Industrial Prosperity, and Safety

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Let’s cover some ground today shall we, on a couple of fronts.

First this caught my eye this yesterday morning over at RedState. Wm Craig wrote this. I haven’t quite decided whether I completely agree with his points, or think its more of an anti-American coincidence. I’m also not convinced that it’s not a distinction without a difference. Here’s part of it, but do read it all, it makes a lot of sense.

Fredrick Douglas Republicans. That title caught my attention, and made me realize that I am overdue fulfilling a request. I have three points to make. First, just distrusting, despising or disputing President Obama is not a solution for this country. We first must understand what the Democrats are doing and how our preconceived notions may in fact be facilitating their success by our resistance. Second we must work to change the message and expose the Democrats for what they are, what they have been and where they are taking the country. Finally, we need a solution that works in both the Red and Blue states and in the big blue cities. A republican solution to the problem of prosperity for all. I will begin by reproducing the comment originally posted on WCP’s Watercooler about Louisiana State Senator Elbert Lee Guillory’s reasons for changing parties.

I know everyone talks about how “liberal” Obama is, but his “liberalism” even Socialism seems to be one of those things that he lets people conclude and encourages. But the truth is that his behavior is more like Jim Crow Democrats than Leftists. This patronage economy, with big banks and wall street getting rich while the population is segregated and intimidated into submission with the help of Eric Holder is a lot like the government that George Wallace and Bull Conner grew to power within.

One of the odd things we have let happen is to assume that Jim Crow laws were about keeping blacks alone in place. Actually then as now, everyone had a place. And the laws were about keeping everyone in that place. Whites (meaning WASPS) “colored” which included just about every immigrant group (Irish, Italian, Arab,and a whole range from Spanish speaking countries here and abroad) Jews, Arabs, Indians, Asians and of course blacks. Remember the sign said “whites only” not “no blacks”. That is a very significant difference. And each group was pitted against the other, kept in line by attacks through fear and intimidation. Look at what happens to black conservatives, it happened to non-colored liberals under Jim Crow.

The point is, while we are jousting with windmills of false socialist or leftist constructions the real danger is that we are being segregated, intimidated and manipulated into compliance with a very well established crony capitalist system of elite, manor politics.

Black people who can remember Jim Crow days might think, it is our turn on top. But the truth is, most whites suffered under Jim Crow, their options, their place in the world defined by a very few people who manipulated everything to insure their own power and to feed their greed.

Obama is not acting like a leftist, he is acting like George Wallace.

Obama needs us to think he is a leftist, because it our opposition to him on those grounds that gives him the support of the leftist and socialist supporters. But his behavior is not socialist. Socialists build factories, and coal plants.

Continue reading An industrial nation of prosperity, opportunity and achievement. | RedState.

One of the themes we as conservatives keep getting beat over the head with is our dislike for OSHA and its apparatchiks, and no, I won’t apologise for that. Nobody, and I mean nobody has done more in the last 20 years to cause jobs to go overseas than OSHA. I’m not saying that workplace safety isn’t important, cause it is. But you know, if a company is to be profitable long-term, it can’t go around killing and maiming its employees.

Yes we’ve all read about the heartless railroads in the golden age. But like everything else, there are at least two sides to the story. Remember, except for a few outstanding railroads, read that as Pennsylvania, Burlington, and maybe New York Central, these road were all wildly undercapitalized, usually by British firms. Remember also that railroad cars were much smaller than even the semi-trailers we are used to, so there were a lot of cars. Same thing in locomotives.

So given the givens as my chemistry teacher was wont to say, how much do you think it cost to equip every rail car and locomotive in the country almost simultaneously with air brakes (which are still expensive, ask any truck driver) and the Janney automatic coupler. In 1880 dollars, I’d guess about $250-300 per car and there were thousands of cars. And if you put a train together without an air system in the middle, you don’t have brakes on the train behind that car, and if you reshuffle the train to put it at the rear, you’re going to be very inefficient. Same thing with the couplers.

So the thing is, like everything else, there is a cost benefit ratio involved here. Workplace safety is always a priority, at least in any field with skilled labor. One of the thing that OSHA has done is remove that responsibility from the employers, it’s assumed if you follow OSHA that you are doing it right, and so innovation ceases because innovation is never government approved, and therefore you are sticking your neck out and God help you if it doesn’t work.

This came to mind yesterday as the London Daily Mail had an article on a safety magazine for workers on the Great Western Rwy. (UK). Here’s a bit of it.

