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This is sort of a housekeeping post. I have various things related to energy stashed as drafts and it’s getting unwieldy. So here’s a compilation. If the first one doesn’t make your head explode, try the second and so on.

First from American Freedom.

Apparently Secretary of Energy Chu isn’t as worried about gas prices as the rest of us.

But then again he’s got a government job and government car. The rest of us can walk to the empty grocery store as we freeze in the dark.

Second up. From Maggie’s Notebook.

Seems like they not only don’t want us to have fuel but would just as soon we don’t have flood control or electricity either. But, Hey, the salmon will be happy and that’s what really matters.

Obama to Destroy 3 Dams: Chaos for Farmers Ranchers Homeowners Small Businesses – Save the Salmon!
February 29, 2012


Interior Secretary Ken Salazar intends to destroy three damns on the Klamath River in Siskiyou County, California. The administration is meeting huge opposition, but we know “we the people” don’t hold much sway with Obama’s “people.” The issue is saving the salmon and adoration of junk science.

Klamath River, Siskiyou County, California

Low-cost clean hydroelectricity as well as water for irrigation would be lost if the dams were removed. Read the story at Gateway Pundit.


And last (for now, anyway) from Colorado Peak Politics


The Daily Camera is reporting that Abound Solar is laying off 70% of its workforce, or 280 jobs, in Colorado after receiving a $400 million taxpayer-backed loan from Barack Obama’s Energy Department. News of the layoffs was first reported by the Longmont Times-Call.

From the Daily Camera:

Abound Solar on Tuesday cut 280 jobs — 70 percent of the workers — at the company’s production facility along the Interstate 25 Frontage Road near Firestone.The company notified the workers, which had been running three shifts around the clock, on Tuesday, according to chief financial officer Steve Abely. The cuts affected 180 full-time workers and 100 temporary workers Abound had hired.

Just 18 months ago Obama promised that the loan would help create “1,500 permanent jobs” between Abound’s two plants in Colorado and Indiana. Obama’s “permanent jobs” is beginning to seem a lot like his “shovel-ready jobs,” as in a complete farce.

Read the full article here.

How many times have I said that Photovoltaic Electricity is a niche product that is not now, and maybe never will be, ready for prime time?


NOTE: Today is Blogger Appreciation Day, so thanks to all my fellow bloggers who keep us informed (even when we would really rather hide our head in the sand).

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