Farmers and Senators

So I see that Luke Russert managed to play the fool (again) on twitter the other day with this tweet:

Joni Ernst’s meteoric rise continues. This time last year she was an unknown pig farmer, on Tues she will deliver GOP SOTU response.

Like so many of our elites who have never worked for anything, or learned anything including history, he simply sounded stupid.

Senator Ernst had this to say about her upbringing:

I was born and raised in Montgomery County. I grew up walking beans and feeding hogs. My mom made all of my clothes. We went to church every week, helped our neighbors when they needed it, and they did the same for us. These were the values I was raised with, and they’re the same values I have fought my entire life to promote and protect.

I remember thinking that I like this woman when her first ad came out (yeah, this one)

I’d add

Ernst served as a company commander during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 where her unit was sent to run convoys through Kuwait and southern Iraq. Ernst is still on active duty, currently serving as a Lt. Colonel in the Iowa Army National Guard, commanding the largest battalion in Iowa.

In the linked article, Nina Bookout comments:

We know adversity because of weather, banks, taxes, and more. We are resilient and adaptable. We are practical, frugal, knowledgeable, and have a knack for looking at the big picture while taking care of the details. Our day starts at the crack of dawn and doesn’t end until the sun goes down. We check on the livestock and take care of them and the land in every type of weather you could imagine.  We help our neighbors out and don’t expect compensation in return.  In times of adversity we pull together and don’t take the time to wait on the government to “help” us.

Luke, Senator Ernst is all of the above and more.  She is a wife, a mother, a farmer, a solder, and a United States Senator.  You may not be, but this rancher’s daughter is more than pleased to have an “unknown pig farmer” serving her state and this country in the United States Senate.

Senator Joni Ernst: More Than An “Unknown Pig Farmer”.

I would be hard pressed to agree more, as the fourth generation involved in support of production agriculture. She’s one of us, and if she can remain so, she’s going to be a great asset.

And you know there are  precedents in history as well, for a farmer to be a great Senator. quite a while back Jessica reminded us of a very famous farmer/senator, by the name of  Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus (519 BC – 430 BC) , one of the greatest of the heroes of the Roman Republic.

And then there is the American president who epitomized those very same virtues, the one who when King George III of England was told by the American Ambassador that at the end of his term, he would retire to his farm said this, “Then he will be the greatest man in the world.” That man was George Washington.

Now to be honest, I doubt Senator Ernst will give either of them a race for their place in history but, she has surely picked an honorable path, and I find it rather scurrilous for her to be mocked by useless mouths like Russert.

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The Long Awaited Spring Political Post

americangothicI was just thinking that I needed to do post on the election soon. It’s a difficult year to get excited about in Nebraska.

Senator Johanns is retiring, as some of you may know, and there are four Republican candidates to replace him. All are good conservative men, so much so that most of us don’t have any real preference. I think the Democrats found somebody to perform public suicide as well.

We’re also electing a governor as Dave Heineman is term limited. There are several Republican candidates and a Democrat, it fits the above description as well. So it’s not overly exciting.

But Iowa’s out here in the neighborhood, and they managed to have a little excitement.

I’m not endorsing her but I do tend to like Iowa girls, and that may be the greatest opening to an ad I ever saw. I did find this about her, although I don’t remember where:

 Joni Ernst (born July 1, 1970, Red Oak, Iowa) is a Republican politician, legislator, Lt. Colonel in the Iowa Army National Guard, and candidate for the United States Senate from the state of Iowa.
Ernst served as a company commander during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 where her unit was sent to run convoys through Kuwait and southern Iraq. Ernst is still on active duty, currently serving as a Lt. Colonel in the Iowa Army National Guard, commanding the largest battalion in Iowa.

Born and raised in Montgomery County, Iowa, Senator Ernst resides in Red Oak, Iowa with her husband of 21 years, Gail, a Command Sergeant Major in the Army Rangers (retired) and their three daughters.
Ernst is a member of the Montgomery County Republican Women, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2265 (Life Member), Montgomery County Court of Honor, Altrusa, PEO Chapter HB, National Rifle Association (Lifetime Member) and the Montgomery County Farm Bureau. She is a member of the Mamrelund Lutheran Church of Stanton, Iowa.
Ernst is a graduate of Iowa State University and earned a Master’s in Public Administration from Columbus College.

