Sad and frightening

There’s a new ‘app’ out, released in February of this year, called Randonautica. It’s an app that is used by young people – the ‘twenty-somethings’ – for ‘urban exploration’. Once you’ve paid for, and downloaded, the app, you speak your ‘intent’ into your cell phone and Randonautica returns with longitude and latitude, as well as a map, to take you to a place that fulfills your intent. Since its release in February, it has, of this date, over 10 million members. Exclamation point. This is why kids are going to be millionaires and we’re not. What a concept. At the end of this article, I’ll add the link to the Wiki page about it – it’s short because this app is so new.

For the most part, you’ll find YouTube videos from folks that have wanted to find ghosts, or abandoned buildings, or things of that nature. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks watching videos of folks who are using Randonautica in their search for whatever it is they think they need to find. Those of us ‘of a certain age’ tend to roll our eyes at this sort of thing but I don’t want to become as old and outdated as I look so I try to keep up with ‘what’s new, what’s up, what’s happening’. If nothing else, it keeps me off the streets.

I find myself watching the same channel – he’s a decent, average kid, a young adult of his time, but raised well and I like him. I watched one of his videos this morning; it struck at my heart and that’s what I’m writing about.

He’s still working out for himself how Randonautica works so he and his buddy used, as the ‘intent’, the word ‘evil’. You know how kids are – especially boys. The app displayed the long/lat and the map to a place about three miles away from where he was. They arrived at a cemetery. The grounds looked well maintained so maybe the city or county takes care of the grounds but the building on the land is boarded up – and has been for some time, given the weathering of it. There were no ‘no trespass’ signs, not posted about anything and so they scrounged around and found a way to enter.

The kids kept calling it a morgue but it was actually a mausoleum. It broke my heart. There, in the light of their cameras, were rows of ‘compartments’, many of which were broken into. Several, of a size to contain urns of ashes, were empty (can’t help but shudder at the idea of what may have happened to them) and two of them – this is really rough – had caskets half pulled out of the compartments. There’s no mistaking the age of the caskets; they have been there a long, long time.

How sad is this? I think of the money that folks pay for ‘perpetual care’ of the last resting place of themselves and/or loved ones. This absolutely shattered that concept. Not everyone who snuck into this place was as nice as my friend and his buddy – damage everywhere, and where did those urns go? What happens when a cemetery is full and can no longer support itself with new burials? Evidently, this video is the answer to that question. What would the families think if they saw this? Would it even matter to them anymore? Is there anyone left to the families of the folks who are interred there? It’s so sad. And frightening to think this could be what will ultimately happen to cemeteries across the country.

This is the link for video – it starts with abandoned things/buildings, and then goes to the mausoleum.

This is the link for the Wikipedia page regarding Randonautica.


Girl and computer

I was in my early (is there such a thing?) forties when a neighbor taught me how to sew. I was so excited; I’d always wanted to sew and I was finally getting the chance. She showed me how to cut out a pattern, how to match up the markings, explained seam allowance, and all those things that help to make your sewing successful. We had the cut material, all pinned against accidental movement, and she told me to sit down. It was as exciting as sitting behind the wheel of a car for the first time when you are learning to drive. We take a folded piece of material for me to practice on, drop the presser foot on it, and she tells me to press the foot pedal to make the machine sew. A miracle! I sat there, tense as all get out, concentrating as hard as I could. And then I started laughing. I mean, laughing my behind off! I was so intent on this brand new thing I was doing, rather than watching the material against the line edge, my head was going up and down with the needle! Go ahead; it’s alright; she laughed, too.

I should probably never tell that story but it’s so innocently sweet, I can’t help myself. And now you won’t be surprised when I tell this …

I’ve watched all of Netflix I care to, a lot of the movies I’d like to see again aren’t on Amazon Prime, I’m bored like a kid during spring break so I needed to find something to capture my attention. I like to play mahjong solitaire but it’s basically a sight game, like a ‘collapse two’ game, matching tiles to remove them from the board. What’s fun, and why it never gets boring, is the puzzles are always in different patterns – sometimes flowers, sometimes letters or numbers, sometimes animal shapes. It has no sound so it doesn’t drive me – or anyone around me – crazy. I enjoy it very much but that much quiet can get to you. What to do? I had binged my favorite series on Netflix so often that I didn’t need to watch them, I could listen to the dialog and follow the stories and only look at them if there was an episode I especially liked, but I’d play mahjong and listen and I was a happy camper. And then, I watched the last episode of the last favorite series and now had nothing to keep me company while I played.

