The Left’s Burning Cities

I suppose it’s time to say something about Baltimore, not that I have anything overly pertinent to add. I have noticed though (as has David French, in the linked article) that what is going on is really nothing more than two of the Democratic Party’s prized identity political groups: public employee unions, and welfare recipients, having a disagreement.

In Baltimore, as the National Guard steps in, curfews are imposed, and business owners pick up the pieces from their burned-out, looted stores, let’s not forget why one more American city has been torn apart by racial violence. Blue America has failed at social justice. It has failed at equality. It has failed at accountability. Its competing constituencies are engaged in street battles, and any exploration of “root causes” must necessarily include decades of failed policies — all imposed by steadfastly Democratic mayors and city leaders.

Are the riots caused by the Baltimore Police Department’s “documented history” of abuse? Which party has run Baltimore and allowed its police officers to allegedly run amok? Going deeper, which American political movement lionizes public-employee unions, fiercely protecting them from even the most basic reform? Public-employee unions render employee discipline difficult and often impossible. Jobs are functionally guaranteed for life, and rogue officers can count on the best representation money can buy — courtesy of Blue America.

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As always seems to be the case, people despair when they don’t have the self-respect that a job, almost any job, engenders. We innately know, deep within in us, the difference between earning something and simply being given it. And frankly, it’s hard to imagine a much more hostile place, in America, than the city of Baltimore to start a business that would provide jobs. Michael Tanner noticed this as well:

The unemployment rate in Baltimore in February was 8.4 percent, compared with just 5.5 percent nationally. In the Sandtown–Winchester/Harlem Park area, which is near the center of the unrest, more than half of the people did not have jobs, according to a February 2015 report from the Justice Policy Institute and the Prison Policy Initiative.

One reason for this is the city’s — and the state’s — unremitting hostility to business. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that only seven states and the District of Columbia have a worse business climate than Maryland. The state’s tax burden is huge and growing. According to the Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index, Maryland ranks a dismal 40th in terms of business taxes, and an even worse 45th in terms of personal-income taxes. According to this report, Maryland is one of just a few states where the personal-income tax creates “an unnecessary drag on economic activity.” The state’s small businesses face the nation’s seventh-highest marginal tax rates.

As if that were not bad enough, the city of Baltimore adds one of the highest property taxes among comparable cities. Despite a recent modest reduction in property-tax rates, Baltimore still has a tax rate more than twice the rate of most of the rest of the state. A recent study by the Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy ranked Baltimore twelfth out of 53 major cities in terms of high property taxes. When the city taxes are combined with state taxes, Baltimore ends up with the ninth worst tax burden out of 50 major American cities.

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Not where I would start a business, would you? And so, the cycle will continue, until it doesn’t of course, because at some point the politicians will run out of other people’s money.

And at that point, real poverty will ensue. When people find out that they have nowhere to spend their welfare benefits, not even MacDonald’s, what will happen? I don’t know, and doubt anyone else does either,.

I suspect, if we are lucky, Detroit does


Islamophobia Part 3, Going on into the Maelstrom

156635-ISIS-large[This post was first published on 17 September 2012. It seems germane to publish it once more, noting that Islamophobia is defined as the irrational fear of Islam. It may be an obsolete term because I’m not sure that it is in any sense an irrational fear]

It seems that I have developed a Reputation for speaking plainly, without pretense, to you. I’m proud of that, I don’t deal here in political correctness or any other euphemisms. Why? Because they obfuscate the truth, and only the truth is relevant to making the proper decisions for ourselves. our communities, our countries, our civilization, and our world. You also know, as I do that Evil exists, it is the absence of good. OK, got that? Good, lets speak plainly and honestly here then. Dr. Delacroix whose articles we have been following here and here posted one on his own blog last week that is germane, it is entitled, Levelling with Muslims. I am going to use a couple of excerpts but I do want you to read it all.

Levelling with Muslims

The Obama administration, as did  to an extent the Bush administration before it, and now even Rep. candidate Romney, all persist in not levelling with the Muslims of the world. I have some readers in Muslims countries so I will do it myself. I hope they will pass the word.

1 Our government pretty much operates within the bounds of a short constitution written and adopted a long time ago. It’s not just a fiction as the world’s mental adolescents tend to believe. It’s a reality. The main word here is “bounds” imposed on government action.

2 Our constitution unambiguously protects blasphemy and blasphemers.

What separates our moral tradition in that area from Muslims  is not a little ditch as American governments and the pussy-footed State Department bureaucrats would sometimes have you believe. It’s a Grand Canyon. Read more of this post

Why Benghazi Matters

From Bill Whittle

Nothing to add here. Draw your own conclusions. I have, they are not pleasant.

The American Spectator : The Spectacle Blog : Million Vet March Oct 13

US Navy 040521-N-9909C-009 Established by the ...

US Navy 040521-N-9909C-009 Established by the American Battle Monuments Commission, the memorial honors all military veterans of World War II (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


From Ace and Blackfive, and the Daley Gator, and others:


Our veterans have had about enough, if you can get to Washington Sunday 13 OCT, do so and support them


Gonna be a busy day in the District of Corruption


For any military veteran (or supporter of military veterans) who will (or can) be in Washington, DC this Sunday, October 13th, I encourage you to join in the Million Vet March.