Health and Safety in the workplace began with an illustrated magazine for workers on the railways 100 years ago this month, according to a historian.

The magazine paved the way for today’s health and safety laws, said Dr Mike Esbester, of the University of Portsmouth.

The feature attempts to inform workers for Great Western Railway of the dangers they face in August 1913.

Modern attempts to inform workers of the dangers they could face at work began with this illustrated magazine published in 1913Modern attempts to inform workers of the dangers they could face at work began with this illustrated magazine published in 1913

The railway workers were reminded to carry out their work as safely as possible, whether crossing the railway line, wearing goggles to protect their eyes or loading and unloading goods.

Having studied the evolution of health and safety messages over a century, Dr Esbester says that the country has seen enormous changes in the way we have been ‘taught, cajoled, encouraged and warned’ by the authorities to safeguard ourselves.

He said: ‘Before 1913, safety warnings to workers were very top-down and text heavy.

‘August 1913 saw an entirely different tone and style, it was a massive change.

The railway workers were reminded to carry out their work as safely as possible, whether crossing the railway line, wearing goggles to protect their eyes or loading and unloading goods
Of course, like most academics, he and the paper both fail to note that this was done on the railway’s initiative, not because the all-wise government told it to.

Good workers have always been rare, and worth protecting, Government has made that job harder, not easier



Do you ever wonder whether what we do matters? Maybe only the big blogs, you know the Big Hollywood‘s, RedState, I Own the World, Drudge, and others maybe they are the only one that matter. Well they’re not, what I say and you say can shape the dialogue more than we can know.

Yesterday, I wrote a short post that included some information about Abound Energy in Colorado. If you missed it here’s the link. I sourced from Colorado Peak Politics but others wrote about it also. One of them was Complete Colorado Blog. Their post definitely got noticed. Today they posted some inside baseball for our edification. It’s short so I’ll just repost it so you all can see what can happen.



By admin

When the Abound Solar layoffs were announced last night, we had to link to the extensive coverage that, Amy Oliver of the Independence Institute, and Michael Sandoval of People’s Press Collective have provided on this topic over the years.

Then, this afternoon, as I’m looking at my stats, I realized the Betsy Markey-Pat Stryker-Abound Solar-Pay-to-Play story had quite a few hits, so I clicked on “recent visitors” to see who was reading the story.

Well hello 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

(Click on image for a larger version)

By taking a closer look we can discern a few extra things.  First, because we see two separate screen sizes, we know there were more than two people checking out the story.  Next, there’s no referring link, which means they didn’t just stumble upon the story from some source, like CompleteColorado, or the Daily Caller (we wish) or the Drudge Report (we wish) or The Blaze (we wish) or The Heritage Foundation (we wish)…you get the idea.

At any rate, we’re happy to have members of the White House stop by…Pretty sure we’ll be seeing you again soon!

This is the link, Which I got from the Crockett’s Corner Daily: HELLO WHITE HOUSE! THANKS FOR STOPPING BY! :: Complete Colorado Blog.

So we should keep in mind that all of us have some part of the bully pulpit ourselves. Does the White House listen to us? Probably not, but others do. Keep up the good work, fellow Patriots.

Want to Reduce Gasoline Prices Now?: 10 Easy Steps

Sounds good doesn’t it? It does to me, too. Unfortunately, Steve over at Maley’s Energy Blog wrote this for Obama’s guidance, so it has about as much chance of being executed as you have of getting a nice sweet tea on ice in Hell. If you’re not familiar with Steve Maley, here’s an except from his about page.

I’m second-generation oilfield trash.

I have a degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Oklahoma and have worked for upstream oil and gas companies, large, medium and small, during college and since graduation in 1978. Currently, I am Operations Manager for a small exploration and production company, with operations in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the inland waters and onshore South Louisiana.

For most of my career, my technical specialty was reservoir engineering, the branch of petroleum engineering that focuses on describing and quantifying what’s going on in the petroleum reservoir. Reservoir engineers are usually the guys who are most in tune with the economics of a venture, because the single most important piece of information about the value of an oil and gas well (or prospect) is the reserve estimate. We work a lot with the concepts of risk and probability and the time value of money. It helps to have a healthy appreciation for the science of geology.

In terms of credentials, I am a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Oklahoma. That would qualify me to testify as an expert in my field. I am also a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers.