YouTube! Home of the sublime and the ridiculous! I rummaged around for a while and decided on the videos of Alexander Scourby reading the books of the Bible! Brilliant! I can waste time AND improve my soul and spirit at the same time! My day slows down (if that’s possible) around three and so I picked the Book of Matthew to finish today and then started Mark to keep me company when Matthew was finished. I am so grateful no one is around.

Grateful because here I sit, in a room all alone, nodding and agreeing with what Jesus is saying! Disciples ask a question and I answer it. Or, I give editorial comment, such as when the disciples say they can take the baptism that Jesus has (meaning the Cross) and I say, with attitude and head/neck movement, “Right; you THINK you can!”

See? I don’t need a party. I AM a party! I think I’m hilarious!


Are You Ready?

No. Not this guy.

I have been following a lovely young man on YouTube; his channel is Jamel a.k.a. Jamal. He does reaction videos to music he’s not heard before. Since a preponderance of music he has never heard comes from my generation (our teenage/young adult years), it’s great fun to not only enjoy a song I haven’t heard in a hundred years but to watch a young person react to hearing them for the first time. I recommend you check him out.

Because I enjoyed his music reactions so much, I stumbled on another young man who does music reaction videos with his wife. They are not as good as Jamel’s so I don’t pay much attention to those but this morning I found his videos reacting to ghost stories found on the various media – YT (mostly), Tik Toc, etc. Now those are priceless!

Here’s my racist remark for the day. I think most black folks are just naturally funny. They have an outlook and experiences that parallel mine but they have a completely different take and always seem to find that funny side. I enjoy that.

Back when black and white folks were friends and co-workers (only 10 yrs. ago!!!), a couple of the black guys from the loading dock would join us office workers at the smoking table for lunch or cigarette breaks and we’d jabber on about any old thing. One time, we got to talking about horror movies and those guys had us just laughing like crazy, telling us about the difference between white folks and black folks and scary stuff. They would say, “Know why so many white folks die in those movies? ‘Cause they always have to ‘go look’. We don’t ‘go look’. We say F that and we’re gone!” They were hilarious.

It was with those fond memories in mind that I decided to watch one of his ghost reaction videos and now I’m hooked. He watches his language pretty well and instead of the f-bomb, he says, “oh HELL no!” Gets me to laughing til I’m almost silly (watch it now!)

Without further ado, let me introduce you to The Matthews Fam.

Random Observations.

Walking among the flowers and thorns of YouTube, I discovered some things I thought I would share with you.

You can tell it’s summer. Shawn Hannity and Tucker Carlson have sunburns. Tucker’s looks really painful; Shawn’s is not so bad. We can tell there are no makeup employees because they wouldn’t be radiating that ‘glow’ if there were.

Lon and I are tall therefore, ergo, we don’t have a noose on our garage door.

“Where are the police when you need them?” Right where you put them – out of the picture and leaving in droves. Didn’t take much thought to figure that out.

The Biden Polls are wrong. Well, as we used to say, “No sh–, Sherlock!” Listen, folks here’s the thing about polls. They only count the number of people who respond to them. So what is being measured is a finite group of folks who were so ‘moved’, I guess, to take the poll. The reason no one saw Trump coming is because people like me – millions of them – don’t do ‘polls’. The only poll that matters happens on election day.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa are Marxist groups. Ya think???

Dave Rubin used to be a minor voice on YT. He studied at the feet of Jordan Peterson for a year, traveling with him, appearing with him, worshiping him. Now ‘he’ is the voice of reason. Umm … ok.

Democrats Block GOP Policing Policy. Ok – and you’re surprised why, exactly?

There’s a young father in Oklahoma who videos his home farm (not like real farmers, but he’s into chickens, pigs, that sort of thing). I watch his videos because he kinda-sorta looks like my son who lives in Texas and whom I miss dearly. When he goes into the porch or into the kitchen for whatever reason, the place (a pretty big house, actually) is stuffed, crammed full of STUFF. Would drive me crazy but I’m kind of a neat freak and I try to remember they have three children but it’s not toys that fill that house. Yesterday, he posted a video that they have purchased 40 acres and going to go off-grid. I started laughing – how are ya gonna power up that camera, sport? But he plans on solar panels and windmills. (Still laughing) Ok, then! I will continue and watch this debacle as it unfolds.

There’s a 30-something gentleman on YT who does ‘reaction’ videos to music he’s never heard before. I enjoy him because he’s funny, winds up loving the music of MY generation (can you imagine being almost 40 and hearing Meatloaf for the first time???) and because he’s got a good heart and a gentle soul. George Floyd came up in a ‘special’ video. I was so afraid to listen – he gives me so much joy and laughter, I didn’t want to have to write him off. But I forced myself to listen. He was spot on. What he said was folks who watch his videos are black, white, American, international, young and old. And that on his channel, all we’re going to see and hear is peace and love. He’s right; that’s all we get and we’re grateful for it. Love you, Jamel.

