OF MG, and Lotus, and Jaguar, and Chevy and Dodge

1953_mg_td-pic-7992610729001336577I don’t know how many of you became fans of Top Gear, the UK version, I never really got into the US version. The UK version could perhaps be best described as ‘quirky’. In truth, it was a good bit like a bunch of drunken teenagers playing with their dad’s quarter of a million dollar cars on TV.

Yes, there was some real information conveyed but mostly it was about how fast you can wear out a set of tires. That’s fine, I remember those days fondly, myself, and in many ways that’s what it was about.

The lead presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, whom I gather had much to do with reinventing the show as a ‘bloke show’ as I described above, actually is a fairly intelligent guys, and a British patriot as well. He has a show out about what happened to the British car industry and it’s pretty good.

Like most guys my age, I grew up loving cars, especially those ones with names like Charger, GTO, Cutlass, Camaro, or pretty much anything with a bowtie combined with the letters SS. It was a good world, cars were reasonably priced, and gasoline was about a quarter a gallon. Then the EPA and Arabs showed up and the party ended, and much else besides. When the exhaust recommendation made almost all cars pretty much into boxes as exciting as mom’s washing machine, most of us went to trucks, and that is about the only reason that the US makers survived. Nobody else in the world seems to be able to make a proper pick-up, only Toyota even came close.

But Britain was different. My first encounter with a British car was an MG TC (or maybe TD) when I was in college. It was slow, rough riding, ridiculously small, colder than a witch’s body part encased in brass, completely unreliable, and leaked like a sieve. You know, something else, I loved that fool thing, if dad would have let me, I’d have bought one myself. The thing is, the one I drove, it belonged to a friend, was about a 1960 model, of a pre-war car, and very few changes had been made. It got its start here when some of them came home with our soldiers, next best thing to a British bride, I think. 🙂

Then somebody showed up with a Lotus, it was all of the above, except slow. My biggest trouble with it was, in fact, that at 20 years old or so, I could just about, almost, get into the fool thing. The one that was around was bright yellow. We called it ‘arrest me yellow’, in fact, and the car was nicknamed the Screaming Yellow Zonker, and it was very apt.

Then like us all, I went to work and mostly drove Chevys and Dodges, and maybe an occasional Buick. They weren’t bad, really, for appliances, but nobody ever called a LeSabre a screaming yellow zonker.

Our nanny state pretty much made it too expensive for almost any interesting car to be sold here, and if it was, it was so compromised by regulation, that it wasn’t worth it anyway, that’s why we got aberrations like Mustang IIs, there wasn’t anything even close to reasonable.

Apparently Britain was a bit smarter, which wouldn’t have been hard, because all those interesting cars kept getting built and sold. Not all were British; Renault, Fiat, Ferrari and such kept on, you just hardly ever saw them in the US. We got what GM wanted, and we the customers were increasingly irrelevant.

In any case, the Brits had/have trouble with the auto industry as well, and Clarkson does, I think a fair job at describing what its problems were that pretty much killed it. It’s still unfolding here, but our auto industry (and many others as well) are following the same path, so this is kind of a prophecy of what the future will bring here as well, if we don’t change our ways.

Enjoy the video, in any case.

Top Gear Gets Black Flagged

One of the rarest things on NEO today: a post on the entertainment industry. I don’t know if any of you watch Top Gear, UK but it has rather blown up. Essentially the Beeb has allowed political correctness to trump making money. And those that made it money (until they got fired) are talking to a capitalistic American firm, instead of the wanna be British monopoly. Some lessons that should be (but likely won’t be) learned there

Some say that Jeremy Clarkson got into a confrontation with a producer (some say because hot food wasn’t provided one night), in any case it couldn’t have been all that serious, since said producer took himself to hospital.

In any case the Beeb decided to fire Clarkson, the lead presenter of what has become number one TV show in the world. Like all decisions that has consequences.

My understanding is that James May and Richard Hammond have both decided not to continue without Clarkson. In addition Executive Producer Andy Wilman has resigned from the BBC.

Clarkson and Wilman rescued the show back around the turn of the century, when it was in danger of being cancelled, and redesigned it.

If you’re a fan (as I am) you know that the show is marginally about cars, mostly it is a comedy featuring three British Blokes, and is often screamingly funny. For an American with our over-regulated automotive market, it is fun to see all the really neat stuff that is available in the UK that we can’t buy, as well.

But the political correctness of the Beeb seems to have killed it. I’m sure they’ll try to recreate it but that Ferrari has left the paddock, so to speak.

There are rumors swirling about that Clarkson, and the other three as well, are talking with Netflix about, of all things, a car show. I’d say it would be very wise of Netflix to be quite generous with them! 🙂

Jeremy Clarkson Preparing New Show With Netflix? – UlstermanBooks.com.

Here, have a clip and a Sunday laugh.

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