That’s more than enough for me to believe what he says about energy, especially petroleum. He’s one of the people who has to back up his word out here in the real world. His posts are often cross-posted at RedState which is where I first began reading (and respecting) him.

Anyway here’s his plan.

WASHINGTONPresident Barack Obama says there is no easy answer to the problem of rising energy prices, dismissing Republican plans to address the problem as little more than gimmicks.

“We know there’s no silver bullet that will bring down gas prices or reduce our dependence on foreign oil overnight,” Obama said Saturday in his weekly radio and Internet address.  …

Obama said Republicans have one answer to the oil pinch: Drill.

“You know that’s not a plan, especially since we’re already drilling,” Obama said, echoing his remarks earlier in the week. “It’s a bumper sticker.”

Speaking of bumper stickers, remember “Yes We Can”, Mr. President? No one understands the concept better than the oil and gas industry. The main thing holding domestic energy companies back from making a stronger commitment to future domestic supplies is uncertainty. Capital hates uncertainty, avoids it like the plague. Your rhetoric may appease your doctrinaire base, but it makes domestic energy producers hold back, fearful that you will punish their success, or that you will change the rules on them in the middle of the game.

Erasing uncertainty is the #1 thing you can do as a national leader if you truly desire to lower gasoline prices. Not only could it change the psychology of energy investing, there is still time for companies to change their 2012 investment plans.

Below the fold is my humble 10-point plan: Things President Obama could (but won’t) do to reduce domestic gasoline prices by November 2012.

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What was it that the head of The American Petroleum Institute said the other day? Something like, “The only reason it is not far worse is George Bush.” Capital projects do take time and we’ve been riding on the permits and projects started under President Bush but it’s not going to last forever.

My field is Electrical Control and Distribution and I’m also an Operations Manager, coming up as an electrician and lineman, third generation, in my case. The same is true for us: Capital Hates Uncertainty. When things are uncertain for the reasons Steve cites above, capital sits on the sidelines doing nothing.

And also speaking of bumper stickers, Mine for this year is “Yes We Can Fire You, Mr. President.”

OK, you Republican candidates, who wants the support of people who know how the real world works? It really does take a little bit more than “Drill, Baby, Drill” but not all that much, other than the courage to lead.

NOTE: I have seen reports this week forecasting $7/gallon gasoline and $200/barrel oil.

Technology Regulation

Marsha Blackburn

Representative Marsha Blackburn Image via Wikipedia

We all know that regulation screws up the capitalist system. It screws it up more for small business than large because large businesses can afford the overhead of compliance more. Another thing is, large businesses are grown from small businesses.

Still another thing is, in a fast-moving field like technology where hardly any of us can keep up with developments, can you imagine being a mid level federal bureaucrat trying to keep up AND tell the business who’s going to win or lose. I do a reasonably good job of at least keeping up with the broad outlines but not the detailed intricacies, I doubt that anyone can. If they can, they’re not in government, they’re in the private sector, getting rich!

So, if we are to continue the traditional lead that America has enjoyed in technology, both civil and military (the are synergistic), we had best not get in the way of the innovation that drives this field.

Another person saying this is Representative Marsha Blackburn. She put up a post yesterday at RedState that lays this out more clearly than I can.

There’s an inverse relationship between the size and scope of government and the health of our free-market economy. That’s why House Republican’s made deregulation a cornerstone of our American Jobs Plan.

Every new rule, mandate, and regulatory edict is one more obstacle that small business owners, entrepreneurs, and job creators have to swallow. That holds especially true for our dynamic and competitive tech industry, which I have worked hard to protect from Big Government intrusion. Unfortunately, the tech industry is not immune to Obama’s regulatory capture, and it looks like America’s iconic innovators might be next on Obama’s hit list.

Most people don’t realize that the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) reach extends to one-sixth of our economy. Most people don’t know that in the last 50 years the FCC’s rules – measured in pages – have grown 800 percent. And now the FCC’s sister agency – the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) – has its tentacles deep into the privacy debate, data security, and control over advertising practices.

As in all sectors, excessive regulation kills — regardless who your regulator is.

continue reading.

The short form is: The government needs to get, and stay, out of the way.

This is true for all sectors of the economy, by the way, but especially technology; but what truly American style business doesn’t run on technology.

Morning in America?

I suspect that you all know where the title of this post came from so let’s go ahead and watch it and remember.

So where I am going is this: If we are going to replace Obama next year, we are going to need this kind of optimism and cheerfulness. Erik Erikson over at RedState was talking about this this morning also. He put it this way.

