

Rachel Bovard at The Federalist has some thoughts about Big Tech and Monopolies.

Conservatives have alleged for years that these companies exhibit a bias against conservative points of view despite the fact that entities like Facebook and Google constitute a “global town square” and see themselves as key facilitators of free expression. This allegation has only grown louder as conservative members of Congress were shadow-banned. […]

In a January field hearing, the antitrust subcommittee heard testimony from small tech businesses who recounted in detail how Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon were “wielding their massive footprints as weapons, allegedly copying smaller competitors’s features or tweaking their algorithms in ways that put new companies at a costly disadvantage.” Or, in the words of Patrick Spence, head of the speaker company Sonos, the platforms “leverage dominance in one market to conquer or destroy adjacent markets, especially markets that may one day pose a threat to their dominance.”

Amazon, in particular, is dealing with discrepancies between what they told Congress — that they do not use third-party sales data to set prices for Amazon-branded products — and what their employees told the Wall Street Journal. Amazon is also facing allegations that they met with startups about investing, only to swipe other companies’ ideas for their own product lines.

Google has faced allegations that it self-preferences its search results, demoting non-Google results even when the information contained therein was more relevant to an individual’s search. The Wall Street Journal reported that Google has altered its search algorithm on behalf of big businesses like eBay while modifying search results for terms like “abortion” and “immigration.”

None of this would matter so much if these companies didn’t wield such unprecedented amounts of power. But when Google constitutes 92 percent of worldwide internet searches, the opaque, unaccountable ways the company decides to filter information has tremendous consequences for business, human behavior, and independent thought.

Conservatives are rightly skeptical of government interference in the marketplace. But violations of existing antitrust law in the form of anticompetitive behavior isn’t regulation, it’s law enforcement. As the supposed champions of small entrepreneurs, conservatives should want to ensure that the field of commerce and innovation is fair and equally accessible.

Many on the political right have said for years that people unhappy with social media platforms should just “build their own.” So shouldn’t those same people want to make sure they still can?

The Threat to Individual Privacy

As an industry that makes money from the commoditization of hyper-individualized data, Big Tech knows more about us than any industry in human history. Indeed, Big Tech’s business model is based on knowing where we go (physically and virtually), what we say in our emails and text messages, what we buy, and even what our voices sound like.

This presents huge policy ramifications around what is “ours” and what is “theirs.” Do human beings have a property right to their data trail? Should there be limits on the type of data companies collect, what Big Tech can do with our data, or who they can share it with?

Consider that under a provision of HIPAA, hospital chains have shared the names, dates of birth, and medical histories of up to 50 million Americans with Google without the knowledge or consent of the patients or doctors. Google won’t say what they’re doing with the data, or the data they’ve recently acquired on 28 million users of Fitbit. In this bizarre legal landscape, Google has a right to your medical record, but you don’t.

These companies are also serial violators of individual privacy, despite presenting themselves as the opposite. Google reads our emails. Facebook reads our texts. Google still tracks the location of users who turn off geolocation services.

There quite a lot more and you should read and understand what she is saying.

Here is my take: I’m basically libertarian on economic policy, which most of you know BUT and its a big but: When the founder’s set up our government they endowed it with checks and balances against any branch becoming all-powerful. Alexander Hamilton wrote in Federalist No. 28:

Power being almost always the rival of power, the general government will at all times stand ready to check the usurpations of the state governments, and these will have the same disposition towards the general government. The people, by throwing themselves into either scale, will infallibly make it preponderate. If their rights are invaded by either, they can make use of the other as the instrument of redress. How wise will it be in them by cherishing the union to preserve to themselves an advantage which can never be too highly prized!

This has worked reasonably well over the years, but as business grew so large it became a power center in its own right, as we see now in Big Tech, where Google, for instance, will not cooperate with the US Department of Defense but is readily willing to work with the Chinese military. There are plenty of other examples. So, it seems that the government must be the check on unchecked business, because no other entity is large enough to do so, especially including other businesses. Here too it is as Madison said in Federalist 51

If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself.

Via CNN:

Herman Cain, the former presidential candidate and former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, has died from coronavirus, according to an obituary sent from his verified Twitter account and Newsmax, where he was launching a television show.

May he rest in peace having fought the good fight.

And finally, Sgt Joe Friday has some words for Antifa and Black Live matters that ring as true today as they did when written in 1968.



Ok, Kids …

Put the books away. Reach over and turn off the news. Comfy? Why not go get something to drink, maybe a snack – and then come and sit with me.

I once lived in Pennsylvania for several years. I never heard of this place when I lived there or I certainly would have scheduled a trip. I stumbled across information about this place, many years ago now, and I take a look every now and then just to keep up with any additions.

It was Halloween season when I happened on this place on YouTube. The video had some catchy, typically Halloween-ish title and so I viewed it. I’ve been a fan ever since.

Trigger warning – no, not the snowflake kind, the stomach kind. Some of these things bring out our natural gag reflex at the same time completely capturing our imagination and wonder. What a brilliant concept this place was and I’m so glad it has withstood the passage of time and that it is even more popular today.

Oh; in case you’re wanting more – and want to laugh, too – look up this place and choose any video that mentions Mike Rowe in the title. He’s a natural, low-key comedian and he cracks me up; add that to the displays here and it’s a match made in heaven.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I introduce you to the Mutter Museum.

Are You Ready?

No. Not this guy.

I have been following a lovely young man on YouTube; his channel is Jamel a.k.a. Jamal. He does reaction videos to music he’s not heard before. Since a preponderance of music he has never heard comes from my generation (our teenage/young adult years), it’s great fun to not only enjoy a song I haven’t heard in a hundred years but to watch a young person react to hearing them for the first time. I recommend you check him out.

Because I enjoyed his music reactions so much, I stumbled on another young man who does music reaction videos with his wife. They are not as good as Jamel’s so I don’t pay much attention to those but this morning I found his videos reacting to ghost stories found on the various media – YT (mostly), Tik Toc, etc. Now those are priceless!

Here’s my racist remark for the day. I think most black folks are just naturally funny. They have an outlook and experiences that parallel mine but they have a completely different take and always seem to find that funny side. I enjoy that.

Back when black and white folks were friends and co-workers (only 10 yrs. ago!!!), a couple of the black guys from the loading dock would join us office workers at the smoking table for lunch or cigarette breaks and we’d jabber on about any old thing. One time, we got to talking about horror movies and those guys had us just laughing like crazy, telling us about the difference between white folks and black folks and scary stuff. They would say, “Know why so many white folks die in those movies? ‘Cause they always have to ‘go look’. We don’t ‘go look’. We say F that and we’re gone!” They were hilarious.

It was with those fond memories in mind that I decided to watch one of his ghost reaction videos and now I’m hooked. He watches his language pretty well and instead of the f-bomb, he says, “oh HELL no!” Gets me to laughing til I’m almost silly (watch it now!)

Without further ado, let me introduce you to The Matthews Fam.

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