It will take place at 9 AM, beginnnig at the World War II Veterans Memorial, as a protest by veterans and others against the Obama administration’s reprehensible, petulant closing of open-air memorials to those who have given “their last full measure of devotion” to our great nation.

As one web site notes, “The Administration has closed down war memorials that are normally open 24/7 and that do not have any staff to guard them under normal circumstances.”

Several organizations, including Special Operations Speaks and Brats for Veterans, as well as individuals with ties to veterans and veterans-related groups, have organized the non-partisan event.


The American Spectator : The Spectacle Blog : Million Vet March Oct 13.



IRS and Corruption

Seal of the United States Internal Revenue Ser...

Seal of the United States Internal Revenue Service. The design is the same as the Treasury seal with an IRS inscription. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So we are all shocked that the IRS targeted conservative/Tea Party groups to slow down their tax exempt status, huh? Why on earth would you be surprised? FDR did it, Kennedy did it, Johnson and Nixon did it, probably the rest did as well. The only difference is that they perhaps were a bit more discreet.

You cannot have a tax system that runs 70, 000 + pages without playing favorites. That’s why you have a tax code of 70,000+ pages. First Congress sells special breaks and then the executive sells special breaks for whatever reason.

Oh, you thought the IRS was this objective group in an ivory tower that read objective books and never showed favoritism? Good luck with that. OK, I will say that they have been very obvious the last few years, like nobody could challenge them any more. Seems to be a lot of hubris going around in the Obama administration, I don’t really understand why, but there is. I guess they think they are going to be able to rewrite history.

Note that it could not really be anything other than corrupt by the way, if you’re trying to enforce that mass of regulations you, are going to default to the solutions you know, even if there are other options. It’s not really corruption, a lot of times, in my mind, as much as it’s laziness, and we are all subject to that.

But you know, Congress could solve this tomorrow, if they had the will. It’s called the flat tax. And in its simplest implementation, you replace all 70,000+ pages with one that says. “All income earned in any manner by any natural person in the United States, and it’s possessions shall be taxed at the rate of 10%”.

That’s it. Make a buck-send them a dime; make a million dollars- send them $100,000. And you know what? You’d have very few compliance problems because everybody can understand it, and therefore there are no excuses.

You did catch the rest, right, no deductions for anything, none, nada, zilch. Nothing is exempt, and nothing except natural persons pay taxes. And therein is the downside, and why it’s so hard to get Washington to listen. How many people, inside the beltway, make their living directly or indirectly off the income tax code? I’d bet on more than half a million, many of them lawyers, and many of them politically connected. They’d have to find honest work. But it’s the only fair system, particularly since absolutely everyone in the country has skin in the game, not at a rate that hurts them but enough to notice.

And to make sure they do, repeal withholding, and the employer contribution, make them write the check, then they’ll notice what the government boondoggles are costing them.

And as a by-product-I’ll guarantee that the economic activity will pick up as fewer people are worrying about the tax code, and more are trying to make a living.

And just to make you rest easy, you realize that Obamacare is approximately the same size as the tax code now (and still growing), and will be administered by those same fine folks at the IRS.

What could possibly go wrong?

Obama Wastes No Time Dealing “Payback” To Energy Creators | The Strident Conservative

Official portrait of Environmental Protection ...


I’ve nothing to add to this, you already know who Marita Moon is so read and enjoy weep.


Part of the hope the Romney campaign offered was a comprehension of the role energy plays in the American economy—especially energy that is abundant, affordable, and available. He made “energy” the number one point of his five-point plan. During his now-unsuccessful bid for the White House, he met with industry leaders from a variety of sectors to determine what would unleash job growth and economic development. Those meetings, and America’s current predicament, brought about a transformation in his thinking and resulted in specific agendas designed to roll back the Obama Administration’s onerous regulations—specifically those imposed by Lisa Jackson’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Many of the EPA regulations, such as the Mercury and Air Toxic Standards for Power Plants and Boiler MACT (Maximum Achievable Control Technology) Rule, are particularly destructive to the coal industry. Understanding the deathknell the Obama Administrations’ regulations were issuing to the coal industry and, more particularly, the miners and their families in Appalachia, the region rallied around Romney.

On Friday, November 9, a coal industry newsletter stated: “In President Barack Obama’s second term, U.S. coal producers are bracing for tighter regulation of everything from emissions from coal-burning plants, to coal ash, to respirable coal dust in mines, to Appalachian surface mining activities. … One example is the U.S. EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, one of the most costly rules in EPA history.”

In her book Regulating to Disaster, economist Diana Furchtgott-Roth describes the regulations this way:

“The Mercury and Air Toxic Standards for Power Plants rule will make electricity generation far more complex and expensive, especially in the eastern half of the United States. It will require the closure of many coal- and oil-fired power plants, and placement of emissions control equipment on others.”

“Maximum Achievable Control Technology means that plants and boilers have to use the most stringent methods possible to get heavy metals out of the air, even if these methods cost billions and the benefits are worth far less—as the case with the new utility rule. That is why many plants will have to close.”

Furchtgott-Roth explains that the new regulations mean “higher electricity prices for these parts of the country, which are already suffering from declining manufacturing.” Interestingly, she points out that the “battleground states of Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Florida and Michigan” will be hit particularly hard by the increased electricity rates brought about by the regulations—regulations that a Romney presidency would have likely overturned.


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