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I’ve nothing to add to this, you already know who Marita Moon is so read and enjoy weep.


Part of the hope the Romney campaign offered was a comprehension of the role energy plays in the American economy—especially energy that is abundant, affordable, and available. He made “energy” the number one point of his five-point plan. During his now-unsuccessful bid for the White House, he met with industry leaders from a variety of sectors to determine what would unleash job growth and economic development. Those meetings, and America’s current predicament, brought about a transformation in his thinking and resulted in specific agendas designed to roll back the Obama Administration’s onerous regulations—specifically those imposed by Lisa Jackson’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Many of the EPA regulations, such as the Mercury and Air Toxic Standards for Power Plants and Boiler MACT (Maximum Achievable Control Technology) Rule, are particularly destructive to the coal industry. Understanding the deathknell the Obama Administrations’ regulations were issuing to the coal industry and, more particularly, the miners and their families in Appalachia, the region rallied around Romney.

On Friday, November 9, a coal industry newsletter stated: “In President Barack Obama’s second term, U.S. coal producers are bracing for tighter regulation of everything from emissions from coal-burning plants, to coal ash, to respirable coal dust in mines, to Appalachian surface mining activities. … One example is the U.S. EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, one of the most costly rules in EPA history.”

In her book Regulating to Disaster, economist Diana Furchtgott-Roth describes the regulations this way:

“The Mercury and Air Toxic Standards for Power Plants rule will make electricity generation far more complex and expensive, especially in the eastern half of the United States. It will require the closure of many coal- and oil-fired power plants, and placement of emissions control equipment on others.”

“Maximum Achievable Control Technology means that plants and boilers have to use the most stringent methods possible to get heavy metals out of the air, even if these methods cost billions and the benefits are worth far less—as the case with the new utility rule. That is why many plants will have to close.”

Furchtgott-Roth explains that the new regulations mean “higher electricity prices for these parts of the country, which are already suffering from declining manufacturing.” Interestingly, she points out that the “battleground states of Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Florida and Michigan” will be hit particularly hard by the increased electricity rates brought about by the regulations—regulations that a Romney presidency would have likely overturned.


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Debate Roundup

A bad man makes everything bad – even things which had come with the appearance of what is best; but the upright and honest man corrects the wrongs of Fortune, and softens hardship and bitterness because he knows how to endure them; he likewise accepts prosperity with appreciation and moderation, and stands up against trouble with steadiness and courage.

Malus omnia in malum vertit, etiam quae cum specie optimi venerant: rectus atque integer corrigit prava fortunae et dura atque aspera ferendi scientia mollit, idemque et secunda grate excipit modesteque et adversa constanter ac fortiter.
Seneca. Epistle. XCVIII

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Part of the reason that Obama looked so bad last night is something we’ve talked about before, he’s an ‘affirmative action‘ hire. He’s never had to perform to the standards that the rest of us have, and last night he ran into a man who has objectively excelled. Mark America nails it here.

Anybody who’s ever raised a child knows that for them to get stronger, they must “take their lumps” along the way.  If you shelter children too much, particularly from the consequences of the choices they’ve made, they don’t learn from their worst mistakes, errors, and simple bad judgments.  The mainstream media has been treating Barack Obama as an affirmative action case for more than four years, and on Wednesday night in Denver, they paid a price:  Unprepared on the facts, and unaccustomed to facing pressing, difficult questions, Barack Obama looked stunned at first, and then annoyed, and finally petulant as he was thoroughly drubbed by Mitt Romney in the first Presidential Debate.  Even Jim Lehrer couldn’t prevent it, despite his obvious efforts to coach and guide President Obama. No amount of deck-stacking on the night could save Obama from his own state of unpreparedness.  This stunning defeat was a demonstration of the real world result of affirmative action, and since the media who has sheltered him is composed of leftists who believe in that nonsense, rather than toughen-up Obama, they will seek to shelter him further.

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Read the link and you tell me, isn’t that exactly what we saw, a confused, out of his depth man-boy who has never had to compete on a level playing field, who didn’t understand that being POTUS is what we used to call “Where the rubber meets the road” a job rooted in reality, not what somebody thinks “ought to be”. I think Mark is right too in that his sycophants and the media (but I repeat myself) will continue to shield him, which doesn’t bode well for him. Welcome to my world, it’s called reality.

