The Great Unlearning

I’m playing with some video-based series, but they’re not in shape yet. But, sadly, I have little to disagree with Bill Whittle here.

Sad and disheartening stuff isn’t it?

Pin the Tale on the Donkey

Bill Whittle on the Democratic Party


It’s a bit of a polemic, but it is not inaccurate.


From the sound of it, Bill Whittle didn’t much like this movie

It’s hard to believe they could screw up that vision, of our childhood, even in a movie isn’t it?

But they did, and worse they screwed up the vision of the country that had that vision as well.

Book Burners Afraid of Matches


The Class of 2015: Bill Whittle


That says it all!

Bill Whittle on Mandatory 16 year Old Voting

Well, it just keeps getting more insane doesn’t it? This time we get two really stupid ideas packaged together, no extra charge from our ‘betters’.

I don’t know about you but, I wasn’t a particularly responsible voter at eighteen. Neither were my friends, we had other things on our minds, mostly girls. :)

But at sixteen the only thing we cared about was getting our driver’s license, and girls and beer, of course :)

They were pretty good days but neither we nor anybody else thought we ought to be required to decide how to run country.

Number One with a Bullet

Well, we haven’t done Bill Whittle for a while, so let’s have a look at his latest shall we.

He here brings us the numbers to back up what any rational man knows, Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. It’s like I always say, the safest place in America is a honky-tonk bar out here in the west, where everyone (and I do mean everyone) is carrying at least one gun, plus assorted cutlery. Here’s Bill.

It’s so simple even a Librul should be able to figure it out, although since they consistently add apples and oranges and get lemonade, that might be wishful thinking.


Robert A. Heinlein said it long ago

An armed society is a polite society

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