Continuing the Narrative: The EO, National Defense Resources Preparedness

Barack Obama delivers a speech at the Universi...

Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have all had a couple of days to digest this EO and the Internet is still buzzing, and even some of the media is talking about it. Interesting, isn’t it? It seems that while we are not panicking, we are paying very close attention. I think it would behoove Congress to as well, if they are actually our representatives. Of course if they are complicit in what may be a plot, they wouldn’t have any need to, would they?

In his usual, logical style Mark America has some thoughts this morning on the subject. He also has the interview with Bill Ayers parents mailman regarding his meeting with the young man he believes was Barack Obama. I will interject here that when I was growing up in the Chicago area it was well known that Thomas Ayers, Bill’s father, who was Chairman of the Board of Commonwealth Edison, was a radical leftist. Mark’s article and the interview are quite interesting, as well as following the laws of logic, which the political world so often seems to lack, on the surface. But nothing happens without a cause. So here is Mark’s article.

Our Republic is suffering a slow death at the hands of statists of the left, but also the moderate Republicans.  We have a fiscal situation that most would label a crisis by any definition, in which the Federal government expends money fifty percent faster than it collects it, and it collects plenty.  Three years of Barack Obama’s reckless spending, and the willingness of Republican leadership to make deals has left us in a situation in which we are accruing debt faster than at any time in history.  Even if Barack Obama is defeated and sent packing in 2012, as he surely should be, we may not make it that far before the consequences explode in our faces.  The House of Representatives should not pass another bill that appropriates one dollar.   Yes, we need a government shutdown, but Barack Obama has other plans.  He intends to take over, and to ignore the Congress, and he intends to do so well in advance of the elections.  Obama is a man who has planned all his life for overthrowing the United States Constitution, and now, armed with the power of the executive branch, and with a supporting Senate, he is likely to make his play now while he still can.

Barack Obama isn’t a garden variety socialist.  He’s steeped in the tactics of Saul Alinsky, but more, he has an abiding desire to see the United States become a slave state.  People have wondered why he’s doing the things he is, but for many, the answer is clear: We may be on the verge of a second bloody revolution, and the proponents of this one are already in charge, and already using the levers of power to make ready for their moment.  I know this sounds so thoroughly outlandish to some people, that it’s difficult to say it seriously, except for the fact that it’s happening.

Consider Occupy Wall Street.  Here is an organization that exists to create unrest and violence in the streets, and in typical leftist fashion, it will be used to give government and excuse to step in.  Of course, it’s being directed by Obama friends and co-conspirators, including a healthy dose of funding from George Soros and his various affiliate pass-through organizations, but what make it more stunning than this is that Obama is putting in place the foundations for declaring vast new emergencies and taking on new Federal powers under the aegis of just such an emergency.  On Thursday, he signed a new executive order, that while updating older statutes, effectively gives the government the power to seize whatever it wants under whatever conditions it wants in response to a vague national emergency.  The Executive Order, titled: NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS, provides for adjustments to procedures to be carried out under 50 USC.

This order provides for the organization of the executive branch under such an emergency, and likewise provides directions on what may be delegated, to whom, and for what purposes.  It references a number of other executives orders, along with various sections of 50 USC.  The Obama administration will claim it is merely updating policies, but this is a bit more than that. We mustn’t be fooled into thinking this is all business-as-usual.  Nothing about the Obama administration is business-as-usual except for the outward appearance they wish to project.

Consider the implications of a President being tied to a civil unrest movement the likes of OWS, and then also setting up the legal basis for a government response to the sort of crisis OWS could be expected to generate, particularly if there is substantial financial difficulty arising out of the reckless policies of this administration.  On the one hand, he has OWS to terrorize you, and on the other, he is preparing to deal with them in response to your demands.  The truly stunning part is that the Occupiers don’t quite seem to grasp the danger, or that they’re being set up to take a mighty fall.

Continue reading: The Change We Need Looks Nothing Like the Change We’ve Gotten « Mark America.

I’m not completely convinced that Mark is correct here. I have to say though that his logical answers to the questions raised makes complete logical sense to me.

I would also remind you that in the 1920s and 1930s, the Ukraine, the breadbasket of the Soviet Union was starved, literally and ruthlessly, into death or submission.


Andrew Breitbart: Champion of Freedom

Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

I imagine that most of us know already that Andrew Breitbart, of the “Big” sites died last night. Age 43 is too young but, that is out of our hands.

Let’s talk a bit about things here. I, and most of you who are about my age, tend to put important thoughts into the written word. It’s the way we (and hundreds of generations before us) were trained. To thrill at the powerful, poetic, or moving word image. For instance, who amongst us doesn’t instantly recall the the scene of  “Our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor“. Words, and sentence construction matter.

But you know, the generation behind mine, started changing that, due to a convergence of technology, it became possible for normal, everyday people to use the spoken word, film, all aspects of multimedia to move humanity, in ways that those of us that are limited to the spoken word, never could. Most of us have come at least part of the way, many of you farther than I have, but all of us a considerable way. It’s good, I think. I also think it reckons back to our prehistory, before the written language when all knowledge was what you had seen, or been told.

