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OK, everybody is reporting the South Carolina results: Gingrich, Romney, Santorum, Paul.

We all know how Gingrich got there: Offense is the best defense. Just ask John King. A man who will fight (even verbally) for Americans will find support from those Americans.

What exactly is Romney’s problem?

To start with; he’s very much the establishment candidate and the people do not find the establishment to be congruent with our needs and desires. That’s a pretty mild statement of the case. What a lot of us believe is that the establishment would rather lose to Obama than a conservative.

Bain Capital. Romney got rich. Yay, good for him, most of us don’t have any problem with that, that’s part of what made America great. (If done legally). Why does Romney seem to be embarrassed about it? He was apparently a good business man, so what’s the problem, he made money for his company and that’s the mission. He also created some (pick your own number here) jobs and that’s good, too.

He made enough money that he lives off his investments so he presumably pays about 15% capital gains tax as opposed to earned income (That’s a leftist term in there, by the way, having enough money to invest, doesn’t make your income from it unearned, any more than the pittance you get from Social Security is unearned. It’s earned the good old capitalist way, by investing wisely.) Again good for him. There shouldn’t be any capital gains tax, that money was already taxed as income but, that’s a battle for another day. He seems to be embarrassed about this too. Why? Release your tax returns or don’t, hardly anybody is going to understand them anyway. Indecisiveness and stalling is not what we need in our President right now (actually anytime). If we wanted a Ditherer-in-Chief we’d vote for Obama.

Character Counts: Willard has been on every side of every issue at some time. None of us were born thinking exactly the way we do now.  We learn. The old chestnut is true “If you’re not under 30 and not a liberal, you have no heart; If your over 30 and not a conservative, you have no brain.” As we trek through life, we learn things. Things that work. Things that don’t work. Witness Gingrich, he acted as a cad most of his life, repented and seems to be trying to do the right thing, we respect that.

Running around telling people what you (or your advisers) think they want to hear isn’t good politics, it’s prostitution. Maybe it used to work sometimes but, were paying attention this year, and you can’t hide behind the so-called media anymore.

Reference the media, they may love you now, Willard, but they’re fickle lovers, if you got the nomination, they’d desert you in a New York minute. You’re the girl that’s available, Obama’s the girl they love. Ask John McCain.

Romney-care: He must be really proud of this illegal socialistic monstrosity. Here we have a candidate that has flip-flopped on every issue, except the one that means he cannot win the nomination, and if he did could not win against Obama. The thing is, Romney-care tells us as nothing else could that Romney is just another progressive that knows better than we do what is good for us. That’s my parent’s role, not my government’s. Let me make and pay for my own mistakes.


I know he carries some baggage that I’d like him to explain from the end of his time in the Senate. But overall, I like him and like him a lot. He talks about things I care about; America, people who work for a living, respect for tradition, the Constitutions, Life, Hunting, and other things. I supported Perry, as most know, now I support Santorum. But to make it happen he better get it together for a long campaign haul. I have doubts that he can do it. We’ll see.


Crazy Uncle Ron needs to study history. I’ve said all I’m going to about him.

So, far we have three primaries and three winners, I like it this way. the longer we can keep the Democrats and media (but I repeat myself) off-balance, the better. I could even live with a brokered convention.

On to Florida


Fire Update

I don’t know if you have been following the fires in Texas, but it’s bad, and not getting much better.

In other new from Human Events:

Contract Dispute Grounds Firefighting Planes

Nearly half of the federal government’s firefighting air tankers are siting idle at a California airport, grounded by the Obama administration in a contract dispute just weeks before wildfires swept through Texas killing a mother and her child, and destroying 100,000 acres.

The massive blazes forced Texas Gov. and Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry to abruptly call off a campaign appearance in South Carolina earlier this week to respond to the crisis, and may force him to cancel his first debate appearance Wednesday night.

The U.S. Forest Service terminated the contract with Aero Union​ five weeks ago to operate seven P-3 Orions that are critical to the agency’s firefighting mission, leaving the federal government with 11 tankers under contract to help battle more than 50 large uncontained wildfires now burning nationwide. Read the Rest

Also reported from the Gonzales Cannon via is that:

Hundreds of firefighters from all the surrounding counties worked two days and nights in a heroic effort to contain the fires, but high winds Sunday night and all day Monday thwarted their efforts. So the call went out for more volunteer firefighters to join the effort from across the state.

Before they arrived, however, the federal government showed up and claimed it was in charge of the situation. “Agents with the federal National Interagency Fire Center, a coalition of federal agencies including the U.S. Forest Service, assumed command of firefighting efforts Tuesday afternoon,” reports The Gonzales Cannon ( is now reporting that volunteer firefighters who had in some cases driven all night to reach Bastrop county were turned away by the feds, who claimed that since local officials never made a “formal request” for volunteers, the volunteers could not be “activated.”

Continue reading

Thank God for our wonderful nanny state federal government. Who else would terminate a contract for such a stupid reason just as we enter in to the fire season.  Not to mention send trained volunteers, who had driven all night to help, home. Geez, I knew these clowns weren’t too bright, but to intentionally put people in harm’s way is a bit much.

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