As a general rule, a Lieutenant Colonel, who served in Iraqi Freedom works for me, although I would have a few questions if she were from Nebraska. But I think she’ll do just fine, particularly since she may end up running against this trash.

Politically, Iowa often leaves us scratching our heads but I think they can figure out that a scum sucker of a trial lawyer is not likely to fix what’s wrong but, a farmer might, even if she is a girl.

And Related: And speaking of Iowa farmers, they’ve unveiled a statue of the greatest Iowa farmer,  ever. A man who saved a billion people from . Yes, you read that correctly 1,000,000,000 did not starve because of this one man. His name was Norman Borlaug, and Iowahawk has the his story.

I do want to feature a quote from the farm boy himself though

[… ]many [environmental lobbyists] are elitists. They’ve never experienced the physical sensation of hunger. They do their lobbying from comfortable office suites in Washington or Brussels. If they lived just one month amid the misery of the developing world, as I have for fifty years, they’d be crying out for tractors and fertilizer and irrigation canals and be outraged that fashionable elitists back home were trying to deny them these things.



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Heritage Saturday

I like both of these and want to share them with you.

First is Technology and Tyranny

And I’ll bet you heard that Kerry signed the UN Arms Control treaty this week, find out more about it.

Have a good day.


We the People

[ This first ran last year, on Constitution Day, which is today. It’s just as important today, and every day. You need to know what is in this document. There is a bit more about the “Charters of Freedom” here as well From the Comments, Constitution Day]

Sometimes we forget what a remarkable document the U.S. Constitution is and today is Constitution day.

The United States of America is by a considerable margin the oldest government operating under a single document in the history of the world. Not bad for a bunch of colonial revolutionaries. Now it is up to us to continue the record.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

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Warrior Nations?

Yesterday in a comment stream a friend of mine posited that the United States and the United Kingdom were not warrior nations. The article’s author, a Yorshireman, and I both went “Huh?” We’d easily concede that our societies are not militaristic but not warriors? Since when? As Tennyson said, “The World Wonders?”

By happenstance leading to this post, Senator Ted Cruz in the Senate yesterday, in relation to Senator Paul’s filibuster, mentioned two speeches, one from each country. Here they are

Nobody does it better.


OK, Girls, Which Is It?

English: Suzanne Perry, Author. Blogger, photo...

English: Suzanne Perry, Author. Blogger, photojournalist, columnist, domestic violence victim advocate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week you wanted to be combat infantrymen, I did too when I was young, it’s a very laudable thing but, you know what? I wasn’t good enough, and I damned well knew it. I’ll bet 99 +% of you aren’t either. When I found out, I found other ways to be useful, but if history is any indication, you’ll whine around and get the standards reduced in the name of ‘fairness’. Which will degrade combat efficiency but, that’s not your concern is it?

This week Congress is getting ready to pass the ‘Defense of Women Act’ which of course has been expanded to cover every aberrant creature in the universe. Here’s Daniel Horowitz, writing at RedState to tell you a bit more.

If we’ve come to the point where Republicans believe that dealing with domestic violence is within the purview of the federal government, we should just stick a fork in the party.  Yet, not only do Republicans in the House plan to reauthorize the wasteful and politically-motivated Violence Against Women Act, they plan to pass the Senate version (S.47), which contains egregious anomalies.

The Senate bill expands “coverage” to men, homosexuals, transgendered individuals and prisoners.  It expands the definition of domestic violence to include causing “emotional distress” or using “unpleasant speech.”  It ostensibly nullifies the legal presumption of innocence until proven guilty.  The bill also expands the law’s reach to give tribal Indian authorities jurisdiction over non-Indians accused of abusing Indian women.   Finally, what good is a social engineering bill without tossing in bones to the most sacrosanct constituency, illegal immigrants?  It would grant more visas to illegal immigrants who are victims of domestic abuse.

Continue reading The Magical Word “Women” | RedState.

In the first place, could somebody please provide a definition of “emotional distress” or “unpleasant speech”? That’s what I thought, nobody can because its subjective and undefinable. Laws are supposed to be objective: If this, then that.

This is by rights not a federal matter, it’s a matter for the states, and it’s already covered. It’s called assault and battery, and perhaps attempted murder. Can’t we, for once, just enforce objective laws, instead of legislating federal cans of worms?

The other thing is, What in the hell do you want? Do you want to be a combat grunt, or a hothouse lily who never hears the word “darn”?

Make up your minds, already.

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