And we still have 121 days till we can kiss 2021 hello. Quite a remarkable year, this one. If there were a prize given for worst national year, 2020 would win – hands down. Before you say it – yes, September11, 2001, was the worst day in American history. But it was a day; this has been the best part of a year so I feel I’m safe in stating my premise.

Let’s see if I can do this chronologically – and remember, please, my memory is not the best. It started with a bogus impeachment, then got hit with a virus of Biblical proportions that is still going on (and will be the mainstream media’s topic of choice til 2025), a couple of earthquakes, murder hornets, a whopping hurricane, toilet paper shortages that challenged us to be creative (don’t eat, don’t poop – I’m just sayin’…), protests, then ‘peaceful protests’, then ‘mostly peaceful protests’, then rampant rioting, looting, murder, mayhem in the streets. If I left anything out it’s because who can keep track? Ok; maybe you can. I take mental holidays and may have missed something. But you get the general idea.

Know what would be the perfect ending to 2020? Bigfoot walks into a town (one that is no longer under lockdown restraints, of course), two hundred people see it, film it, take pictures of it from every conceivable angle and proximity, drone video record it, police car dash cams capture the images, the local news service covers it, ‘national news’ reporters show up with full camera crews to document it. Videos and pictures are clear, stable, focused, free of the possibility of pareidolia.

National and international news outlets will film bigfoot as a Democrat ‘helps’ it make its mark on a registration form.

Film at 11, folks.

Random Observations.

Walking among the flowers and thorns of YouTube, I discovered some things I thought I would share with you.

You can tell it’s summer. Shawn Hannity and Tucker Carlson have sunburns. Tucker’s looks really painful; Shawn’s is not so bad. We can tell there are no makeup employees because they wouldn’t be radiating that ‘glow’ if there were.

Lon and I are tall therefore, ergo, we don’t have a noose on our garage door.

“Where are the police when you need them?” Right where you put them – out of the picture and leaving in droves. Didn’t take much thought to figure that out.

The Biden Polls are wrong. Well, as we used to say, “No sh–, Sherlock!” Listen, folks here’s the thing about polls. They only count the number of people who respond to them. So what is being measured is a finite group of folks who were so ‘moved’, I guess, to take the poll. The reason no one saw Trump coming is because people like me – millions of them – don’t do ‘polls’. The only poll that matters happens on election day.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa are Marxist groups. Ya think???

Dave Rubin used to be a minor voice on YT. He studied at the feet of Jordan Peterson for a year, traveling with him, appearing with him, worshiping him. Now ‘he’ is the voice of reason. Umm … ok.

Democrats Block GOP Policing Policy. Ok – and you’re surprised why, exactly?

There’s a young father in Oklahoma who videos his home farm (not like real farmers, but he’s into chickens, pigs, that sort of thing). I watch his videos because he kinda-sorta looks like my son who lives in Texas and whom I miss dearly. When he goes into the porch or into the kitchen for whatever reason, the place (a pretty big house, actually) is stuffed, crammed full of STUFF. Would drive me crazy but I’m kind of a neat freak and I try to remember they have three children but it’s not toys that fill that house. Yesterday, he posted a video that they have purchased 40 acres and going to go off-grid. I started laughing – how are ya gonna power up that camera, sport? But he plans on solar panels and windmills. (Still laughing) Ok, then! I will continue and watch this debacle as it unfolds.

There’s a 30-something gentleman on YT who does ‘reaction’ videos to music he’s never heard before. I enjoy him because he’s funny, winds up loving the music of MY generation (can you imagine being almost 40 and hearing Meatloaf for the first time???) and because he’s got a good heart and a gentle soul. George Floyd came up in a ‘special’ video. I was so afraid to listen – he gives me so much joy and laughter, I didn’t want to have to write him off. But I forced myself to listen. He was spot on. What he said was folks who watch his videos are black, white, American, international, young and old. And that on his channel, all we’re going to see and hear is peace and love. He’s right; that’s all we get and we’re grateful for it. Love you, Jamel.

Since ‘quarantine’ or lockdown, or ‘shelter in place’ – depending on what it’s called where you are, there have been no new bigfoot sightings. All I can imagine is the ‘foots are tickled to death to be able to scratch their behinds, take the kids out for a walk, and get a little romantic in the privacy of their woods. But I miss you, buddy! Recordings of your vocalizations are simply not enough.

So that’s my take on this morning’s romp around YouTube. I wonder what kind of observations you’re making. Maybe list them in the comments below?


Disclaimer! This is humor, folks!

The worst part of ‘sheltering at home’ is that forest trekkers can’t get out and trek. We depend on them! They are essential Bigfoot researchers and I know my likelihood of getting ‘you-know-what’ is diminished due to their devotion to duty and science. Where would we be today were it not for shaky, blurry, dark and/or misdirected cell phone videos of the elusive Mr. B??? I shudder to think of the repercussions. We may never be able to move forward without their dramatically abysmal video attempts. Science will be frozen in time and space and we will suffer greatly – which is, of course, on top of the suffering greatly we are already doing and practicing for greater suffering greatly in the very near future.

In the north country (ours – not Canada), all sorts of wild animals are walking undisturbed down urban and suburban streets, free of being accosted by tons of metal, or shotguns, or perturbed humans being forced to run for cover from them. I am waiting – oh, how I’m waiting! – for that one frustrated trekker to look out his living room window and film – not shaky, not blurry, not dark, not misdirected – Mr. and Mrs. Bigfoot taking a stroll, enjoying the neighborhood. I want that valuable footage of the Bs rubber necking how this half-lives – pointing to architectural details on homes, the latest fashions on the laundry lines, marveling at the mini-cars humans travel in. I want to see them with their great big faces pressed against the window of the local Dunkin Donuts. I want to see them on the monkey bars at the kids’ park. I want to see Mr. B. snatch an old skateboard and give it a go; I’ve seen them climb steep mountainsides and embankments, surely he would be a natural on a skateboard.

