Sunday Funnies: Woke Coke and CPAC

Something a bit different this week. We’ll do a shortened Sunday Funnies but also some of CPAC from Friday and Saturday since it’s gonna take more than one post to cover. I usually does, and this year is better than normal, I think.

Then there is Woke Coke


Democrats over Syria

I’ve liked KT McFarland since some point in the Reagan Administration. Here she shows you why.










Enough for now, no doubt we’ll have more for you soon.

And of course


“Watch the skies. Everywhere. Keep looking. Keep watching the skies!”

I know you’re thinking, “Why do I recognize that quote?” Come on – you can do it. That’s right! The last lines spoken by the reporter at the end of the movie, “The Thing from Another Planet”. I was watching a YouTube video; while the folks in the video were trying to figure out what they were seeing, someone cast an idea that perhaps it came from outer space. I’m of an age where remembering a movie from my adolescence is far easier than remembering this morning’s breakfast – but this one was released in April of 1951. I wasn’t even a glimmer yet.

You may remember when Nebraska Energy Observer rocked you. Some additional research unearthed something that happened six years ago. I don’t know why this isn’t indelibly etched on people’s brains but I suspect it’s because it didn’t happen in America. I don’t even recall ever having heard a thing about it. I think most little kids get a big charge out of dinosaurs – even little girls. It’s something that we carry with us the rest of our lives, like hating beef liver for dinner. You NEVER forget THAT! And we don’t forget dinosaurs. When NEO rocked you, there were several videos of things found either on the ground or in the ground and they are fascinating videos to watch and begin to frame an idea that what’s at home is at least – if not more – important than ‘what’s out there?’ The meteorite men, the young men in Yorkshire, all point to what we don’t think about and walk on or walk over every day of our lives. There’s no specific target area for exploration; amazing things can be found just about anywhere in America. I was watching a video today of three 20-somethings whose passion is geodes. They live in Georgia but decided to come to Florida to look around – and down. They found parts of geodes that nature had broken open but they also found entire skeletons of snakes! How rare must that be? They found shells attached to rock that were older than the folks who use the green benches (an old reference to St. Petersburg – Floridians will get it)

What I’m saying is, if you’re bored, it’s because you’re not thinking. There is so much we don’t pay any attention to. If you’ve got plants, have you watched how they bud and grow and spore and die only to do it all over again next year? I have a friend who is a (New) Jersey boy, lived in cities his whole life. All of a sudden he’s got three beehives and four chickens in his back yard. It’s amazing what you don’t know because you don’t know it. Age and infirmity don’t have to limit your mind or where you take it – or it takes you. Sometime, go to YouTube or whatever site you use and without a purpose in mind, pick a title that you think you know something about – you might be surprised how little you know about some of the most basic things in life.

Oh yes; back to what prompted this piece – the video I watched today.

I might not have watched it if I hadn’t been rocked on Nebraska Energy Observer. I am ecstatic that I did.

Now I want to change the quote we opened with: Watch the ground. Everywhere. Keep looking down. Keep watching the ground!

Random Observations

Just keep in mind that I do this all for you. The picture of the video looked mildly interesting so of course, I clicked. This would be considered ‘too much time on one’s hands’. The other thing is … magnets are expensive, especially ones as strong as those in the video. I once worked in a warehouse; I was in charge of the lock room (so named because the contents were expensive) so I know how much ‘good’ magnets are. This gentleman spent a LOT of money for all those magnets.

I know what I expected to see when I clicked on this video. It certainly wasn’t that. My first reaction was a big eye roll and my finger was on the mouse ready to leave … except … I couldn’t it. This thing is oddly compelling – if only in the ‘how did they do that’ way. I thought the track must be magnetized but as far as I know, marbles aren’t made of magnetic material. I couldn’t tell if the ‘accelerator’ was like a pinball flipper but it seemed to be. It will be interesting to get your feedback on this one.

That sound you hear is the excitement of stick match manufacturers around the world.

I love wood – there’s a lot of wood and glass in my house. I enjoyed this because it’s something you don’t see on every street corner. If it were beef, I’d buy some of those slabs but as it is, I’d love to see the cedar polished or resin-coated. Sort of reminds me of an Ent autopsy.

Some day, if I’m very, very good, God will give me another blessing by allowing me to meet my English friends (very much my family) face to face. If that happens, I hope I get to meet this one, too. He’s not a friend but I’m really impressed with his work. The wood is simply stunning and the pencils? A brilliant idea. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I have.

The meat of the matter.

Oh, my gosh! Now I’ve done it! I am hopelessly scarred forever, I fear. I think I may have shot myself in the foot.

Well – you know what time of the year it is; we’re barreling into the holidays. For women, it’s a lot of pressure; for men, it’s a lot of expense you roll your eyes at. (laughing out loud!) It very much matters to us not just how the table looks when set for guests – it’s a labor of love to make the table look as festive and cheerful and beautiful as we can make it and yes, family members are guests – it’s not just the table that’s important, the entire experience is important. To us, anyway.

I was wandering about the meat section of YouTube (you know, it’s one aisle over from the bigfoot section. Just kidding!) and stumbled on some Ohio butchers. Immediately fell in love. Their video about Japanese meat is a delight to watch. Aside from the ZZ Top look – which I don’t object to – these guys know what they’re doing. They are family men, too, and I always like that part of men. Watch this video.

