No Particular Place to Go

I’d guess that most of you heard the news yesterday, Chuch Berry died, at 90. Well there’s not really too much to say about the ‘Father of Rock and Roll’, is there? Like almost everybody my age, I loved his music, there’s a youthful, happy quality about it, and something of that American ‘Here, hold my beer’ exuberance, as well. I suspect it says something about the man that he still lived in St. Louis, rather than California. But in any case, like with any great performer, the music is the thing. Here’s some of it.


And this, of course. You didn’t think I’d leave that one out, did you?

What else can you say when a legend leaves? I loved his pure Rock and Roll, and how easy he always seemed with himself. He was a major influence on all those great rock bands we all knew, but in many ways, the original is still the best.

Rest in Peace.


Saturday, Finally

Seems like some weeks last a month doesn’t it. This one did around here. Besides that, I got to talking to my Hoosier buddy Lafayetteangel, who ran a lovely piece recalling some music from an earlier day. I haven’t done one in a long time, so let’s do it! 🙂

May as well start with my very favorite girl singer, ever.

A bit from the Rolling Stones

Some Kinks? Of course

For the Byrds!

Of course, we had our local bands, too. Like this one

Or this one

The greatest rock song ever

Truly, Those were the days.

Happy Saturday

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