Andrew Breitbart epitomized that change, he was a tireless champion of individual freedom to rank with Thomas Paine, if not higher. He is was almost exactly half a generation younger than me. He did a wonderful job of focusing attention on those things that impinged on individual freedom. A Champion of Freedom, indeed. Incidentally the phrase comes from Sean Hannity in a phone interview with Martha McCallum this morning. That alone tells you how the world has changed, that I feel no need to further identify those two people because I’m confident that you all know who they are.

Breitbart, personally, always reminded me of Theodore Roosevelt, with his zest for life, his utter fearlessness, and his unsurpassed zest for life and battle, and his jutting jaw. He will be missed. But we will see him again when we rejoin the Armies of Freedom on the other side.

So he passed over; and all the trumpets sounded for him on the other side.

Capitalism, Corporatism, the Ruling Class, and Us

We all know that our Representatives and Senators are not very responsive to us, their bosses. Actually they make the DMV personnel look responsive, with a very few exemptions.

Why? How about because they’ve made it to the upper (sometimes called ruling) class. There is a major conspiracy unsaid understanding amongst the high level bureaucrats, elected officials, corporate grandees, and lobbyists to maintain the status quo.

Why would they do this, aren’t they capitalists, at least on Wall Street? No, they aren’t. They got there not because of hard work (in fact, they disdain it), luck, or experience. They got there because of who they know. Ever notice how readily they switch back and forth amongst all four groups.

They are nearly all lawyers, my experience tells me that of all occupations, lawyers are the most risk averse. If what you want is difficult, they’ll fall back on their precious ethics (except the one about representing their client to the best of their ability).

Greedy this whole bunch is but, working (to them) is risky. Probably because you have to be competent. A couple of current examples: Steve Jobs never fit with them: He was a capitalist and an entrepreneur. His kids might make it if they try hard. Bill Gates made it to the lower upper class.

Michael O. Church had much to say about this yesterday and said far better than me.

One thing quickly learned when studying tyranny (and lesser , more gradual, failures of states and societies such as observed in the contemporary United States) is that the ideological leanings of tyrants are largely superficial. Those are stances taken to win popular support, not sincere moral positions. Beneath the veneer, tyrants are essentially the same, whether fascist, communist, religious, or centrist in nature. Supposedly “right-wing” fascists and Nazis would readily deploy “socialist” innovations such as large public works projects and social welfare programs if it kept society stable in a way they preferred, while the supposedly “communist” elites in the Soviet Union and China were self-protecting, deeply anti-populist, and brutal– not egalitarian or sincerely socialist in the least. The U.S. upper class is a different beast from these and, thus far, less malevolent than the communist or fascist elites (although if they are unchecked, this will change). It probably shares the most in common with the French aristocracy of the late 18th-century, being slightly right-of-center and half-hearted in its authoritarianism, but deeply negligent and self-indulgent. For a more recent comparison, I’m going to point out an obvious and increasing similarity between the “boardroom elite” (of individuals who receive high-positions in established corporations despite no evidence of high talent or hard work) and an unlikely companion: the elite of the Soviet Union.

Consider the Soviet Union. Did political and economic elites disappear when “business” was made illegal? No, not at all. Did the failings of large human organizations suddenly have less of a pernicious effect on human life? No; the opposite occurred. What was outlawed, effectively, was not the corporation (corporate power existed in the government) but small-scale entrepreneurship– a necessary social function. Certainly, elitism and favoritism didn’t go away. Instead, money (which was subject to tight controls) faded in importance in favor of blat, an intangible social commodity describing social connection as well as the peddling of influence and favors. With the money economy hamstrung by capitalism’s illegality, blat became a medium of exchange and a mechanism of bribery. People who were successful at accumulating and using social resources were called blatnoys. The blatnoy elite drove their society into corruption and, ultimately, failure. But… that’s irrelevant to American capitalism, right?

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We need to quit referring to anything these leeches do as capitalism; it’s not. At best it’s crony capitalism, mostly it’s corporatism, or worse

I’ve written about the elegant nature of capitalism several times, such as here and here and here and others. My point is that capitalism is the only way to maintain freedom as well as providing the greatest good for the greatest number, as they earn it.

Stubborn facts over at Grassroots in Nebraska is talking about this and how it relates to the whole #Occupy (Wherever) movement. By the way they have their own movement going, which I support Occupy Reason)

A lot of people are talking about the Occupy Wall Street movement and we did publish an article about the OccupyLincoln movement this weekend.

One of the central themes one can detect within this movement regards “corporate greed”, and it started with a specific criticism of the corporate greed on Wall Street and its influences on politics. Some of the participants in these occupation groups say government is being run by corporations.

The participants in this movement charge that corporate influence should be heavily taxed, heavily regulated and banished entirely from the political process. Apparently, removal of corporate influence will solve all problems.