Then there’s this from Cassandra over at Villainous Company

 More Romney, Unexpectedly

Veteran pollster Frank Lunz:

Undecided voters in focus group swing sharply toward Romney; Frank Luntz: ‘I’ve never seen anything like this’; CBS post-debate poll shows big win for Romney

Though the Editorial Staff are very much enjoying the public spanking meted out last night to pundits on the left who have relentlessly trashed Romney and pundits on the right who have… well, relentlessly trashed their own guy (when they weren’t publicly wetting their pants in fear of the next soon-to-be-forgotten tempest in a teacup), we have to say that we really don’t understand why any of this should be in the least unexpected.

Romney’s whole life is a list of unexpected outcomes. Privileged youngest son of a self made man gives away his inheritance and goes on to amass a fortune worth over 200 million dollars. Sons of famous men – especially youngest sons – don’t usually equal, much less exceed, their father’s achievements.

Republicans aren’t usually elected governor of liberal states. When is the last time we saw a Republican earn so much respect and loyalty from those who have worked with him – even his political opponents – that one of them went on national TV to testify to his character and integrity?

Righty pundits spend way too much time worrying about Mitt’s supposed lack of conservatism. The man’s life demonstrates that in everything he does, Romney has conservative instincts and values. That he’s not ideological about it doesn’t bother us one bit.


So, while nothing in life is ever certain, we’re hopeful. When it came to the war on terriers, George Bush had an overwhelming array of forces against him and yet – because he focused and refused to give in – he prevailed in the end. We sense that kind of focus and determination in Romney. It’s not to be found in his words, but in his life.

And that’s what really matters.

Villainous Company: More Romney “Unexpectedly!”.

This is somewhat tenuously connected but, it does go to character, which has a lot to do with being a decent president, and that what we were talking about above in regards to Romney.

Via Maggie’s Notebook from Hillbuzz’s Kevin DuJan comes this. Is it true? I haven’t a clue but, I know this, in Chicago, which may be the most corrupt city in the country, you can buy anything you want, or your life can be a living hell. I do know Kevin has been talking about this since before the 2008 election, and has paid a price for it.

Dr. Jerome Corsi has bravely broken the longstanding embargo on talking about Jeremiah Wright’s “Down Low Club” at Trinity United Church of Christ here in Chicago.  You can read his article on this HERE, via WND.

Like “Fight Club”, the first rule of the “Down Low Club” is to never talk about the “Down Low Club”.  If you do, you will be murdered.  That’s not a joke.  There were a string of murders from 2005-2007 that involved men who were killed because they had knowledge of Jeremiah Wright’s Down Low Club and the closeted gay black men who partook in the club’s orchestrated cover-up of their homosexuality.

Read more http://hillbuzz.org/time-to-tell-everyone-you-know-about-jeremiah-wrights-down-low-club-barackobama-presobama-26407

Interesting times, huh?


It’s Over | Power Line

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, that was fun. Did you watch the debate last night? This is the best write up I’ve seen yet. I don’t have much to add to it. I’ll give you my really short form of it.

One candidate was strong, presidential, in control, and a leader.

The other was the President.

From John Hinderaker in the Power Line Blog.

I’ve been watching presidential debates for quite a few years, but I have never seen one like this. It wasn’t a TKO, it was a knockout. Mitt Romney was in control from the beginning. He was the alpha male, while Barack Obama was weak, hesitant, stuttering, often apologetic. The visuals were great for Romney and awful for Obama. Obama looked small, tired, defeated after four years of failure, out of ammo. One small point among many: Obama doesn’t even know how to stand at a podium, as he continually lifted up one leg. He would be below average as a high school debater.

There were 1,800 people on Power Line Live tonight, and the verdict was unanimous: it was a great night for the forces of good. Tweets through the evening tracked how the debate went. At one point, as it became obvious that Romney was dominating, my 16 year old daughter tweeted: “So uh is now a good time to mention that I’ve met Mitt Romney?” Iowahawk kept up a steady stream, including gems like: “‘What the hell is this? I was specifically told I’d be debating John Kerry.’–Inside Obama’s head.” And: “Breaking: Choom Gang revokes Obama’s membership.”

Through the evening, Romney came across as the competent executive, in command and optimistic. Obama was the defeated, out of ammo failure whose ideas have been tried and found wanting. I don’t know how the Democrats will try to spin this one, but it just doesn’t matter. There was only one credible leader on the stage tonight, and it wasn’t our failed president. This was a huge night for the cause of freedom, one from which, one hopes, Obama can’t recover. The pitiful figure that we saw tonight was the real Obama, the loser behind the curtain who is finally revealed as an utter hoax.

UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan, maybe the dumbest of all the liberals, writes: “This was a disaster.” Yes, it definitely was a disaster. Meanwhile, they are ballistic on MSNBC. Too funny! Now they think Obama is an idiot. Well, for once they are coming close to the truth.

MORE: CNN finds Romney “winning” 67-25. That is an unbelievable blowout.

JOE adds: The body language said a lot. Barack Obama talks down to viewers:

It’s Over | Power Line.

If you missed it, here’s the debate via Unedited Politics

Good job, governor. And yes, there were undertones of Reagan in Romney’s performance.

And just a short note from Congressional Quarterly‘s Daily Briefing on the Nebraska Senate race

“Nebraska is where the Democrats are likeliest to lose a seat they now hold (Ben Nelson is retiring). Bob Kerrey’s Hamlet-of-Greenwich Village act (he was in, then out, then in to his comeback bid as he relinquished the presidency of New York’s New School) has not proved a winner in his native state, and party leaders in D.C. have not done much to help their once nationally ascendant star. The presumptive frontrunner, who’s just a step away from a shoo-in at this point, is state Sen. Deb Fisher, the tea-party-preferred upset GOP primary winner.”


Faster, Please! » Between Two Worlds



Romney (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

This is a pretty good analysis of why planning is not working too well for any of us right now. Because that is true it will also help your understanding of why the economy is stalled, nobody has much of a clue where we’ll be in two years, let alone five or ten which is where one does strategic planning.  Once we start having a clue about that, then we can plan accordingly. By  Michael Ledeen of PJ Media


We are somewhere between the old bipolar Cold War world, which we generally understood, and to which most of the rest of the world had adjusted, and something else, we know not what. The consequent chaos and uncertainty is remarkable, especially after the long peace and stable international environment that followed the Second World War.  That is the underlying cause of an entire generation of leaders who either are obviously unable to master their challenges, or are applying ideological models from the recent past that are embarrassing anachronisms. Leaders like Putin, or Obama, or Mursi, for example, trot out  various explanations for their behavior, but the explanations don’t “fit” the real conditions they are dealing with.

To be sure, there’s a comic side to the spectacle:  the oracular class confidently laying out scenarios, most of which will be proven wrong in very short order.  Can you count the number or times you have read a presumably well-informed prediction of the Israeli assault on Iran? Or stories of clandestine U.S. military actions inside the Islamic Republic? Or detailed analyses of the Iranian nuclear program, based on IAEA data, at least some of which, the head of the Iranian program has said, were lies?

So the oracles are unreliable, just as we should expect. Whenever some captain of industry asks me to do a “risk assessment” for him, I tell him to save his money for blackjack or craps; the odds are better than betting on my–or anyone else’s–crystal ball.

But businessmen and policy makers have to make decisions, and the stakes are often enormous.  What to do?

When the old rules crumble, all we’ve got to go on are basic principles, which are most often in conflict with our desires, especially in the current politically correct, multiculti world of the oracles.  We do not want to face the most basic fact about the real world, which is that a war is raging, and we are a prime target.  We do not want to fight back, and so we are weakening ourselves, denying the existence of fanatical enemies, retreating from Middle East battlefields (thereby ensuring greater casualties, and stronger and more confident hostile forces, whether jihadi or radical leftist). The most recent case in point comes from the president and UN Ambassador Susan Rice and of course the hapless Hillary, when they say that attacks against Americans aren’t attacks against Americans at all, but attacks against a video.

And, lest we forget, such denials are echoed viciously by the leading media, who have long since ceased reporting about the real world in favor of promulgating the fantasyland of their fellow oracles.  As I predicted last time, this did not earn them respect or honor from the American people.  And that’s good news.

Even though Obama’s would-be successor does not seem to grasp the urgency of the moment, the American people seem to me to have a better grasp of things.  You can spin all you want about government-managed statistics, but in our homes and schools, real Americans know that things are very bad.  You can concoct all the fantasies you want about crazed killers of Americans, real Americans see the bloodshed and know that we are under assault.  And I believe that we will make all that clear on election day.  I know Romney’s not a great candidate, but he’s not Obama, and that’s the only issue.