Apple has out a new app in its App Store — Cards. You can take a picture on your phone, design a card, and have it sent via the post office to someone. Think about that for a minute. In an age of digital communications, text messages, emails, and cell phones, Apple has produced a product that harkens back to one of the earliest message transmission methods — snail mail as the kids these days are calling it.

Siri, the assistant on the iPhone, kindles fond memories of growing up in the age of Star Trek for the thirty somethings out there.

A friend of mine two nights ago showed me an awesome app he works on called Goba. It’s available for the iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, etc. It lets you plan an offline gathering of friends and manage sending texts and emails and the replies thereto. An app for the phone designed to facilitate a gathering of friends off line and unplugged.

My neighborhood is pretty new. Almost every house has a relic of an earlier time — a front porch. My wife, me, and our kids sit on the front porch in rocking chairs or the kids play on the porch. On sites like Etsy, people are getting back to early American crafts — typography, quilts, homemade soaps, arts, etc. Like with Apple’s Cards program, people are trying to reconnect to a past that exists in our dreams. Part is real and part is not real. But we are trying to connect to it.

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I agree wholeheartedly with him. A lot of what we heard last night sounded like a bunch of brawling teenagers. That’s not going to beat Obama.

One of the commenter over there linked this from Rick Perry, and it gets close

That’s pretty damn good. Why aren’t they all campaigning that way, if they don’t know it, we do: this election (and primary) is about far more than who the Republican nominee will be; This one is about the country. If you are not the best for the country, if all you can do is divide people, get out of the way.

That’s what I see in Herman Cain more (quite a lot more, in fact). That similar blend of optimism, and good humor, and hope that carried Reagan all the way. I don’t really think money matters nearly as much this time. The country is waking up, and it is angry. The man (or woman) that can tap into that feeling will be the next President of the United States.

I don’t know about you but, I can’t really imagine any of these other stuffed shirts doing this. I can Reagan though, when he worked for GE.

So let’s end this with two of my favorite thing: a train and Ronald Reagan

Keystone Update

Truck Hauling 36-Inch Pipe To Build Keystone X...

Image via Wikipedia

As we have noted before the Keystone XL pipeline which will run from Canada to Texas has overwhelming support. It will provide lower cost oil (from the Canadian Oils Sands) and increase our security.

I suppose we should note in passing that in Montana they are also building a rail car loading facility to handle part of the Bakken field that has North Dakota booming. (more here)

Anyway the Watermelons (you know: Green on the outside and red on the inside) are filing another frivolous lawsuit to try to stop the pipeline. This time they’re excited because investigations are being done to make sure find and relocate the American burrowing beetle (don’t ask me, I’ve never seen one either) from under the pipeline route.

As part of this they are mowing the grass; the group, which includes; The Center for Biological Diversity, Western Nebraska Resources Council and Friends of the Earth, has filed suit to stop them.

Ben Howe at RedState has the story:

Environmentalists are up in arms and going to court to try to prevent the mowing of grass taking place around the future site of the Keystone XL Pipeline, an oil pipeline connecting Alberta, Canada with Gulf Coast refineries.

The Center for Biological Diversity, Western Nebraska Resources Council and Friends of the Earth have filed a lawsuit making the charge that the mowing of grass along the proposed route is really the beginning of construction.

“It’s outrageous that TransCanada is already clearing the way for the Keystone XL pipeline before the public has had a chance to have its say and, indeed, before federal agencies have even said it can be built,” said Noah Greenwald, endangered species program director at the Center for Biological Diversity. “It looks like the fix is in on this dangerous project, and the sham public process is nothing more than an afterthought.”

In actuality, the mowing is an effort to find and relocate the American burying beetle from burrowing below where the pipeline is proposed to be built.  Something you’d think the environmentalist whackos would be happy was being done.

But it’s not really about the beetle or the grass.  This is simply a stalling technique, and one that the Center for Biological Diversity is well accustomed to.

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Isn’t that special?

With the Mid east blowing up and all the other problems we have they still want to stop anything that might have to do with safe domestic power if it is derived from fossil fuels instead of their precious, completely inadequate, so-called renewables.

Personally, I don’t think we can afford the watermelons, any more. Western Civilization was built on using mechanical energy instead of animal (including human) energy, and they are trying their best to undo the Industrial revolution. But, of course, only for us peons, not for them.

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