Since ‘quarantine’ or lockdown, or ‘shelter in place’ – depending on what it’s called where you are, there have been no new bigfoot sightings. All I can imagine is the ‘foots are tickled to death to be able to scratch their behinds, take the kids out for a walk, and get a little romantic in the privacy of their woods. But I miss you, buddy! Recordings of your vocalizations are simply not enough.

So that’s my take on this morning’s romp around YouTube. I wonder what kind of observations you’re making. Maybe list them in the comments below?



So Alex Jones and InfoWars got themselves deplatformed by Facebook, YouTube, Apple, and Spotify. Probably if I didn’t know it, I’d never notice. Like everybody else, I’ve been there a couple of times and decided it was a waste of time, and brain cells. In other words, he ain’t on my playlist. But it does matter.

And that is why it matters. Infowars may be (and likely is) irrelevant.

But Elizabeth Heng is not. She is the daughter of Cambodians who managed to escape the Cambodian genocide. She is a smart, attractive, conservative candidate (endorsed by Victor Davis Hanson, no less) for the California 16th Congressional district, where last I read she was even with her opponent. Her first campaign ad was suppressed by Facebook, presumably for showing scenes of that genocide. It’s her personal story about why she loves America. Which the left has pretty much consigned to the memory hole.

There are plenty of others.

YouTube said this about Alex Jones:

 YouTube explained that, “When users violate … policies repeatedly, like our policies against hate speech and harassment or our terms prohibiting circumvention of our enforcement measures, we terminate their accounts.” Facebook’s removals came after they decided that Jones’s material was violent: “Upon review, we have taken it down for glorifying violence … and using dehumanizing language to describe people who are transgender, Muslims and immigrants, which violates our hate speech policies.”

Which leads me to conclude. Who died and left these leftist wienies in charge? Where’s the protection for say Candace Owens, who got physically and verbally abusively run out of a Philadelphia diner the other day by Antifa, who never has a problem with YouTube censorship?

Now mind, this is not a First Amendment issue. These are all private companies, and as such, are not subject to it, unlike say a small bakery who does not wish to bake a cake for a gay wedding, because of their religion.

But the thing that needs to be decided is this.

  • Are these companies common carriers, like the phone company? Then they should (must, actually) be allowed (required) to carry all messages without regard to their content. That’s mostly what the tech oligarchy has argued over the years. I’m good with that as well. Actually, I think it the best possible model.
  • Or are they publishers? In that case, they bear the responsibility, and the authority to screen what they publish. They also bear a legal (and financial) obligation to stay within the guidelines. In addition, they are subject to anti-trust laws.

The choice is binary, one can not choose one on every day except every other Tuesday after the sailboat races. One or the other.

Then there is the whole ‘hate speech’ thing. There is NO definition of what ‘hate speech’ is, it all a murky quagmire of what this person or that person is offended by, even if it’s not about him. Mind you, we’re doing a bit better than the UK here, where you can go to jail for such mindless drivel, here you can’t, yet. But you can lose your social media, which many have spent a lot of time and money building into a profit center. Gone because some leftist tech puke has offenditis.

Gone to Glory

Rev Gavin Ashenden, the former chaplain to the Queen recommends that we pay attention to this last message from Rev Billy Graham.

To our ears these days, it rather sounds like “That Old Time Religion” but it is the same faith, that the Apostle’s embraced, and died for, unchanged for 2000 years. That built the world we live in.

So yesterday it was announced that Billy Graham has left this mortal coil. We say that we can never know who God’ people are here, but if I make the cut, I’d be very surprised not to see the Rv. Graham there. I’m sure he had his sins, as we all do, but I’m also sure that he confessed them and was forgiven.

I was a bit young for his big Crusades, although they were rather ubiquitous on TV, and I watched some of them, but it was with the eyes of a child, my response would probably have been much different in my forties. But even as a child they moved me. And to watch him again on YouTube, moves me beyond measure, as I now have the experience, much of it painful, to understand this faith of ours.

How remarkable it is, that God himself came into the world and allowed us to kill him, as we still do daily, but that was not the end. Three days later he rose again, and if we do what is required, we shall spend eternity with him.

But I’m not the preacher man, Brother Billy was, and one of the best ever, I think, and now he too is gone from amongst us, but he is not gone, for he lives in each of us whom he brought his message too, and yes, one glorious day we will see him again.

Once again the Trumpets sounded on the other side, to recognize one of God’s own children, returning home, to God, and yes, to Ruth as well.

“Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”


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