Sunday Funnies, 2021 Finally

And of course, RIP Dawn Wells, far superior to Ginger – after all who looks like a Trump voter


All the items on the to-do list have been done. Now it’s simply a matter of waiting.

Probably the most exciting thing in the world is the birth of a child. The excitement, the prayers, the plans, worked on and through nine months of count-down, finally culminates in the birth of that child and everyone’s joy is boundless. That’s such a loving and happy thought and memory.

Conversely, probably the saddest thing in the world is a death. Aching hearts, copious tears, guilt feelings, feelings of inadequacy culminate at the graveside as the coffin is lowered. Such sad, sad memories.

So it is with a church as well. Our little church left its womb of a tiny chapel and stepped out in faith to the rental of an actual church building. It had a narthex, a ‘crying room’ (where parents can sit with unhappy infants and still participate in the Mass) which was also used for Sunday school and vestry meetings and Bible study. It had ample pew accommodation, church-y looking windows, and a raised area beyond the kneeling rail where the priest, acolytes, licensed cup bearers would perform the tasks entrusted to them by Jesus. It had a real organ. It had the Stations of the Cross on three walls. It had the hymn number plaques. It had a beautiful baptism font.

It had.

Our last Mass will be held Christmas Eve. Everything that does not belong to the owner must be removed no later than December 31st. While he has a good, good heart, the landlord is a businessman and he needs to have those buildings be income producing. To his credit, he cut our rent in half at the advent (what a dichotomy) of Covid and never asked for it; he was kind and patient and waited until we could pay. The old ‘pillars of the church’ have passed to their final reward; families with children have moved on as happens in a society as mobile as ours. More folks passed and we have dwindled down to about 8 people. It’s ironic – that’s the same number this little church started with.

I want to look forward to new beginnings. But the death of something requires the time of a grieving process. We knew, of course, that it was coming – all the signs were there. But just as in the case of an ill loved one whose time is coming to hand, it’s still an adjustment of the heart and the head and that takes some time. Some tears, together as a church family and separately as we think in our quiet times alone. Some wistful smiles as we remember our Sunday school kids in the nativity plays each year – how Fr. Poole loved playing the innkeeper. Seeing one of our members, 40+ years old, be confirmed with the teenagers by the Bishop. Watching the wedding vow renewal of a couple married sixty years. And countless, countless ‘coffee hours’, either big luncheon types or the bag of cookies from the supermarket type. Laughter. Teasing. The kinds of things that families do together.

In time.

Before too long, I’m sure, we few will begin emailing each other about new churches tried, perhaps trying to find a denomination closely associated and akin to ours. We’ll work out Skype or FaceBook video classes. We’ll hold together the best we can until, one by one, everyone moves on.

In the meantime; it’s a bittersweet Christmas at best. The great joy of the birth of our Lord and the head of our Church. The great sorrow that we could not weather the storm.

Sunday Funnies, Turkeys Everywhere

News from last week’s protests.

I believe I heard that the bar she worked at has closed permanently, a victim of Cuomo and DiBlasio’s lockdown policies.

And, of course, Miss USA, clinging to God, Guns, and President Trump.


A Letter to Michael Gove

If you know us, you’ll know that Audre and I are avid readers of, and commenters on, The Conservative Woman, a conservative British blog, It is very good and reflects its founders, one of whom is Kathy Gyngell, whom we both count as a friendly acquaintance. She, reflecting our, and most of the rest of her readership’s views, recently sent a letter to Michael Gove, whom she also knows, although perhaps not well (his loss). She published it on the blog, here.

Others, Like me, were most impressed with her forthright honesty, and concern for the freedom of Britons. As it happens, amongst them was the New Culture Forum, set up by Peter Whittle to defend Western culture from the nihilistic orthodoxies dominant in the media, academia, and education. Here she is, reading the letter. Given the givens, a very brave lady, and one I’m proud to slightly know.

Bravo Zulu, Kathy!

