Sunday Funnies: Arkanicide Edition

Things like Epstein’s suicide should not happen on Friday, it doesn’t leave much time to produce the requisite memes.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and a couple of years is not conducive to belief in the fairness of the investigation

So we’ll see, but the government has an awful lot riding on this, like whatever small shred of credibility it has left.


And, of course


I’m not the problem, by Dave Miller |

image-4From Leavenworth Street, the best of Nebraska political blogs. He said it, but I wish I had!

Dave Miller is a contributing writer on Leavenworth St. He is a former talk show host and has done every media job in-between. He is perfectly aware his personality and opinions are keeping him out of the Nebraska Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

He can be found on Twitter @DaveMedia_LNK

It’s so disheartening. In fact, it’s beyond that, it’s infuriating! It’s hard to believe the American primary process, hell politics everywhere, is just a giant dirt clod fight. Even in Nebraska, Ben Sasse having to stand up to the Republican party and explain why he is #nevertrump seems other worldly. Seriously? You have to explain why? I find myself aligned with Ben Sasse mostly out of sheer principle, and I’m pretty sure I know what I’m doing when it’s time to vote. But why in the world do I need to explain myself, or Ben to his party, at all?!

Let me explain why I can’t see the path to Trump, then maybe someone can explain why he should be considered. Here is a man with NO political experience or foreign policy experience, who has wanted for nothing in life, ever, and Donald Trump wants to fight for me in Washington? Now, given the fact he is a misogynist on a nuclear level, can’t hold his tongue, treats competitors like he is in a grade school booger flicking fight, and thinks any criticism is “unfair”, I am less than likely to vote him into anything. He reminds me of a Batman villain that should be locked up in Arkham Asylum. Now I have laid out why I can’t stand th e name calling, petulant, side show of a nominee. What I don’t have is a good reason to vote for him.

I have friends that give me the argument, “well you can’t vote for Hillary, and a vote against him is a vote for Hillary”. Is it now? Well if you believe there is a one for one equivalent we can have that conversation. If you believe that your single vote matters, we can have that conversation, and I’ll invite the electoral college in to explain why the conversation didn’t have to happen. Here is the problem with that argument: Voting for Donald Trump doesn’t let the GOP know I hate what they are doing. It’s hard to believe 2 years ago the GOP let the media get away with burying the biggest lead of all American voting history. In 2014 the sentiment in the country, and the votes that were cast in November, were the referendum on Washington that the GOP had been crowing about for 6 years. GOP turn out and taking the house and the Senate was a YUGE deal. And what did they do with that victory? They squandered it. Left out in the sun to rot, it withered and spoiled, showing the American people when you vote, we don’t care what the message is. Dems didn’t flinch, and the GOP laughed and ordered another drink, drunk in the celebration of hollow victory for those trying to change the status quo.

I’m tired of the elected officials, all of them, including at the local city and state levels telling US what they think we voted them in to do, after they have voted the way we didn’t want. I’m tired of the same people acting like we are so lucky to have them around to do what’s best for us, when they should listen and work FOR us. Lastly, I’m tired of leadership within any party scrapping like it’s a Michael Vick dog fight, only to keep doing the same thing they’ve done for 30 years, not fix things.

via I’m not the problem, by Dave Miller |

And yes, it would be hard to disagree with him, and I don’t. As he ended:


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