Objective Conservative: PICAYUNISH, PETTY SENATOR BEN — Jerry Florine

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Formerly “IndependentNebraska U.S. Senator E. Ben Nelson on Tuesday proposed that ranchers who currently graze cattle on federal lands under a long-standing federal program, pay roughly “market price” for grazing land to continue to retain the privilege. The program is administered by the Interior Dept., and has been in place for decades. Senator Nelson justified the proposal by stating that the program serves only 2% of “livestock producers”, and merely 136 out of roughly 20,000 Nebraska beef producers. And it is only a matter of “fairness” that ranchers who take advantage of the program pay reasonable rates for the privilege.

Of course, Senator Ben’s proposal is aimed directly at Nebraska U.S. Senator candidate Deb Fischer, whose family operates a large ranching operation in Cherry County, and leases over 11,000 acres (17+ sq. miles) of federal land in the area. And this is from a man who has taken advantage of a tax exemption for his Platte River acreage as agricultural property, rather than what it in fact was, for recreational use.

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Nothing like a personal attack on the Senate floor to start your day, Looks like Bob Kerrey needs the help of the Senate to hold his own against Senator Deb Fischer, not that it will help.

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