At some point. I’ll have something to say about our election, once there is something productive to say, for now, it remains contested strongly.

But do understand this, with Joe Biden (and even more Kamala Harris) we are facing the same kind of intentional destruction of our freedom and our economic well-being that our British cousins are facing now.

The difference is that we have some real conservatives, led by our president, who will fight for us to the last ditch, as they have (and are) proving this fall.

Random Observations

Just when you think it couldn’t get any better – check out this video.

Those are Hasidic Jews or Orthodox Jews; if you don’t think it’s a bold thing they’re doing, you have no idea how wrong you are. They are already targets – long before the Trump flags went up. This puts them right in the cross hairs of Antifa and BLM. I am humbled by their bravery.

If this doesn’t scare you – and hurt your heart – I don’t know what to say.

The Rabbi refers to procedures in New York as ‘soft pogroms’. Makes me shudder. Who would know better?

Another one. I’m stressing this because it is so important; we know ‘other things’ are at work during this virus. I don’t think these folks are wrong. 

Moving right along – I have collected (so you didn’t have to) the latest eye rollers on YouTube. I hesitate to say too much because sometimes, you just gotta see it to ‘believe’ it. But you’ll be happy to know (?) that the folks you assumed were gone, ummm, aren’t really. Check out these videos. and You know I have a love for museums and thought you’d appreciate this one. Hey folks; I just do ’em, I don’t explain ’em.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear; I am only ‘off grid’ as far as bigfoot are concerned – they, at least, have a chance of being something of actual, earthly, species. The rest of the ‘stuff’? I leave it to your own understanding. Or lack thereof. Or care thereof. Or … ya know, whatevah…


A Matter of Leadership

So as we watched last week, the President got himself a case of Wuhan Flu. Well, so what, by all accounts its a mild case, yeah he’s over at Walter Reed Army Hospital, which is pretty standard if you’re POTUS, can you imagine the uproar if something went wrong, and he was seriously ill at the White House. That’s one reason he gets the best care America can provide, and that means the absolute best in the world.

Of course, the despicable left immediately started wishing/hoping he’d die. Well did anybody expect them to do differently? Why? One of the things that are driving support to the Republicans, especially President Trump is the sheer ugliness bordering on mental illness of the left and the press (BIRM).

In any case, it tells you all you need to know when the Democrats and the media could usefully take lessons in class from North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, who, according to Reuters says he “sincerely hopes” Trump recovers soon.

The execrable Juan Williams on Fox said that Trump must be in at least as bad a shape as Boris Johnson was. Greg Gutfield cleared a few things up here.

And I read somewhere yesterday that he will today or tomorrow likely be released to recover at the White House. That pretty well covers that.

But Gutfield touched on another matter. This blog has devoted quite a few posts over the years to leadership, primarily when Obama was ‘leading from behind’. I’m sure that in one of them I referred to the old aphorism that an army is like cooked spaghetti. You can lead it anywhere but you cannot push it anywhere at all.

And that’s what we’ve seen this year. We’ve seen the Democratic candidates hiding from the people partly because they haven’t a clue about any policy that might be a winner, but mostly because they’re too afraid of a virus to go campaign.

In contrast, Trump has been out there, showing that there is little danger from the virus and that it is time for the country to go back to work, showing the Dem governors as the tyrannic charlatans that they are and encouraging us all to move ahead, as because of his leadership, the ‘V’ shaped recovery is happening. The economy is nearly back to above where it was when he was inaugurated, even with about five states stalled (big ones too, NY, CA, IL, MI, and MN). Think about where we’d be if they were doing even average instead of being amongst the worst performers, because of their governors.

And so we have here an example of what leadership can do, and conversely what hiding in the basement (or governor’s mansion for that matter) always does.

Fathers that, like so many Alexanders,
Have in these parts from morn till even fought
And sheathed their swords for lack of argument:
Dishonour not your mothers; now attest
That those whom you call’d fathers did beget you.
Be copy now to men of grosser blood,
And teach them how to war. 

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