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Like so many others I was moved by Dodge Truck (Ram) tribute to the American Farmer during the Super Bowl. Part of it is that I was raised listening to Paul Harvey, nearly every morning and noon, with “The Rest of the Story” in the afternoon. In the Midwest of my youth if you were within earshot of a radio, the world stopped for those five minutes. Still another thing I miss, that decent man telling us what was going on, sometimes from his farm.

I’m not a big football fan but I do love spending time with my husband.  My husband watches one football game a year on TV, and that’s the Super Bowl.  Many of my friends tell me how lucky I am that Kevin doesn’t watch more sports on TV.  I think I’m lucky because my sweet farmer fell in love with me!  I am like a lot of other people, I watch the Super Bowl for the half time show and the commercials.  This year though, I wanted to watch the game because the Ravens had Michael Oher playing for them.  The movie the ‘Blind Side’ was based on his life.  Michael was adopted by the Tuohy family in Tennessee and they helped Michael grow in many ways, mostly just by loving him and giving him a place to call home.  (I love that movie because it reminds me there is still a lot of good in the world today!)  I wanted to watch the game last night so I could see Michael achieve something many men only dream about, playing in the Super Bowl.

Imagine my surprise though when during the fourth quarter of the game, a commercial came on with Paul Harvey’s voice reciting part of a speech he made to the FFA called ‘So God Made a Farmer.”  Ram Trucks (Dodge) was paying tribute to the farmers in our country.  I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears.  I have seen a similar tribute and it always brings tears to my eyes.  Last night was no exception.   I had poor cell phone reception last night so I couldn’t access my internet but I saw this morning that Twitter and Facebook were buzzing with positive comments about the commercial.  I wasn’t the only one who liked the commercial!  THANK YOU Ram trucks for the great tribute to farmers!

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This is from one of our UNL extension agents, with some information I didn’t know about the video. Here is her blog as well.

Great comments from Chris Chinn regarding the Paul Harvey Poem “So God Made A Farmer” and how it applies to the Modern Farm!!!  I am a football fan, though, and can relate to everyone who got a little tear in their eye after watching this commercial.  Please share the YouTube video as for every view, Dodge will make a donation, up to $1 million, for the Future Farmers of America (FFA)!

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