History, in Videos



This could stand some editing, but is still rather moving.

And the one we didn’t have a chance to talk about this week, but sealed the fate of Imperial Japan only 6 months after Pearl Harbor.


Video Wednesday

These have been accumulating so lets watch them together, and clean out the files a bit.

Via The Conservative Woman, Thanks, Laura

Leading the World: Why and How

A few videos from Praeger today, and perhaps some comments from me.

He’s right, of course. You don’t have to like it, it some ways, none of us do. The old saying is, “If not now, when?; If not us, who?

A lot has gone wrong in the last eight years, we may not be able to fix all, or perhaps even most of it, but our lives will be worse if we do not try. And who else is there, really, who can do even half of it? Especially without mostly looking for advantages we don’t need.

We’ve gotten too far away from this ideal, again, in my estimation. It’s time to fix it.

Otherwise, this is where we end up.


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