Some members of the Occupy movement are actually blaming capitalism and say it is a failed system.

Such philosophy is inherently flawed because it leaves out a huge factor – government and the politicians who run it.

In a 1979 appearance on the Phil Donahue show, economist Milton Friedman addressed this whole subject, articulating it better than, perhaps, anyone else before or since.

Continue Reading (and don’t miss the videos either).

So there you have it. Before we condemn capitalism we really should give it a try. We built this country on it and look where it brought us, do we really want to throw away “Man’s last best hope”.

Are You Better Off Than You Were 4 Years Ago?

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If  you answered that question “Yes”, you’re very, very lucky. Or I’d like to meet your drug dealer! The average American isn’t even close. We each have (on average) $1315 less disposable income than we did at the onset of the recession, which presumably ended in mid-2009. We all know that, and we further know what it means to the economy. From the  Christian Science Monitor via CNBC  comes this:

In short, it means a less vibrant economy, with more Americans spending primarily on necessities. The diminished standard of living, moreover, is squeezing the middle class, whose restlessness and discontent are evident in grass-roots movements such as the tea party and “Occupy Wall Street” and who may take out their frustrations on incumbent politicians in next year’s election.What has led to the most dramatic drop in the US standard of living since at least 1960? One factor is stagnant incomes: Real median income is down 9.8 percent since the start of the recession through this June, according to Sentier Research in Annapolis, Md., citing census bureau data. Another is falling net worth – think about the value of your home and, if you have one, your retirement portfolio. A third is rising consumer prices, with inflation eroding people’s buying power by 3.25 percent since mid-2008.

Read the whole article.

Here’s a chart from Reuters that is on point:

Fewer Jobs; Less Pay


And here is the link to their article: Reuters.

That’s all well and (not) so good. What do we do about it? The American Enterprise Institute has, on their blog, 5 reasons why Obama is freaking out business, and preventing job creation. They’re good ones, too.

It’s understandable why many left-of-center economics columnists—such as Paul Krugman of the New York Times, Ezra Klein of the Washington Post, and Kevin Drum of Mother Jones—simply hate the idea that policy uncertainty may be a huge drag on business and the economy. It’s the Obama administration, after all, that wants to raise taxes during an anemic recovery, has no long-term debt plan, and thinks the economy is under-regulated. And to be sure, policy uncertainty isn’t the only economic problem facing America or hurting business sentiment. But it’s likely a significant one. Here’s why:

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Of course, Harry Reid would like us to believe that public sector jobs have been hit harder, he’s lying wrong, of course

The Republican staff on the Senate Finance Committee chimes in:

It would be difficult to be more wrong.  According to an analysis by the Republican staff of the Senate Finance Committee using Bureau of Labor Statistics data, since the beginning of the recent recession (Dec. 2007), there have been 6,257,000 private sector job losses (a 5.41% decline) and 392,000 total government (federal + state + local) job losses (a 1.75% decline).

Is there and an answer. Of course there is. Get the government off our backs, and leave us alone.

On a somewhat lighter note, I imagine you’ve all heard that Obama’s teleprompter (TOTUS) was stolen the other day. Reliable reports indicate that he is doing fine without it.

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Have a nice evening.

OWS: Somehow I’m Not Suprised

Well not surprisingly the #OWS events/encampments/slums are have sanitation and security problems. There seems to be a lot of sexual harassment, not to say rape, happening. This doesn’t surprise me.

Mix up a group of undisciplined young people, drugs, alcohol, and lack of civilization provided sanitary facilities and you’ll get this every time. The national media is of course downplaying/not reporting it. After all the cause is more important than any individual.

The reports that always depress me the most are those of men taking (sexual) advantage of mentally impaired women and then persuading/ intimidating/ coercing them to be quiet. And it always seems to happen when these thugs are involved. No, I am not saying all of the protesters fit into this category, I’m sure it is a very small minority but, they need to be self policing if they don’t want to be policed by others.

As for sanitation, I’m reminded of the reputed Patton quote when he was responsible for Italian prisoners in the North African campaign. Supposedly the service of supply told him there weren’t enough latrines and his reply was, “Not enough latrines, by God, they didn’t know what a latrine was until we captured them.”

Anyway Verum Serum has the whole sad story .

The Occupy movement has a serious, nationwide problem with sexual harassment, assault and even alleged rape. While local media has dutifully reported on these incidents, the national media hasn’t noticed the problem. As you’ll see, there is even evidence that some Occupy outposts are subtly discouraging the reporting of assaults to police.

Let’s begin with this report of sexual harassment at Occupy Oakland in yesterday’s Oakland Tribune:

City officials said Tuesday they may have to shut down the Occupy Oakland tent city in coming days because it is attracting rats, alcohol and illegal drug use…

This comes on the heels of increasing reports of illegal drug and alcohol abuse, fighting, and sexual harassment in and around the camp of about 100 tents, Boyd said.

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