Two Rallies

So, there were two rallies yesterday in Washington for 9/11.

One was the “Million Muslim March” later renamed the “Million American March Against Fear” It  was publicised for about a month and received a considerable amount of major media attention.

Attendance reports went from a couple of dozen to maybe a hundred. Most of the videos are no longer available. Hopefully this one still is

The other one was the “2 Million Bikers” shakily organized in about two weeks on a Facebook page and a few blogs. It didn’t meet its goal either. In its quest to honor those lost on 9/11 and the First Responders that day, it probably didn’t help that they were denied (some reports say it was cancelled) a permit, which would have allowed them to operate like a parade, instead they followed all traffic laws. How was the turnout? Not too bad, really, about 800,000. I’d bet that the thunder of Harleys was quite evident all through the district.

This is the best video I’ve seen of it. Hattip to Maggie

Sturgis on the Potomac

Let’s Roll, America

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