I wish Romney would stop listening to the campaign managers, and listen more to his gut, which drove him to make a good, strong statement when our guys were attacked and killed in Egypt and Libya.  I hope he finds the courage to speak truth to power in the next few weeks, and calls out this shameful administration for its fecklessness, its betrayal of our troops and our people, and its amazingly insouciant willigness to invent a new fable most every day.  That would give us some hope that a President Romney might be able to navigate the tsunami approaching our civilization.

And yes, even master it.  I think we’re ready to engage the war for our future.  The bad guys have had a long, free run at us.  Time to get serious.


Faster, Please! » Between Two Worlds.


He’s right, it’s time to get serious. if Romney would tell us what the great venture capitalist he was thinks instead of what is political consultants think, we’d be a lot better off.



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I’m going to do sort of a round-up here-my inbox is running over with interesting stuff, most of it worth a post but, when?

First Erik Erickson on the establishment of the republican party and how it may be getting to the end of its line (One can always hope, anyway!)

Here is the most profound insight of the week I can give you — in American politics, if a Republican candidate loses, the media blames it on the candidate being too conservative. If a Republican candidate wins, the media credits the candidate drifting toward the center. The only sure fire loser in American politics is the conservative movement, which is remarkable given the amazing success the conservative movement has had in spite of this.

What we are seeing now on the political landscape is a growing consensus among opinion makers and average voters that Mitt Romney cannot win the election. It is not true. He can, in fact, still win. The election is, in fact, exceeding close. But the Romney campaign is a victim of a perception it itself has helped foster. Like John McCain before him, Romney seems more at ease punching other Republicans than his Democrat opponent. The public is picking up on this and perceive him unwilling or unable to fight for victory. The public is, mentally, beginning to grow weary of this campaign and Romney must work to change perception if he is to win.

Keep that in mind as I make a very simple point. There are a lot of elitist Republicans who have spent several years telling us Mitt Romney was the only electable Republican. Because the opinion makers and news media these elitists hang out with have concluded Romney will not win, the elitists are in full on panic mode. They conspired to shut out others, tear down others, and prop up Romney with the electability argument. He is now not winning against the second coming of Jimmy Carter. They know there will be many conservatives, should Mitt Romney lose, who will not be satisfied until every bridge is burned with these jerks, hopefully with the elitist jerks tied to the bridge as it burns.

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8 Kids And A Business brings us an article,a message really on how Christianity changed the world in still another way with our reverence for children, which was a new thing in the world, and as we seem to be reverting to paganism seems in some ways to be disappearing as well

It has been observed that “the characteristic sin of the modern world is hostility to childhood…….. We have come to a point in human history in which “the child has become a problem to be prevented, an enemy to be destroyed, a product to be manufactured, an object of experimentation, a commodity to be sold…..”

Fr. Marco Testa is a priest of the Archdiocese of Toronto.  As 40 Days for Life begins in many areas, here is his homily defending the least of our brothers and sisters.

Twenty-fifth Sunday Per Annum (B)                                                                                                    September 23, 2012.                     

“Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me welcomes not me but the one who sent me” (Mk. 9:37).

In these words of our Lord, we perceive something altogether new.  Our Lord dispels “the authoritarian assumption, so widely held outside Christianity, that the adult is the sole measure of the human. As he grows up, a child does not become a man, a human being; he is that already from the womb…Being human is the whole journey from conception to the last breath… [and] in all that really matters, in faith and hope and love, the child is the teacher of the adult, the father of the man” (John SawardThe Way of the Lamb, p.105).  Both the novelty of these words and their importance are accentuated by what our Lord says elsewhere: “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” (Mt. 18:3).  This state of spiritual childhood which our Lord enjoins upon us is our fundamental identity as Christians who dare to call God Father.  “When we cry, ‘Abba! Father!’ it is the spirit himself bearing witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs, heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, provided we suffer with him in order that we may also be glorified with him” (Rom. 8: 116-17).

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In another sign of the times, Cranmer in commenting on simony in Germany wonders where the next Luther will come from.

According to the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church in Germany, any Roman Catholic – no matter how pious and devout – who refuses to pay the ‘Church tax’ is no longer a member of the Roman Catholic Church: ie, they are excommunicated. His Grace is loath to talk of simony or indulgences, but the extraction of money for the administration of the sacraments or the assurance of salvation simply isn’t very Christian; indeed, it is quite evil

Church giving or tithing ought to be voluntary, from the heart, and with joy (2Cor 9:7). Yet the reality is that around 70 per cent of the German Church’s revenue comes from the Church tax, so it is rather useful for paying the bills (and court fees). But you only need to look at who introduced the tax in Austria to see what a thoroughly bad idea it is. Such an inheritance ought to make the vigorous enforcement on pain of excommunication rather unpalatable to Christians. It would appear that the Roman Catholic Church in Germany is serving Mammon, not God.

