Suppressing Votes, Google Style

So, you think Google is harmless? I don’t care if you are conservative, liberal, or don’t know up from down, this is frightening stuff.

Now, remember, if Google was simply reminding people to vote, it would be mo big deal, it might even be a public service. But this is not what this is. This is a partisan get out the vote effort. That is bad enough, but that is not all.


Google (and most likely all the rest of these lowlifes) is also suppressing speech, but only that of right of center people as part of an intentional scheme to change votes.

We don’t usually get too excited about companies telling us what they think about the candidates, how an election can affect businesses is a valid consideration. But this is more like the phone company arbitrarily deciding that conservatives cannot dial out. See the difference? It’s a major one, and it is corrupting the process.

Here’s the whole hearing, even if you don’t watch the whole for almost two hours (which you should) at least watch Senator Cruz’s opening statement.

And do notice as the Google executive is sworn in, how the revolving door works, it’s a pretty neat treadmill if you can get on it.


Corrupt Is as Corrupt Does

Thanks, Unit

I found this interesting but sadly not surprising. From Conservative Review.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is in trouble. He’s running for re-election in Texas, the race is closer than it has any right to be, and the Tea Party isn’t around to help him this time.

The latest polls conducted in August have Cruz leading his opponent, Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas, by just four points and then just one point. O’Rourke has consistently dwarfed Cruz’s fund-raising, building a national profile through glowing articles written to energize grassroots progressives. The Left is eager to show a blue wave is happening by defeating Cruz, the Senate’s highest-profile conservative in arguably the most conservative state in the union.

Conservatives aren’t matching the Democrats’ grassroots enthusiasm. The Star-Telegram reports that Cruz, on the campaign trail, is telling Texas voters he does not have enough money to compete with O’Rourke’s million-dollar TV ad assault.

“We’re seeing the airwaves flooded [with O’Rourke’s TV ads],” Cruz told a rally at The Colony, Texas. “We’ve got to save our resources to turn out and mobilize conservatives.”

The Tea Party grassroots groups that were instrumental to electing Cruz to the Senate in 2012, defeating an establishment Republican in the GOP primary, aren’t able to offer the same assistance as they did when the Tea Party was ascendent in 2010 and 2012. The money just isn’t there, as the Star-Telegram highlights:

OK, Cruz most likely will win, he’s a conservative in Texas and Beto is nearly beyond parody, but it highlights something.

The weak fund-raising showing from Tea Party grassroots groups isn’t a problem that affects only Ted Cruz. More broadly, these conservative organizations do not have the resources to defend conservative incumbents across the country and help conservative challengers defeat Democrats.

But blaming the focus on Trump as the sole reason conservatives are in trouble is misdiagnosing the problem. The fact of the matter is that the Tea Party and conservative political movement is dead. It was murdered.

It was murdered by greedy lawyers and political consultants who saw thousands of limited-government activists rise up in 2009 to oppose the Obama agenda and thought they could get rich by cheating these people. They created scam PACs, political action committees that promised to take on the Washington establishment if you would just open your pocketbook, while in reality they enriched their own operatives. As Politico reported in 2015, these PACs raised millions of dollars from earnest, well-intentioned grassroots conservatives and then flushed that money into the D.C. swamp:

A POLITICO analysis of reports filed with the Federal Election Commission covering the 2014 cycle found that 33 PACs that court small donors with tea party-oriented email and direct-mail appeals raised $43 million — 74 percent of which came from small donors. The PACs spent only $3 million on ads and contributions to boost the long-shot candidates often touted in the appeals, compared to $39.5 million on operating expenses, including $6 million to firms owned or managed by the operatives who run the PACs. POLITICO’s list is not all-inclusive, and some conservatives fret that it’s almost impossible to identify all the groups that are out there, let alone to rein them in.

Anybody really surprised we got played? Yeah, no. Disappointed, sure. But we saw many of our candidates who won get corrupted by Washington, so it is probably no wonder that these self-serving PACs did the same with our money.

The RNC is awash in cash, as you may know, but the RNC is the GOPe mostly, and all that that implies, in other words, the Uniparty.

The Tea Party was us, and it got sidetracked for the same greedy consultants that gave us McCain and Romney. Well, you saw their loyalties last week on display, and it ain’t to us. In fact, their only loyalty is to their wallet.

I have little spare cash to throw down toilets, so what I do, and I recommend others do as well, is to attempt to identify candidates who are strong enough to remain on side (like Ted Cruz, in fact) and then give directly to them. It ain’t perfect, you can end up with Ben Sasse, but its better than getting scammed by the consultant class.

Caveat Emptor! Do your due diligence, but our candidates need us.

Labor Day Videos

Well, now, this is awkward. I know white men can’t dance (without beer) but apparently Vicar’s daughters can’t, either.

Rather reminded me of that scene in Gilbert and Sullivan (that I can’t find) of the Naval Officer’s stiff dance with the native girl. But this’ll do, I guess

I managed to miss both funeralpaloozas last week, intentionally. I have no real need to see a religious service perverted to a ‘Resistance’ meeting. But there was a bright spot. Aretha herself choose the Pastor to give her eulogy. It is a great one.

Nothing so demeaned Senator McCain as the manner of leaving this life he chose, and nothing has ever demeaned Aretha more than what her funeral was turned into. Everybody involved should be ashamed.

Kathy Gyngell over at The Conservative Woman introduced us to “The strictest Headmistress in Britain”. She interviewed with  Dave Rubin. She’s impressive.

Welcome to the (official) campaign season.


And, more

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