The Political Class and Assisted Suicide

I’ve been reading Clarice Feldman, albeit sporadically since Obama’s first term. What with one thing and another, I quit reading American Thinker, not because of anything they wrote, more of a time issue than anything else. But with all three Spectators behind a paywall, I needed something to fill that niche, and Thinker works admirably.

Clarice’s Pieces for this week is one of my favorites in a long time. As usual written in a fairly light, easygoing style, but making a solid point. It’s entitled, The Political Consultants Assisted Suicide Center. Enjoy!

My neighbor, E.Z. Ryder, fancies himself a farsighted entrepreneur and is always full of imaginative ideas. He was sitting on his front porch shuffling through a stack of blueprints as I pulled into my driveway. He waved and motioned me to join him, so I walked over.

“See these plans? This is by best idea ever — an assisted suicide center for political consultants.”

“What? Why?”

“I got this idea during the last presidential campaign, and this article in the Atlantic confirmed it,” Ryder said. “Political consultants burn through billions of dollars and have no idea what they’re doing except to enrich themselves.

“They do a number of things over and again of limited effect: TV and radio ads, direct mail, robocalls. And burn through money they do. Jeb Bush’s campaign famously spent $139 million and he dropped out early after having won only four delegates. Top men. Hillary’s campaign juggernaut was defeated by Donald Trump who had no super PAC, no traditional fundraising operation, no campaign pollster, speechwriter, or campaign strategist.”

I couldn’t help but agree. “He utilized Twitter and Facebook, mass rallies, and sold campaign gear like MAGA hats, didn’t he? And he spoke his own words, not something poll tested by his staff. He mapped his own strategy, paying attention to voter sentiment and things like the Electoral College.”

Ryder chuckled. “No one pays much attention to those annoying campaign robocalls and the TV ads help only those who sell snack foods or need bathroom breaks.”

“They do spew out slews of talking points for the media,” I pointed out. “If your candidate is a Democrat, that may be helpful, but it is of little use to Republicans. Media love stuff they only have to republish with minor changes — like the headers indicating the source, but first and foremost they are Democrat operatives.”

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I think she raises a valid point here. The consultants and other assorted wannabe wizards seemed to work for years, but those were the years when the electorate wasn’t paying much attention, cause things were pretty much going OK. But that isn’t really true anymore, is it? Actually, things are going quite well, but a fair proportion of the country hasn’t got over losing the last election and have continually thrown their toys out of their playpen, and so for a lot of us, well we’re bloody well tired of the damned noise. Personally, I’ve been an independent all my life, but for the life of me can see no reason at all to ever vote for a Democrat again. They’ve simply proved that they run the gamut from untrustworthy to seditious. So my choice of candidate will be in the primary, and to be honest, the more a candidate is like Donald Trump, the more he will appeal to me.

You see, I’m one of what is called a character voter, if you’re honest and fairly close to practical, preferably with some real-world experience, I don’t have a need for us to agree on every jot and tittle. Broadly, almost all of us who have earned a living tend to agree on the basic things. That is what I like about Trump, he’s worked hard, screwed up and more or less failed (like so many of us) got back up and started over. That my sort of guy or girl.

I used to know some Democrats like that, but they’re gone, all that’s left in that party are the grifters, that have legally or not made a living off the public purse all their life. The country is too screwed up now to take a chance on them as dogcatcher let alone what their overweening ambition makes them think they should be doing.

Forty More Years | And A Victory

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We start today the second term of the Regime, whatever we think, that’s what America, perhaps aided a bit by vote fraud, decided. I suspect we’ll muddle through, as long as we pay attention. The country would be far better off if we were inaugurating Mitt Romney but, it is what it is.

The thing is folks, Obama just found out last week, that he can’t do anything he wants. If you look closely, he suffered a pretty good defeat on gun control. His executive orders, while certainly pernicious, were far from as bad as I expected. Why? He blinked. He looked around and saw a plurality of Americans ready to say no, with their lives.

The 2d Amendment came to life, in its most basic form. When even the NRA openly acknowledges that the amendment isn’t about hunting but tyranny, and most of the right in America goes to condition one and serious people start writing about Armegeddon…. Well, he decided that whatever he said, he didn’t want to go there, for now anyway. We all like the Marines and their motto Semper Fidelis but for the next four years the Coast Guards’ Semper Paratus (Always Prepared) is critical.

I mean, well you tell me, an executive order to appoint a new head of ATF. Well, I’m surely glad the president has an order from the president to do the president’s job. It was window dressing. What few real proposals it contained there will not pass, as they shouldn’t, it looked good for the press and the left (yes, redundant).

That doesn’t mean he’s not going to hurt the country in the next four years, he is. 2014 and 2016 are very important, and we need something other than the same old, same old. We need people who can recognize the truth and are not afraid of it. Most of all we need people who are not career politicians.

I told you last week how much I love Ooobie on Everything, here’s her take on what the next four years are going to be like. I was going to write it but why, when I think the same and she wrote it better than I could. Here’s Ooobie



Soon half of the United States crowns its new Emperor, naked though he might appear to the other half of the country. As this psychotically narcissistic man with his alien philosophy takes what used to be a sacred oath and mocks it, we hold no illusions about the struggle that is coming. Freedom may still be our byword, but it isn’t that of Mr. President, who is not even bothering to pretend anymore. He still lies about almost everything, but he isn’t pretending about who he is or where he wants to take us.  Anybody in America who does not now see his true face is a fool.

A few predictions of coming events that no doubt coincide exactly with those of a million other bloggers, but God bless each and every one of you.  I think that Obama and his henchmen in the next four years will try the following, among many other nefarious actions as yet undreamt of:

Create an Apparat and hire all the little apparatchiki: This is the famous “let’s just use that campaign structure to flatten any opposition to our will” strategy that is already underway. In the next four years, we will see the institutionalizing of the Obama campaign machine as a permanent State and Party apparatus, with presence all the way down to the city blocks. The machine will expand to cover the entire country, even your red neighborhoods where the schools (see education) will be turning out left-wing machine cogs by the thousands.  Reinforcing the machine will require hiring lots and lots of the “little people” who are so dependent on the State (and Party). These committees will agitate for Obama edicts and exert pressure (also known as intimidation) on the non-conformists. They will be the Mafia of the modern age.

Pull together a Party army under the guise of something else: We will see a re-surfacing of Obama’s dream of starting his own personal army with something that might be like the Civilian Conservation Corps — little earth-colored Brown Shirts, maybe with Green Berets, who have to learn to shoot to keep the bears away, not to mention the snakes.

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