A little further down the aisle, I found the turkey video of my dreams. I am not exaggerating when I tell you there was a smile on my face for the duration of the video. I’ve been cooking Thanksgiving turkey dinner for 50 years and never once did any of my cooked turkeys look anything like this one. Ever. I’ve had some nice ones, I’ve had some pretty ones, but nothing like this. I was so totally invested in this video that I promise you I could SMELL that turkey! I’m laughing as I tell you my mouth was watering. Talk about the power of suggestion!

My first husband, the father of my children, was an excellent grill cook when we met. He eventually worked his way up to executive chef for some very good restaurants in the New England area. I, on the other hand, have no idea how to grill toast, let alone meat. My son has the grill the gene and living in Texas, he has mastered brisket; as a matter of fact, he’s a little chesty about it but what the heck, if you’ve got it – flaunt it.

I’m intimidated by grills. I always think the gas ones are going to blow up and those briquette ones will just cook the metal and wind up on the ground, burning my feet. I hear about the hot/sear side of the fire and the cook side of the fire – how do you know which one is which? Or, rather, how do you make it do that? Is gas smoke bad for you? Is charcoal smoke bad for you? Do you have to pour a gallon of water in the grill when you’re finished cooking? What do you do with the watery, greasy, charcoaly mess when you’re finished? See? Grilling is fraught with danger.

Best to find us a caveman and be done with it. You know – ‘that guy’ – loves a grill like his pickup and his guns. And his dawg. Lon’s younger brother is a pretty good grill man and he really enjoys grilling. I ask Lon, don’t you like to grill out? In his typical Lon face, he looks at me and says, “The meat doesn’t know if it’s in the oven or on the grill.” You can’t argue with logic like that.

But I’m dreamin’ of a caveman! Well; right now, anyway.



Two for two?

I sent this video

to a very dear friend who is not a believer but is kind enough to humor me. After viewing it, he said he thought it was interesting and wondered if American Indians in the Yellowstone National Park area (the States of Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho) had legends or ancient stories/glyphs of such a creature. Good question.

I’ve been searching the internet today to try to find the answer. The best of what I found is this:

It is all written material even though it is presented as a video. The different tribes are listed by name and a description of the particular thing called bigfoot is given, including the AI names for such things. It is fascinating reading and I highly recommend it. According to this video – as well as others I viewed – there is a long history of ‘wild man’, ‘hairy man’, ‘wood man’, ‘quiet tribe’ among our native peoples.

Two of the videos I watched were about Pikuni/Black Foot people. A pastor, a Pikuni, on a reservation in Montana related a story from 1998 when he had a large group of friends and church people on a camping trip in the mountains. All heard a ‘yelling’ that was unlike anything they had ever heard; it was so startling that the children screamed and cried and the adults gathered the children and they all got in their vehicles and left. But the pastor also spoke of a theory he had; another pastor on the reservation said he had wondered about the connection as well. The pastor spoke about the Biblical mention of the Nephilim, the fallen angels of the Book of Genesis. Goliath, of course, was supposedly the last of the Nephilim. But what if he wasn’t? It’s an interesting idea, at any rate. You can see these videos by searching Pikuni Bigfoot Storytelling Project on YouTube.

As I was doing this research, I came across a number of videos that were not bigfoot related but very interesting. As near as I’m able to ascertain, the Shoshone is the oldest (most ancient) of the tribes but have history of a sect of Shoshone that is even older, called the Sheepeaters. The Sheepeaters were high mountain dwellers and ate sheep and goats; the lower Shoshone, near lakes and rivers, were called Salmon Eaters, and another Shoshone tribe were Meateaters (bison primarily). These names, by the way, are how the Shoshone speak of the tribes, I’m not being casual or disrespectful.

There was a video, the channel is called American Eye, that covered a television production of a program that addresses what they suspect is trafficking on the reservations and how little help they get when doing searches for the missing. The reservations are far, for the most part, from highly populated areas and being remote, are prone for strangers passing through. American Eye strikes me as a little ‘out there’ – UFOs seem to be their forte but I think, since they work in and around the reservations, they promoted this tv production because it brings to notice the things that are happening on the reservations and how slowly the local governments respond to their needs.

So … this is a two for two piece; more bigfoot and more American Indians. The history of each tribe is interesting and well worth looking around YouTube for quality videos; they’re out there and are generally head and shoulders above the rest of the things you’ll find. You know; like bigfoot is head and shoulders above …

A Letter to Michael Gove

If you know us, you’ll know that Audre and I are avid readers of, and commenters on, The Conservative Woman, a conservative British blog, It is very good and reflects its founders, one of whom is Kathy Gyngell, whom we both count as a friendly acquaintance. She, reflecting our, and most of the rest of her readership’s views, recently sent a letter to Michael Gove, whom she also knows, although perhaps not well (his loss). She published it on the blog, here.

Others, Like me, were most impressed with her forthright honesty, and concern for the freedom of Britons. As it happens, amongst them was the New Culture Forum, set up by Peter Whittle to defend Western culture from the nihilistic orthodoxies dominant in the media, academia, and education. Here she is, reading the letter. Given the givens, a very brave lady, and one I’m proud to slightly know.

Bravo Zulu, Kathy!

At some point. I’ll have something to say about our election, once there is something productive to say, for now, it remains contested strongly.

But do understand this, with Joe Biden (and even more Kamala Harris) we are facing the same kind of intentional destruction of our freedom and our economic well-being that our British cousins are facing now.

The difference is that we have some real conservatives, led by our president, who will fight for us to the last ditch, as they have (and are) proving this fall.

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