His Grace received the following email on this matter from one of his Roman Catholic readers. Speaking of her reaction on hearing about this tax, she wrote: ‘…frankly, as a Catholic, it made me vomit’:

As a lifelong Catholic, I thought there was very little that the Church could still do to horrify me. I watched the betrayals of the spirit of Vatican II. I watched the horrors of the child abuse scandals and the unbelievable behaviour of those that tried to cover them up. I watched the routine crack-downs on anything resembling the intelligent questioning of the Church that is actually required of Catholics by Canon Law but punished severely if practised (ask numerous brave Catholic theologians who were silenced or censored).

Why this latest development should have hit me so hard, I have no idea. Unless it’s for the sheer stupidity that has been displayed.

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And finally apparently some of the earliest political writings of Edmund Burke have been found.

The new finds constitute the earliest political writings by Edmund Burke (1729-97), dating from around 1757, when he was 27-years-old, a period often described as the ‘missing years’ of his biography. Professor Richard Bourke, from the School of History at Queen Mary, came across the early essays among a series of notebooks belonging to William Burke, a close friend and distant relation of parliamentarian, Edmund. “No new essays by Edmund Burke have been found since the 1930s, so these chance survivals are significant; offering a glimpse of the means by which a gifted orator grew into a respected political sage,” says Professor Bourke, who found the collection of works during the course of his research in the Sheffield Archives. The newly attributed manuscripts are significant as they hint at the philosophical thinking and intellectual themes that influenced Burke’s subsequent 30-year parliamentary career. The discovery features in the September 2012 edition of The Historical Journal* Professor Bourke adds: “It has always been known that in the middle of the 1750s Burke applied himself to the study of philosophy and history as he pursued a literary career in London. It now emerges that he deliberately sought to deepen his understanding of the contemporary political world through the philosophical lens developed by his forefathers from the age of Enlightenment.”

Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2012-09-historian-uncovers-rare-18th-century.html#jCp.

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Finding Romney’s 5-Point Plan.

My friend, Freedom by the Way, posted a bit ago that it was difficult to find a copy of Romney’s Five Point Plan, and I noted although I hadn’t looked for a bit, she was right, as usual. Following her link, I found it. Here’s her post, and then I have some more information.

I finally ran a copy of Romney’s Five-Point Plan to ground. You can read the full plan here. The official title: Mitt Romney’s Plan for a Stronger Middle Class.

I am working on a series of posts covering the points of the plan. But first, my nit-picks about the presenting of the plan and not necessarily what’s in the plan, which is pretty good stuff.

  • The title “for a stronger middle class” feels like pandering to me. How about “for a stronger America”. Sorry, Romney, but it sounds like you are trying too hard to remind folks that even though you are wealthy you care about the middle class. I get that. You don’t have to hit us over the head.
  • The plan contains quick, salient points but no details. I understand the need and desire for brevity. But could you at least add a web address to the plan so people know where to find the meat?
  • Finding a PDF copy of the 5-point plan took too many clicks to find on the Romney for President web site. I had thought that simply Googling “Romney’s 5-Point Plan” would yield an immediate hit. Not so. Not even close. This is your meat & potatoes, campaign-stump speech primer. It’s the quick bullets you want voters, bloggers and reporters to know, remember and share so it should be easy to find. It should be everywhere. So what’s going on with your search engine gurus? Do you even have search engine gurus on staff?

I’m not complaining just to read my own complaints. I really do want Romney to win. Americaneeds Romney to win. But in order to win, he needs to run the very best campaign possible.

 So  I e-mailed Romney’s campaign about not being able to easily locate the 5-point plan. So I’m sure by tomorrow it will be everywhere. :)

Finding Romney’s 5-Point Plan..

Like I said I found it following her lead, they must have been listening to her, it’s now on the home page menu but here it is.

Mitt Romney’s Plan For A Stronger Middle Class, Follow the link for more details on the plan including an infographic. it’s a pretty good plan. But they need to get their act together and make this stuff more accessible without waiting for us to tell them about it.

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