It is my American right to these invaluable photos and videos of the greatest question of our time! We are being denied our right to scientific accumulation of knowledge in regard to the bigfoot question. How will it possibly be answered if trekkers are not allowed to trek? You-know-what be damned! Trekkers must get ‘essential worker’ passports to the common regions where the bigfoots live and the uncommon places they are apt to turn up now like, say Boston or Orlando or “The Shoppes on Central” here in St. Pete.

I’m suggesting that we all write our senators and congresspeople and demand essential worker passes for all Bigfoot researchers across the United States of America! Act now! Do it now! Do it often! Start a roar in your neighborhood – We Want Bigfoot! We Want Bigfoot! We Want Bigfoot. Remind the powers that be in whatever state you find yourself in that it’s our right to be provided this information.

Thank you for your time.


First I watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFdi_i3LP1U  (50 unsolved disappearances) and sort of became intrigued. I went from there to the Parks Services site https://www.nps.gov/articles/missing-persons-in-the-national-parks.htm which stated nothing about this information.

Next, I listened to this podcast. The host is annoying but the guest was rational, intelligent, insightful and engaging. It’s two hours long so you

may want to wait til you have time to listen.

This material https://www.nationalparkstraveler.org/2018/11/gone-missing-national-parks   is substantiation of Paulide’s claims of the Parks Services not doing enough and not reporting missing people as they should.

I don’t want to overload you with links but I would recommend watching Missing 411 – Vanished and Missing 411 – The Hunted. If you’re a Prime member on Amazon, you can watch these documentaries for $3.99 each. They have high production values and let’s face it, the subject is fascinating.

There are several ‘schools of thought’ in regard to the missing. One school suggests that the missing are taken by aliens. I have a bit of trouble with the idea that God created Adam and Eve – and then created Ed and Amy in ‘a galaxy far, far away’ so I have scratched ufos off my list of possibilities. Another school advances the idea of ‘portals’ – a doorway, gate, or other entrance – of an inter-dimensional nature. It is posited that folks may just enter one accidentally and not figure out how to return. Shrug; beats me. Finally, there is a school that supports the idea of bigfoot taking the people. Depending on your concept of bigfoot and what it does and how it lives, this might seem at least plausible – if the idea of bigfoot is plausible to you – this may be something that you can live with.

If you eliminate the suggestions above, what you’re left with is – what happened to those people? They’re never heard from again, bodies are never found, belongings never turn up. The people are, truly, missing. It’s hard to reconcile a complete disappearance to everything we’ve ever heard, read, or known experientially.

I have no idea what to make of it. If you have ideas, share them here and let’s see what folks come up with.

Teddy Roosevelt and Bigfoot

Many of you know my friend Audre from comments here. I have known her for a couple years since we both comment on TCW, she has also written several articles there, and now she joins us. I call us lucky! We were just telling each other yesterday that we’re bit tired of politics for the moment. She said she had a cure, She’s right, she does. Here’s Audre:

Now that I have your undivided attention … I thought we’d take a little hike across the country and around the world and find out about this elusive creature – if it exists, that is. But first, to follow through on the heading’s promise, here is a link to a very good breakdown of the Teddy/Bigfoot story https://exemplore.com/cryptids/Teddy-Roosevelt-Bigfoot

New species are being discovered almost every year. This Smithsonian article relates the new species discoveries of 2019 https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/meet-the-new-species-748819/ But bigfoot isn’t new; stories about him have been around for centuries in the tales and lore of primitive peoples around the world, including our own ancient Native Americans – and several Native American tribes of our time.

I had seen Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot and laughed at how ridiculous those researchers were. They made so much noise any beast with ears would run the other way. They never find anything but they do have some interesting conversations with folks who claim to have seen bigfoot. Some of those stories are compelling and I’m simply not ready to believe that all of them are looking for their 15 minutes of fame or are drunks or crazy. And then, I was watching a documentary about something entirely different that showed an aerial view of our north western states of Oregon and Washington. It occurred to me – anything could be living in those forests and no one would know.

When I retired, I had time to wander around YouTube and stumbled on a video of bigfoot. Something about that video opened a window in my thought process. Look at all the bizarre creatures God has created – giraffes and deep-sea fish that light up and foot-long centipedes; the list is endless. Could He also have created a very large bipedal creature that resembles humans? He certainly could if He wanted to. I was hooked. Fascinated. I’ve spent the last two years viewing every bigfoot video on YouTube.

Some videos are clearly and deliberately fake. But having viewed the hundreds of videos of bigfoot, I got to where I can spot a fake a mile away and know that something I was watching was not ‘of’ us but was like us -when what you are watching strikes a chord somewhere in your mind.

I’m going to submit a few videos that have struck me as compelling and that are obviously not monkey suits. This first one is broken down by a computer analyst and is fascinating https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Csm2uVtJEeE&list=LLLf02uEhOI167Ytbu6UmQNw&index=89&t=0s The next one is a picture and if you look carefully, it has a downward nose like we do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xyx4ncLE2xM&list=LLLf02uEhOI167Ytbu6UmQNw&index=310 And then there’s this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ze0ffQsTSaI&list=LLLf02uEhOI167Ytbu6UmQNw&index=323

Do I believe in bigfoot? After two years of research, I think I am 98% convinced that such a creature lives and walks in the world right now. The only way we’ll know for sure is if one is killed or captured, neither of which I want to see happen. I’ll just keep watching new videos as they are posted and try to enjoy not knowing for sure.


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