Flame out: and a Farewell

MusicSome of you have heard that Bill Whittle is leaving PJ Media. This is his final Firewall. Let’s let him tell it.

I’ve loved Bill Whittle for a long time before I started this blog, I ran across one of his essays on Eject, Eject, Eject that he called Honor. It was the story of the incredible way our services honor their deceased brothers, in this case, Bill’s father, whose only claim to military fame was that he held the stopwatch at the executions at Nuremberg. He is one of the people who unknowingly inspired me to try my hand at blogging. We’ve carried many of the Afterburners, and it is only fair to append the YouTube description from this one.

Bill Whittle says goodbye to PJTV, the producers and staff, and all of you. The Afterburner jet is flaming out, but Bill’s not giving up on speaking the truth. Go to billwhittle.com and become a member, to keep his original content (and his videos with Scott Ott and Steve Green) alive.

Do support him, I know I will.

In similar news, Peter Phillips has ended his music column in The Spectator. The Spectator is, of course, one of the most renowned and ancient (since 1828, when it revived the name of an earlier publication) British conservative weekly. It’s one of my weekly reads and I enjoy it immensely.

Here is a bit of that.

This, my 479th, is to be my last contribution as a regular columnist to The Spectator. I have written here for 33 years and 4 months, a way of life really, and one I have greatly enjoyed. I thank Auberon Waugh in absentia for suggesting me to Alexander Chancellor in the first place; and Charles Moore for keeping me on in the early years, once we were up and running. I also thank three quite exceptional arts editors: Gina Lewis, Jenny Naipaul and the doyenne of these pages, Liz Anderson.

Things have moved on from my habitual think pieces, outraged rants, ad hominem demolition of palpable idiots written in the back of aeroplanes. Perhaps if I had shot less often from the hip I would have been saved some of my more unfortunate calls to order, like the occasion I was summoned to Buckingham Palace for a dressing-down, resulting in the imposition of the Official Secrets Act. It was fun, though, in retrospect. I still stand amazed at the power of the written word. People will tolerate almost anything but being on the wrong side of a published opinion.

From Peter Phillips bids farewell to his music column after 33 years

So kind of a sad post, but both Bill Whittle and The Spectator will survive and continue to enlighten us. Life goes on, and so will we, regretting those whom we no longer get to enjoy, but finding new favorites.

But do join billwhittle.com. You know we all enjoy him, and we should be willing to pay for it.

A Sunday in May

Wasn’t Jess description of Ruth Davidson sound just wonderful? I hear that Jess has met her, and found her just as described, my comment was, “would she like to be President?” Because she’s head and shoulders above anybody still running here, which since she’s 5’3″ they say, must mean that our idiots aren’t even kneeling up straight anymore, just crawling around. Well, maybe we’ll figure it out, back a few years ago, the Tory party in Scotland was declared dead, and then came Ruth. Hah! I like that song.

Anyway, there’s a new Bill Whittle out, and he has about as many kind things to say about Obama as I do. You can’t count them without negative numbers sadly. My problem is that I don’t see anybody on the horizon that one can even fool oneself into thinking is the cavalry or even a dust storm. Here’s Bill:

Going Out of Business!

Well, perhaps a reminder of why businesses settle where they do. From Bill Whittle


Well, it must be time for some more Bill Whittle. As always he makes a lot of sense while telling the truth.



Yep, I couldn’t agree more, if you want to whine about us eating your food, and wearing your hats, well you would do well to quit using all the things the western civilization you so despise invented. Nobody will stop you from living what that old dead white man, Thomas Hobbes, called the average man’s life. You know, “Nasty, brutish, and short”. Just leave those of us who are productive out of it.

American Fascists

I’ve got a lot going on this Monday, almost none of it good. So I’m not going to get a post written, but it ain’t your fault, so here a Bill Whittle to tide you over.

Government Flutters Its Wings – and Destroying the Nation, One City at a Time.

Portrait of Sir John Sinclair

Portrait of Sir John Sinclair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over at RedState yesterday, Seton Motley has an article about how the Democrats are using chaos theory to destroy industry after industry, and I’ll add that they are doing so with at the least Republican acquiescence. It’s a sad story of the corruption (and weakening) of the Republic, but it is not a new one, it goes back to Teddy Roosevelt and Wilson, but picked up a lot of speed with Franklin Roosevelt, and even more with Johnson. Now it is getting to the end game, and either we do something about it or the dream ends, I think. Here’s a bit.

Government Flutters Its Wings – and Industries Nationwide Are Blown Away

A Leftist governmental principle is the Butterfly Effect: “A property of chaotic systems…by which small changes in initial conditions can lead to large-scale and unpredictable variation in the future state of the system.”

The Butterfly Effect is also known as Chaos Theory: “The field of study in mathematics that studies the behavior and condition of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions.”

In layman’s terms: “It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.”

Leftists use government – to create private sector chaos. Even the tiniest of new laws or regulations send huge shockwaves throughout the economy. Leftists increasingly flap government’s wings – to further amp up the private sector typhoon.

No administration has marshaled more winged creatures – than has the Barack Obama Administration. And don’t think butterflies – think dragons. The resulting, ramped up economic typhoon has been devastating. Sector after sector has been consumed by the storm.

For instance, pre-President Obama said “If someone wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can – it’s just that it’ll bankrupt them.” Mission being accomplished: “Obama’s policies have ‘helped spur the closing of dozens of coal plants across the country,’ according to Politico. The November 2015 report states: ‘More than one in five coal-related jobs have disappeared during Obama’s presidency, and several major U.S. coal mining companies have announced this year that they would or may soon seek bankruptcy protection.’”

And believe me – you do not want to be a farmer in the Age of Obama.

It was already awful four years ago. EPA Regulations Suffocating U.S. Agriculture: “The Environmental Protection Agency has set in motion a significant number of new regulations that will significantly change the face of agriculture.

via Government Flutters Its Wings – and Industries Nationwide Are Blown Away | RedState.

Yep, and don’t think it’s limited to business, which farming is, it has repercussions in many people’s lives, especially the poor, and downtrodden amongst us. Bill Whittle covered that better than I can here, in his Death by Democrats:

Adam Smith did indeed write to Sir John Sinclair with regard to the news of Burgoyne’s surrender at Saratoga that:

“There is a great deal of ruin in a nation”

And that may save us yet if we put our shoulders to the wheel, but the hour grows later and later.

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