Inauguration Week; or Something

So we are apparently going to try something new – the House has decided to impeach a former president. It’s almost certainly unconstitutional, and probably since there is no there penalty, imposes an unconstitutional Bill of Attainder, because it only penalty is imposing a restriction on a supposed action in the future, even if the Senate, in its folly, did convict which is almost unimaginable, idiots like Romney and Sasse notwithstanding. In short, it’s Pelosi’s supposed revenge against Trump, but it reminds me of that old cartoon gun that shoots the person firing it. Why?

Because the real loser in the affair is none other than Joe Biden. Half the populace already considers him an illegitimate president, who gained the office by fraud. It no longer matters whether that is true or not. He also follows a president who did more to restore respect and well being to more Americans than any other, and he does so with a program that promises to return to the abysmal Obama record, or maybe worse. His greatest day in the presidency will no doubt be inauguration day or would have been. This is what Nancy Pelosi stole from him. The (very) liberal Chicago Tribune says this.

[…] But rushing to impeach a president who has only seven days remaining in his term is itself an affront to our democracy. Impeachment is meant to be a last resort means of expelling a president, not a political weapon. There has not been a serious probe of what happened that terrible day, how the rioting was organized and by whom. Timelines and social media accounts show that the breaching of the Capitol took place even as Trump was still speaking to the large crowd of followers, and that the organizers may have plotted out the event in advance, mainly on Twitter and Facebook.

Democrats have no patience for a sober assessment of what went wrong; they want to humiliate a president who provoked and embarrassed them for four years, and who has accomplished much despite their incessant resistance.

Had they voted to censure Trump, they might have brought Republicans on board. As it is, only 10 Republicans in the House voted to impeach; 197 sided with the president. Democrats risk creating a martyr who will continue to have significant influence and who will bedevil them for the foreseeable future.

That’s true, they’ve thrown away whatever goodwill the right might have shown him as was done with Obama, he enters office as an enemy and he will leave the same way.

And something else, Toni Williams over at Victory Girls has been looking at something else about this inauguration, specifically the security. She also reminds us that

The Inauguration of Joe Biden has been scaled down, mostly due to Covid-19 fears, not to mention the fact that he can’t draw flies. The House and Senate and guests will be there and probably quite of few of the permanent class of D.C. will attend. That’s about it.

She also links to The Intrepid Reporter who did the digging and says it’s up to 30,000 National Guard troops. Wow, but he tells us who, and I’m going to steal his list.

The entire Washington, DC national guard (Camp Guards when I was at Gitmo in 06)
56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team (Pennsylvania Bloody Buckets… lots of combat tours… ‘heavy armor’ if you consider Stryker trucks to be ‘heavy’)
Troop B of the 102nd Cavalry Regiment (negative info on them… wiki sez they’re a No-Go at any real deployments.)

1-114th Infantry Regiment (Joisey Guard, No-Go no deployments)
508th Military Police Company (Another No-Go Joisey Unit)
229th Military Police Company (Kuwait Defense 1990, doubt if any of them are still there… a No-Go Virginia unit)
153rd Military Police Company (Delaware NG, A single tour in 07-08 in Iraq)
102nd Military Police Battalion (NY NG…a No-Go unit w/zero deployments)
104th Military Police Battalion (NY Guard, No-Go NY no deployments)
229th Brigade Engineer Battalion (Virginia Guard, lots of deployments, in a non-combat role)
160th Engineer Company (Delaware Guard, construction, couldn’t find intel on deployments… thin k these are the guys doing the fencing/blockades)
261st Theater Tactical Signal Brigade (Command and Control unit, one tour at my old base Victory in Iraq in 08-09)
198th Expeditionary Signal Battalion (Delaware NG, VSAT and comms unit…one company in South Carolina which DID deploy once in 13-14 to Kandahar)
1049th Transportation Company (Aviation trans… couple here’n there… ass and trash)
262nd Component Repair Company (you break it, they fix it, No-Go on deployments… to me, this means they expect to need to repair shit right then and there as opposed to waiting til they get home)
108th Wing (Refueling and Air-Recon Unit, multiple deployments)
177th Fighter Wing. (Air to Air F-16 Air defense… what the fuck do they need them for?)
105th Airlift Wing (Air Trans)
174th Attack Wing (Drones… lots and lots of drones… Predators, intel-gatherers… BAD juju)
166th Security Forces Squadron. (Security for the planes, lots of deployments)
That’s 20,000  plus troops, not counting DC and federal cops. It’s also more troops than we have had in Afghanistan in a long time, maybe ever.
But the real kicker here even beyond the number is that these guys are almost all newbies, very few have seen the elephant if any. Newbies always screw up, you know that, I know that and the military is no different in that.
What happens when soldiers screw up? Yeah, people die.
Can you say Kent State, I knew that you could.
If you’re in the east, Keep your ass down your head up, and check six. And stay the hell away from DC this week!

Sunday Funnies: Stimulus

So are you stimulated by $600? Yeah, me too.


And of course



Merry Christmas from Doctor Who!

And so we join most of the country in asking Dr. Who?

And that is what happens when you have an Ed.D. and insist on being called Doctor. Especially if you bought the degree with favors from your husband and wrote a dissertation that would have been laughed out of my eighth grade English class. There are many more out there on the internet. These are amongst the kindest.

CNN Weather Report


Needs a strip club.

And of course

Merry or Happy Christmas from NEO!!!

Sunday Funnies: Deo Vindice

So, Texas (and 17 more states don’t have standing to challenge Pennsylvania and 4 other states effectively disenfranchising 74 million + Americans. In short, SCOTUS is joining Joe Biden in the basement and will have to be lucky not to get a half dozen additional so-called justices next year. The title you should check Wikipedia for its history.

This is likely true

And of course

Sunday Funnies; Recount

There’s really only one political story this week

True Diversity

And of course


Saturday afternoon, my stomach and my psyche took a nosedive. You know why. I will admit to despair. I will admit to crying like a small child. I will admit to having to go to bed for an hour or two to regroup. I’m not proud of these confessions, but I’m not ashamed of them either. I suspect other people had reactions to the ‘news’ along the same lines as what I experienced. My reaction wasn’t because I’m one of those who worship at the feet of Trump. He is THE proverbial bull in the China (how apt!) shop. He often times says outrageous things and someone should take that damn phone away from him. But he is us – warts and all; he is us in macro. He often makes me laugh – he’s got that New York sense of humor I grew up with and I understand it. His love for America is MY love for America. He wants the same things that I want for America. He was doing an excellent job getting those things done. So … yes; I was crestfallen, discouraged, unsettled, and all those other words.

By Sunday morning I’d found my big girl panties and put them on with the idea that I would simply try to adjust my thinking to what a Kamala Harris America will look like and how I need to prepare now for the coming apocalypse. All that managed to do was make me grumpy and sick to my stomach. And then, from out of nowhere, I received an email, the contents of which was Well, that was heartening! This morning, at The Conservative Woman UK, there was this link

This morning, on my daily tour of YouTube, there’s this

Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad, is very bright, politically savvy, and outspoken.

All of this lifted my spirits, righted my psyche, and has given me hope.

Remember that cliche’ we all grew up hearing: “One day you’ll look back on all this and laugh.” Ummm – no. I won’t. None of us will.

And so … the question mark. What happens next? Court cases. Witnesses. Stories of what happened. Denials of what happened. The Left never changes but we can see much more clearly now. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and poops on your lawn like a duck – it’s a Leftist.

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